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Lindsay Lohan

Fine Dining

Behind Bars

7/20/2010 2:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It may not be Katsuya, but Lindsay Lohan has a delicious dinner in store on her first night in jail.

Our jailhouse mole tells TMZ Turkey Tetrazzini is on the menu tonight.  Actually, it's the only option.  For those who aren't familiar, it's a turkey casserole with noodles, mushrooms and cream sauce.

And there are sides -- Applesauce, broccoli coleslaw and wheat bread.  And there's also milk to wash it all down.



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Rafaelle Zuccaro    

P;ease!!!!!Enough of Lidsay LOW-LIFE!!!!!!

1519 days ago

crace l kenney    

would plan mary get lest time i do not think so

1519 days ago


who gives a **** if you do the you need to do the time

1519 days ago


Lindsay will be turning sunny side up LOL

1519 days ago


welcome to the real world. why should celebrities get special treatment. she had a vop. dont cry about it do your time just like everyone else. she got more than her share of breaks that maybe she should not have gotten. get use to the food and what ever comes next. deal with it.

1519 days ago


I REALLY hope that for ANYONE who has taken pleasure from this girls ordeal finds themselves locked up in ****ing jail.

People are ****ing rotten and this world is turning into ****.

1519 days ago


What happened to doing 2/3rds of your sentence Why is she above the law Good laywering WHAT HAPPENED TO EQUAL RIGHTS SHE MUST BE ABOVE THEM I do it I spend the hole time

1519 days ago

tmz addict    

So what if the food is gross?

She will be even more thin and fabulous when she returns to civil society.

I love you, Lindsay!

1519 days ago


I'm WAY more concerned about many of the responses here than I am about Lindsay.......YIKES.......

1519 days ago


ok. leave her alone. the point is to HELP people. Hopefully it will. If not, it would be sad.

1519 days ago


What about her lips and hair. Will she have deflated lips and big red roots when she's let out?

1519 days ago


i bet its powdered milk. real milk from a cow usually isn't served in jail. a few weeks in jail isn't even a big deal. she's just going to sleep in her own cell without anyone else in there. do you know how luck she is? usually when your in jail your crammed into a cell with 4 people and you have to watch them piss and ****. its awful. she still gets off easy.

1519 days ago


I remember during The Great Paris Hilton Incarceration, the jail kitchen was rather insulted by all the snarky remarks in the media about their food. They were clearly trying to make it decent within budgetary constraints... Plenty of Americans don't eat as well these days especially. But it's worth putting money into good food for prisoners - local fresh produce, for instance - since it can make quite a difference in people's behavior and attitude. Many years ago, I read a story about a parole officer who had an unusually good success rate (her parolees usually didn't go back to jail) - all she did was get them to take some vitamin/mineral supplements to get them nutritionally up to speed. I also read about a juvenile detention facility that just made a few adjustments to the food available and saw a 50% reduction in violent incidents. They cut out sugar as best they could, no candy bars in the vending machines (replaced by fresh fruit), rinsed off the canned fruit to get rid of the sugar syrup, switched to whole grain bread, that kind of thing - whatever they could manage within their budget. A lot of people in trouble are malnourished even if they don't look like they're starving. Long-term prisoners especially tend to be sugar freaks - putting huge amounts of sugar in their coffee, for instance.

By the way, broccoli slaw is (potentially) really good. Broccoli (must be from the stalks?) is shredded into very thin and long strips like shredded carrots. Mann's sells packages of it with some shredded carrots and cabbage tossed in. It's tasty enough that it doesn't really need dressing, and stiff enough to easily munch on piece by piece... If it's drowned in the same yucky stuff that cabbage coleslaw usually is, though, it wouldn't be so wonderful.

1519 days ago


Damn, prisoners eat better than me!

1519 days ago


Dude, she's eating better than me, and a lot of other poor people out there. I'm a little jealous :)

1519 days ago
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