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Lindsay Lohan

Hangin' With Murderers

7/22/2010 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0905_Lindsay_Lohan_TMZ_ex_05Insiders at the Lynwood Correctional Facility insist Lindsay Lohan is not receiving special treatment ... in fact, some of her closest "friends" are murderers.

Sources say most of the women housed in the area of Lindsay's cell are in for killing someone.

There are reports that the jailers are allowing visitors to have contact -- as in touching -- with Lindsay, but it's not true.  It's strictly LiLo behind glass.

And, we're told, don't believe Michael Lohan put money in Lindsay's commissary account -- it ain't there.  The only person who fed the kitty is Lindsay's business manager, Lou Taylor


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I call BS.

How is she supposed to make murderer friends while in solitary? Maybe she's taught a rat to carry notes back and forth to other solitary cells. ha ha

1557 days ago


It's sad when you're 24 and your forehead already needs botox.

1557 days ago


lol I love these pics they post of her. Uggghhhh I can't stand her. She is so vile. she looks 40.

1557 days ago

Hugh Jass    

I sent Lilo some dough c/o da Sheriff!
If it were not for the kooky Clown I'd be 1st, so balls yerass!
Goodnight Lindsay, love ya, "little snookums"!
Oh drat! Sam, grow your hair out, go getta boyfriend! Yer licked!
And Jennifewr Aniston is mine, all mine, too!
(Her publicist tole me to say dat.)

1557 days ago


Sounds like special treatment when she is already allowed to get visitors when it usually only happens on the weekends.

And I can't believe how deeply wrinkled her forehead is, I'm double her age and can't even make my forehead wrinkle like that. She looks like a hard-living old broad.

1557 days ago


Totally made up story, IMO! The Lynwood facility is for women who have been charged with MISDEMEANOR crimes. Murder/manslaughter is not a misdemeanor!

1557 days ago


Ok. I think we have all heard enough about Linsey. She needs to be forgotten for awhile and out of the limelight. She is only in there for 14 days so let's not carry on so...I think she'll live and it will be a rest for her hair (no more extensions) and no botox for a couple of weeks.

1557 days ago


Why can't Lindsay just do her time in jail and no one gives a rats a** about it? She won't be in there long enough to matter.

1557 days ago

Lynn M    

She's in with murderers becaue she is in protective custody. It worst of the worst are housed in these sections as they often are a danger to others. They aren't your "friends", Lindsay. Very dangerous thinking.

1557 days ago


Totally not BS. People remain in jail until they are convicted. Some murder trials take ups of 2 years to complete so they remain there till sentencing and off to prison they go. She is in Ad. Seg. and that is where they put high profile, pedophile, and murderers. She can talk through the vent to whoever is within 30 feet (which is 4 cells to the left or right) and when you have nobody else to talk to it can be interesting talking to a murderer who you know can never touch you. More spot on info from been-there-done-that

1557 days ago

Dick Goesinto    

Talentless Skank. Sorry, just my opinion.

1556 days ago


I hope she does not get any idea from them.

1556 days ago


No way is she calmly sitting around in there, she's a two-pack a day smoker that suddenly isn't allowed to smoke!
TMZ, dontcha have anyone on the inside that can give us the real scoop on what's happening with her?! And what about her fake hair extensions, Access Hollywood (ugh) said she didn't have to take them out... more special treatment

1556 days ago


This post makes absolutely no sense. You are saying there is no preferential treatment (after posting earlier her family was allowed to visit on a non-visit day) because she has talked to people while in jail? But then you say she is "behind glass".
What the hell is the point to any of this? Were you just required to spit out a post about Lindsay at your 3am eastern time update, so you threw something together?
It almost sounds as if you are trying to swing sympathy by saying she is locked up with murderers. But you seem to have forgotten how many times you have said she is isolated.
This whole post is just a mess TMZ.

1556 days ago


she is doing great and her next door nieghbor is that girl who broke into all those famous people's houses,
As far as smoking she is practicing hunga omega transedental is a long ago perferred sense of reality that hungo monks got into before they were thrown off of cliffs by the chinese.
she will forge on and become the once again fantastic actress we were all so proud of...

1556 days ago
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