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Uncle Sam: Lock Up Wesley Snipes Now!

7/21/2010 9:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The United States Government wants Wesley Snipes behind bars immediately.

Federal prosecutors in Florida are tired of waiting for Wesley to do his time for tax evasion.  They're asking the judge to "immediately revoke Wesley Trent Snipes's bail and order him to surrender."

Snipes was convicted in May 2008 for evading $12,000,000 in taxes.


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Taxes are illegal.

Land of the free my ass! You're not allowed to own ANYTHING in this country. It's all rented from the govt or else.

1517 days ago


Obama is going to Pardon Snipes and Make him a Czar.

1517 days ago


SHOCKING!!!! There is no law that says people have to pay taxes!!! Show me the law. The Supreme court even ruled on it. The only entities that have to pay taxes are corporations. Wesleys gettin screwed here. Search Aaron Russo on Youtube.

1517 days ago


damn they got nino

1517 days ago


I am really tired of all these people getting by with everything. While people struggle every day to put food on the table and pay their bills, people like this get the "STAR TREATMENT/SLAP ON THE WRIST" because they are rich! They spend money like there is no tomorrow. Sure they give to charity now and then but we all know very little actually goes to the people in need its paid to keep the doors open to the charity.
Can you tell I am pissed! If it was me I would be under the jail immediately but if your a star or rich oh lets give you years to appeal. Ya know what sit your happy azz in the jail cell and work on your appeal! I would have to.

1517 days ago


You got what you deserve so have a nice time in jail. Don't forget to take you some condoms a whole lot.

1517 days ago


LOL @ the people screaming because he's black. It has nothing to do with the colour of his skin and you make yourselves look ignorant by playing that card. He didn't pay his taxes, end of.

1517 days ago


@ OhWell...and George Lucas was right about white women.

1517 days ago


$12,000,000???? I don't think in his whole acting career did he ever make that much cash.

He can't pay his taxes so he's going to prison at tax payer expense? Ironic isn't it?

This now makes 2 hack celebs I now gotta support for their failure to obey the law.

1517 days ago

Y do he got    

I have2paytaxes and I don`t have a job.He should get less than a half year and payup but I ask does he still even reside in the america`s? something smells fishie there.Black and not a x-ian than get locked up as the standard SOP or rightwingisms white water wash car wash.LUMA got everyone radioactive check the counter levels I have and they are all DOA.

1517 days ago

Y do he got    

LOMA ground zero radioactives killzone thanks for nothing DOA

1517 days ago


I have to agree - lock the bastard up NOW!!!! I'm sick of these actors thinking they are above the law. So many seem to owe Uncle Sam - I say go after them all and lock them up!!!!!!!!!! What's the latest on dear o' Nick Cage????? I hope they lock him up too.

1517 days ago

Y do he got    

WONG WONG WONG LOMA radioactive kill off of Htwn indie talent

1517 days ago

Y do he got    

dhas an`t about money the IRS can take that anytime from anyone and DO house every sold off after sam take them.Dhas is about hwods taking OUT the indies LOMA all DOA or lock`um up Gmann`ss is woned by the Hwood`ss commies just ask melly smelly KGB got his tassys in a tango.ALL LOMA 2wongs is radioactive just check pat`s grave buzzing like a birdy all DOA actors pay more taxe than you have zits on your bazzy

1517 days ago


No reason that he isn't in jail yet except for that he is famous! Throw him on in there!

BTW, I personally think that its a shame that the sentence for not paying your taxes is more than a lot of other things. I guess if you drive drunk over and over, molest kids or beat your wife, its not nearly as bad as not paying your taxes.

1517 days ago
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