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David Boreanaz Sued for Sexual Harassment

7/22/2010 3:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David Boreanaz has just been sued by an actress who claims he sexually harassed her during filming of his TV show, "Bones."


The suit, filed by Gloria Allred, claims the sexual harassment began during filming on August 21, 2009.   According to the suit, David was sending "sexually inappropriate text messages" to Kristina Hagan, who was an extra on the show.

The suit also claims David was driving with Kristina in September, 2009 and told her he was "the boss" and that he could "make things happen for her."

The suit claims David then parked his car, and "attempted to kiss her and touch her breasts but she pushed him away."  The suit then alleges Boreanaz "unzipped his pants, pulled out his penis and began stroking it until he ejaculated." 

Another encounter allegedly occurred with Hagan in David's trailer on September 29, according to the docs.  Once again Hagan claims Boreanaz grabbed, kissed, and fondled her -- and then "masturbated in front of her."

Then the suit claims that in October Boreanaz told Hagan "he and his wife had argued because there were reports of his infidelity" coming out -- and that he and Hagan would have to "cool it."

According to the suit, Boreanaz continually told Hagan he was trying to find an acting role for her, but never delivered.

0722_allred_boreanaz_tmz_viIn addition to Boreanaz, Hagan is suing Fox and the "Bones" production companies for failing to take corrective action against Boreanaz.

David's rep just gave us the following statement: "The allegations concerning any alleged inappropriate conduct by David Boreanaz are totally fabricated and absurd. There is no validity to this lawsuit."


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Why did she put herself in all those situations with him then? She looks pretty happy in that photo, so I probably wouldn't use that as evidence, Gloria.

1525 days ago


If he was doing these inappropriate things, why didn't she get out of the car/room. AND why would she put herself in a position to be alone with him again. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

1525 days ago


Obviously, this is an attempt to jump on the band wagon and make some cash. The fact he cheated on his wife, previously, makes him a target, since such a story would be more plausable, relatively. I absolutely believe David Boreanaz is innocent of this. Gloria Allred should be disbarred for participating in such a shake down, again.

1525 days ago


So she used him by playing on his vanity, in order to get a film role, he didn't deliver and now she's the victim? Please!
It's a good guess that anyone Allred is repping is full of sh**, but this one looks especially transparent.

1525 days ago


So, it wasn't harassment until after he didn't come through with a job? If he was inappropriate in August, how did she end up in his car in September? And then in his trailer after that? She was whoring for work. When the work didn't materialize, she felt like, well, a whore.

1525 days ago


I wish it was me in the car!!!! He is so hot!!!!!!

1525 days ago


Is it sexual harassment if you enjoy it?
Because this girl obviousy waited 'til he ejaculated so I guess she liked watching him stroke for her... I mean, I don't think he ejaculated so fast that she was unable to get out of the car and run or call a cop or something... this famewhore girls are trying their best to join this train of horny pervert cheating men...

1525 days ago


I wish it was me!!!!!!!He is so hot!!!

1525 days ago


I call BULLS**T!

Women can be so ruthless and disgusting when they try to use their sexuality to get things and go places. Look what happens when it backfires? They cry sexual harrassment.. It's ridiculous.

Otherwise, why would she sit there and watch him masturbate in August (and not leave or say anything) and then put herself alone with him in his trailor in September.

What a used up trashy whore. Maybe she should realize that she isn't a good actress... And that's why she doesn't get any bigger or better roles!

1525 days ago


I have a lot of trouble believing this chicks claim. I think she's just bitter that she didn't get what she believed was owed to her. She was likely attracted to him and was probably using him to get a better roll or part.

Otherwise why would she watch him masturbate in August, not say anything, and then put herself alone in his trailor in September.

I call BULLS**T! Women can be so ruthless and disgusting sometimes. And use their sexuality to get places, and look what happens when it backfires!

1525 days ago

I fit into my bikini!    

I thought the same exact thing as Snooky. She actually stood there and waited for him to finish getting himself off??? This sounds to me like she was more than willing to fool around with him and when he didn't deliver on his promise of better roles, she hit him with this. If that is true, she gets what she deserves..which is nothing from the law suit, all the negative comments the website can handle and a kick in the crotch from this guy's wife! No sympathy here, that's what you get for thinking with your woo-ha instead of your brain and when you mess with another woman's husband you will get your karma but good.

So, what is Allred going to sue for? He didn't deliver on his promise to her?? oh please..stop tying up the courts with this stupid crap! So the slut didn't get what this guy promised her..all she got was a screwing or two in his trailer. Can SHE be sued for being a stupid whore?? enough already with these bimbo idiots that think they're something special..get off your back and work for it, already. Dumb ho.

1525 days ago


This story is another ridiculous endeavor of some loser trying to make money of a get rich quick scheme. And she'll prove all of this how?!

1525 days ago


Don't believe this for a second. 3 things -

1. As many have already said, how are you gonna sit there in the car while he jacksoff, waiting for him to finish? If he really did do that and you were so disgusted you get out of the car and walk.

2. As if that wasn't enough she apparently was alone with him in his trailer AFTER the car incident and he did it again? Seriously who in the hell lets someone that they arent into jack off in front of them in the car and THEN goes into his trailer alone days later?

3. Why wait a year later? Total BS.

1525 days ago


These suits have NO merit, but they will get David (and all the others) to "settle". And that is what and how Gloria makes her living. How is this "helping women"?, as Gloria and little Gloria (Lisa) claim to do? Just the opposite, it makes NO WOMAN look credible. Mels lawyers are just as bad also, they (all) know their clients are guilty/lying, it doesn't matter, it's all about "the job" (and money), not right and wrong. Sad truth. People like Lisa, Gloria, and Mel's attorney are destroying our country, worse, settting back civil rights about 200 years. It actually GIVES men an excuse to abuse women, these stories, these lawers. I really hope Mel pulls his head out and fires his lawyer, it is the only thing that will save him in the eyes of the American public if he takes responsibility for what he did. Michael Lohan is beyond help, he WILL HARM DINA IF HE EVER GETS THE CHANCE, which she won't let him. If he would kill Kate why not Dina, he has MORE reason to harm Dina (in his head). What did Kate do to him besides leave him? The point is these lawers ENABLE THESE WACK JOBS, all of them, without their lawyers they coudn't harm and victimize people like this. Sucess at all costs. Michael has no money, how is Lisa getting paid btw? Just curious or was the plan what Michael said all along, to try to pull a conservatorship? Both Britney's parents were in on that. Lindsay needs to get the restraining order against Michael ASAP. She has pity on him, so she doesn't, but she needs to see Michael and Lisa (little Gloria) for what they are, which is comin for Lindsay's money, what little is left, after he destroyed her career that is.

1525 days ago

Yep I said that    

So she sat in the car and stayed in his trailer while he supposedly whacked off both times has she not heard of a door? Then you have to wonder after the first supposed incident in the car she then goes in to his trailer alone? if he was that bad you would think she would get a clue. Now a year later here comes Allred with her dog and pony show.

1525 days ago
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