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Oksana Continues Lawyer Shopping Spree

7/22/2010 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva just went to see another lawyer -- the second today -- and we've learned this one specializes in employment law.

Although Oksana's legal issues don't relate to employment, sources tell us she's interested in the firm -- Rheuban and Gresen -- for a possible civil lawsuit against Mel Gibson, as well as the criminal investigations into alleged domestic violence and extortion.

TMZ broke the story ... earlier today Oksana met with a lawyer who specializes in computer crimes.


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It's obvious that Oksana is going to sue Mel for ruining her singing career. Remember that Mel signed her to his label and produced music videos for her. Therefore, Mel is (or was) her employer.

What a diabolical move! I am definitely looking at this woman with different eyes.

Mel may have struck her, but instead of getting satisfaction through legal channels, she decided to put together a big money revenge plot. There are so many women out there who are dealing with domestic violence. Oksana should not be put in the same class with them.

1491 days ago


I hope she nails his azz to the wall.

People posting about her here are disgusting and making things up to suit their opinions.

1491 days ago


man and I didn't believe all the stuff I found in the forums in UK about her and Tim. Harvey makes it out that they are happy blah blah blah

Well Sounds to me Tim hates the pooh out of her too but paid the ransom....

This lady has been kicked out of countries and stuff.. and she keeps going. Is she retarded? where is her lawyer? did he bail? Hell I would have if the cd only she and her lawyer had ended up in radaronlines hands..

1491 days ago



Only thing she nails is her lies .... and other men

She isn't going to get anything but jail time... maybe you can be her cell mate

1491 days ago

Georgia Wife    

Stupid Russian bitch. I hope she goes back to Russia and never comes back. I don't see how people find her attractive! She looks so much like Octomom! YUCK!

1491 days ago


Is she for real? Shopping for lawyers like crazy. Maybe the professional lawyers back when they find out that she has any money and that the hole case is based on tampered tapes and lies.

1491 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

Lawyer shopping = liar, lair, liar.

1491 days ago


Addicted to suing. Her strategy in past law suits (not Mel ) was to relentlessly pound at some case over and over until the other party can't take it anymore and settle just to get her out of their life.
Mel was right SHE HAS NO SOUL

1491 days ago


Didn't she just release a statement an hour ago that she doesn't want the money ... she just wants to protect her daughter.

So now it is about the money. Somehow, someway, SHE WANTS THE MONEY !!!

You still want to believe her?

1491 days ago


She can't be thinking about suing about the singing career, can she?!

She was heard on those tapes saying she has no money. She also referred to her career as pathetic ... and that was January.

So how much can she get for a pathetic "career" financed by her former lover. Loss of career? She said she had no career.

So she can't sue for that. But she will.

1491 days ago


#32 Rita

Yea Rita, I guess we did all see the same thing right away. Oksana may be relentless, but she also transparent.

1491 days ago


Well one thing is for sure, she better get what she can because her digging days are over in Hollywood. Any guy stupid enough............

No judgement on either of the two loonies, but she wants money and seems to have a system now...

1491 days ago


It's obvious to me Mel got set-up and now all of sudden months later she is feeling unsafe even thougg the press has pictures of them holding hands happy, and smiling after this "Taped call," which by the way it illegal to record someone else without consent. She is a whore, and she is a pro at what she does. The thing is that she is forgetting is yes, Mel might have fallen for this, and she might think Mel is not so smart, but he is a powerhouse and will have the best attorney who will find every detail about her and all of her BS, she is in over her head, she thinks she is smart, but really is stupid.

1491 days ago


she is in big trouble
she is speaking to lawyers in order for them not to testify against her....she is locking up what Mel would use in order to sue her

1491 days ago


WHAT ?? she dont have a lawyer ??? no wonder the tape has been release guess w/o lawyers consent ??? now she is really fishy .... Well from the start it really looks like she's a gold digger and she provoke Mel to say those coz she knows if he get mad he will say all those stuff ....Karma is a B****ch so better watch out lady.... the truth will come out soon ... lawyers doesnt like ur lies maybe thats why she cant get one to represent her .....

1491 days ago
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