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Michael Lohan Seeks Divine Lindsay Intervention

7/23/2010 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan is hoping to visit his daughter Lindsay Lohan in jail this weekend -- but if Lindsay refuses to see him, he'll ask for assistance from a higher power.

Papa Lohan tells TMZ that if Lindsay won't approve him as a visitor, he'll reach out to the jail's chaplain to help broker some kind of meeting. There is of course the possibility the chaplain could refuse to meet with him too.

It's one thing for your daughter to turn you away, it's another thing when JC's spokesperson does it.


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Hopefully, someone out there without their head snug up their arse - will realize Michael Lohan, Dinah Lohan, Samantha and whatever other wanna be are TOXIC to Lindsay. Michael Lohan SHOULD NOT be allowed to see Lindsay - he'll just make it about him if he did. "Can you believe the crap I've been through the last few days??" "You'll never be able to imagine what I've been through!!" "Oh, Kate will not be your step-Mommmy - Daddy has taken care of that little immature beeatch!!" "I love you Lindsay" I'm throwing up just thinking about it....

1550 days ago


Michael, go find Oksana and harass her. She needs you.

1550 days ago


It's no wonder she's such a mess-look at her whacked out parents.

1550 days ago


# 17 why he has no money

1550 days ago


He's stalking prison! This guy is delusional and should be put on a 5150 hold for everyone's safety. Next thing you know he'll be saying he has tapes of the Chaplain snorting coke and drinking. Why isn't there an order of protection for Lindsay to keep Michael Lohan away from her?

1550 days ago


If this idiot REALLY cared about his daughter he would respect his wishes and give her space. It makes it obvious that he wants publicity because he won't just let her be. That is so freaken sad!

1550 days ago


man , can't they leave this girl alone ?
I mean ..
ok - she made mistakes .
now she's paying for it.
let her do her time established and try and get better ( no questioning she needs help ), but all these vampires sucking on her to have their moment of publicity just shows in what hell of a family/environment she was born into : law should also consider that aspect in the process of "healing". That dude is nothing, has never achieved nothing and now is beating a golden nail to get in the papers . real filthy I think.
cheers Lindsay : you are a real strong person - just getover this filth once and for all.

1550 days ago


I wish that the media would STOP giving Michael and Dina Lohan any face time. Neither of these idiots are a celebrity, but they think they are.

It's pretty obvious why Lindsay is messed up.

I would love to start a petition to get TMZ to stop talking about them at all.

1550 days ago


His strategy "I just want to help my daughter" will pay off well if Lindsay dies.
His track record speaks for itself. He's a shameless leech

1550 days ago

Von Brumbach    

Michael Lohan .. Are you F'n deaf? She doesn't want anything to do with you! You have screwed up her life enough. Let her live her life and hers a novel idea you sick money grubbing media whore.. Go find a life.. Cause whatever it is your selling nobody's buying a hole! It won't really matter any as your on your eventually going to be back in prison where you belong..

1550 days ago


That d0uchebag probably has been cut off & needs the $$ flow again... LOL
WHAT a creepy guy that one is from just seeing a few recent interviews.

1550 days ago


Damn man, leave her alone! You are the root of all her problems in the first place. Having a stable, family-oriented, non-fame whoring father? Nah, not important to a persons psyche or development.

1550 days ago


Pop's probably asking her if she has any change to spare

1550 days ago


She's had her visitors for the week...NO MORE SPECIAL TREATMENT. I thought it wasn't 'secure' for her visitors to be there on the weekend. Such BS.

1550 days ago


Imagine: your daughter is in jail, suffering all the humiliation that involves and she still would rather sit alone in an isolation cell rather than see you!
Your other daughter feels the same way about you and your ex wife has a restraining order to keep you away.
Crawl back under your rock!

1550 days ago
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