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Oksana Grigorieva -- Extortion Claim a Red Herring

7/23/2010 7:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected with Oksana Grigorieva tell TMZ there is "no evidence" to support Mel Gibson's claim that she tried to extort him.


As one source puts it, "Mel and his team are inventing false charges against Oksana as a retaliatory measure to take the heat off of Mel."

The source says Mel's people are trying "to stem the tide of public opinion against Mel Gibson for his continued bigotry and acts of physical and verbal abuse [by] spreading vicious and false rumors that Oksana engaged in an extortion plot against him."


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In the words of Judge Judy - "If it doesn't make sense, it's not true."
What makes more sense -

Mel abused Oksana, risking his already fragile career, his status, his freedom, his money, his child...


Oksans, fearing the impending loss of her meal-ticket, fabricates the entire mess for financial purposes...

Now, put on your "Common Sense" caps folks...It's not that difficult to see what's really going on...


1518 days ago

ralphie the one-eyed    

Shes a ***.
Dismiss her like any other garbage.

1518 days ago


Russian's main newspaper has permanently remover 301 articles on Oksana Chernuha.
She changed her name from "Chernuha" to "Grigorieva" because it sounded better in Russian.

She's not political, so why "permanently removed" . Here's the link.

1518 days ago


"The lady doth protest too much"

The quote "The lady doth protest too much, methinks." comes from Shakespeare's Hamlet, Act III, scene II. The phrase has come to mean that one can "insist so passionately about something not being true that people suspect the opposite of what one is saying.

1518 days ago



Here is in Okana one week before the ABC concert. Why is her stomach bigger in the photo and non existent one week later?

1518 days ago


Yeah cause this bitch is pure as snow. Sorry I believed her whole heartedly in the beginning, then **** started getting a little shady. Now with all more and more revealing it self turns out this chick cant tell the truth if it saved her life. No creditability what so ever. She can yelp all she wants the Mels high priced lawyers are spinning the stories but sorry honey tell your Russian mafia connections to do a better job spinning yours or at least make so they cant be traced back to your dumb ass!

1517 days ago


this woman is getting more crazier by the hours

1517 days ago


Read the Gibson/Oksana archives at People Magazine news. Last year Oksana raved to Hello and People that Mel was the greatest father (on several interviews). "He's great with kids," "he's a great father," she said. Now she calls him an abuser. Gold-digger wants an Elin Woods jackpot. Mel, go through her interviews when she discussed her pregnancy and right after her baby was born. She repeatedly told the media you were the best father.

1517 days ago


Someone needs to take that baby away from the both of them until they stop all this nonsense. He is out of control and does need medication. She is someone who latches onto rich men and has their babies. Does she really care about her kids? Her ex-husband should take the little boy so he is out of all of this and maybe Mel's ex-wife or his daughter should take little Lucia and keep her safe.

1517 days ago


Who cares about public opinion. If this isn't a ruse, then public opinion has no room. It should be all meat and potatoes. To the point, get the job done, and get on with their lives. The View could never turn my opinion. A bunch of loud mouth yapping women who basically gossip about everything. Whoopi though has my respect. She tactfully stood her ground gracefully, and rightfully when it came to her defense of Mel's character.

1517 days ago


What Mel's spin doctors are doing is working..the public is turning in his favor...Just remember HE WENT AFTER THIS WOMAN WITH AVENGAGES>>HE SOWS WHAT HE REAPS...ever teach that in your church Mel..didn"t think've had sooo many STDs that your ex=wife didn't want wanted whores and that's what you got..ohh and a BASTARD child..I don't feel sorry for're just a douche bag filled with ****..and you layed with a dog and picked up fleas..MAN UP and do things right're a GREAT reason why aboration should be legal...

1517 days ago


I will never spend another dollar on your ****'re not even a good look OLD as dirt and your humor is ...something a fu*ken 3 yr old can do..BETTER!!! Hang it up Dude..just GO!!

1517 days ago


I don't believe this one bit!

Those Tape recordings were done before oksana brought about this law suit where Mel says over and over that she used him for his money. calling her a gold digger and so forth.

Mel didn't know he was being recorded.

So it is obvious that Mel Gibson believes that she DID try and use him for his money and tried to bleed him dry.

You can't hide it. We all heard it.

1517 days ago


yes, she is credible. and thank god she made the tapes. a hope mel gets his a** kicked.

1517 days ago


Oksana has a history of lying and manipulating people. Go online and look for prior interviews as well as other sources. Mel has his issues but this really screams set up by the 40 year old aging unsuccessful singer who had claimed to be pregnant by him. Since Oksana has done this twice there is a behavioral pattern with this, too. A call girl by any other name is still a .....

1517 days ago
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