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Britney Spears -- Stuck on Repeat

7/24/2010 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears was spotted yesterday at her favorite local hangout -- the bathroom at Starbucks -- wearing the exact same outfit she wore earlier in the week.

At least she put on a hat this time -- what is going on up there?


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Damn kfed f'ed her up.

1515 days ago


Cool! This fashion tip from Britney is going to save me hundreds each month. To think I've been throwing out a piece of clothing after once wearing it for so many years. Now I'll have money to pay my Obama taxes.

1515 days ago


OMG...At least in the later photo she got a better bra and sucked in the tummy. That excuses the stains on the shirt she pulled out of the dirty clothes hamper. She needs to know where goodwill is so she can expland (sorry, improve) her wardrobe. And when did celebs stop growing real hair? Yuk....

1515 days ago


People of Earth to TMZ...we over her please stop wasting web space with this out of date has been.

1515 days ago

the joker    

Leave this poor girl alone, bad enough her parents are ruining her, just let her be. Like a pack of vultures

1515 days ago


I dont care. She is still sooooo freakin hot & SEXY ;-)

1515 days ago


I will tell you what is going on:

1. She gave birth to 2 children - your bladder isn't what it used to be after having kids. Frequent stops in public bathrooms unfortunately become a way of life.

2. She has to sit through hours of hair and make up regularly. If a mom of 2 wants to throw her hair in a bun and rock yesterday's clothes - more power to her.

Cheers to a real working mom.

1515 days ago


Something tells me these pics are not of the same people. You only see the back of the persons head in the first shot. It could be anyone (I'm sure Brit isn't the only person who owns that color shirt and bottoms and a horrifying weave). Now unless she was able to lose the stomach weight in 3 days (or else she is wearing a flatering undergarment and better bra; and the shirt and bottoms are signigicantly bigger on the person in Picture #1, that would lead me to believe these pictures are not of the same person.

1515 days ago


Why does it matter if she is wearing the same outfit 2 times in the same week? Hello... there was an invention called the washing machine.... Give the girl a break....

1515 days ago


Nice nappy, oil-slicked bald patch.

1515 days ago


good for her on wearing the hat but doesn't the girl have other clothes?

1515 days ago


Please...Closely look at the picture. It is two different people. Her Gut is sticking out in the first one and is taller with bigger sagging chest!

1515 days ago

dwaynes chris    

she looks pretty good compare to the other times well her past pictures nah mean so yea hey im not much into britney but i kind of like her

1515 days ago


Well, I've worn the same outfit three times in a week and frankly my dear, I don't give a damn. Give the girl a break. At least she's not a golddigger or a whore.

1515 days ago


What is up with the hair in the first pic? Egads! Looks like she has a disease.

1515 days ago
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