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The Day Oksana Taped Mel

7/25/2010 8:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ Oksana Grigorieva began secretly recording Mel Gibson shortly after he accused her of messing around with the "tree man."

Sources intimately familiar with the case tell TMZ ... on February 18, Oksana went to Mel's house and he allegedly flew into a rage. Sources say, according to Oksana, Mel had quit smoking that day and was in a "terrible mood." As TMZ first reported, Mel had also tried to quit smoking the day of their nuclear blowup on January 6.

On February 18, we're told Mel became insanely jealous ... allegedly accusing Oksana of having an affair with her landscaper. According to Oksana, she had to leave because she felt if she didn't Mel would hurt her and the baby. We're told after she left, an enraged Mel began calling ... and she began recording. 

Sources tell TMZ there was no physical violence on February 18 and the only type of violence between the January 6 encounter and the February 18 encounter was verbal ... not physical.

We're told all of the recordings were made on February 18. 


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I'm russian and live in Russia. And most russians are shocked of that stupid whore.She's like "black hole" pulling in her nasty fraud new persons even if they don't like to do it. If Mr.Gibson knew early translation of Чернуха (Chernuha),he would not to have affair with her at all! Yesterday I saw a newspaper in a market, where were pictures of Mr.Gibson and her and headline "Gibson hit his russian girlfriend because she was unfaithful and had affair with DiCaprio!! What a bull****!! I guess she tryes to seem a victim here in Russia, because her last stupid step may be back to Russia with Lucia to involve russian authorities to protect and futher manipulations,if she has russian citizenship. Mr.Gibson was too confiding and imprudent with her. Usually persons like she's, do same things-have made a mess and then run to Russia with scream "Help me!! I'm a mother! I just try to save my baby's life!" I think Mr.Gibson has to take away his little daughter! Oksa surely invent new provocation!

1551 days ago


To all the Gibson supporters / Oksana bashers, put your heads together when you're at your next clan meeting and see what kind of (not) witty/intelligent retort you can come up with.

Posted at 3:14 AM on Jul 24, 2010 by J

Your prejudgments without knowing the facts certainly qualify you for clan membership. I am astounded by your post. You have no idea if the tapes were altered, or their cir***stances.

1551 days ago


For me it all comes down to this: Mel has a history of crazy rants after he is swimming up shiet stream. Oaksana has a history of sucking men dry out of their money and moving onto the next one. Whenever it comes down to a "he said/she said" conflict - look at the history that each person has.

All I can say is - Oaksana, why didn't you just take the 15 million and run? Now you ruined not only your little daughters life, but also your son who has to deal with this hell everyday. I guess you were too greedy, and uneducated in thinking that you could fool the world. I've seen men deal with cold manipulative Russian women like you. You are nothing new. You were so foolish to think you could get away with this. And now you must pay by going to jail.

1551 days ago


OK TMZ, we get it. This is a train wreck. But ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1551 days ago


I thought she was playing around from the start. Otherwise Mel would not have acted the way he did. The truth will come out and he will regain his popularity. Wait and see.

1551 days ago


Alright, I'm ready for the Movie....if Hollywood can make a movie about Liz and Richard, they can make a movie about Oksana and Mel...and the quit smoking blowup would be the comedy part.

1551 days ago


Oksana rote in hell we movie peeps don't want are money going to you. your a slut,Camp mel all the way.

Posted at 3:57 AM on Jul 24, 2010 by lar

Dude, learn how to read and write. Your English is atrocious.

1551 days ago


In the song she wrote "Beautiful Heartache" the first sentence says...There are no lies I wouldn't tell.

There you go, that's how she rolls.

1551 days ago


There are reports that 500 rabid Lohan fans are marching on this jail and holding it under seige,They are demanding Lindsay be given 5 bottles of desani within 1 hour.
John Mayer is going to headline a concert along with Demi Moore for Lindsay this afternoon in front of the jail.At least 5 known fans will be showing up.

1551 days ago


I say, if it is illegal to tape anyone without their knowledge, and she did she even admitted it, then there doesn't need to be an investigation. Its against the LAW, take the necessary steps to bring her to justice!!

1551 days ago


When will they arrest this abuser? Oksana is a victim who can't get any justice because he is a big Hollywood star. Who wants to be called those names and bullied and screamed at? Apparently those people who agree with Mel!

1551 days ago

Oil Man    

Mel, The Bitc# wasn't worth it. She is real ugly too. You should have known not to trust her.

1551 days ago


Mel was in nicotine withdrawal. Oksana has no ability to feel human empathy. She's like Ted Bundy in her soul.

"verbal violence" -- what a concept. Is that like when a woman makes a joke at a man's expense?

1551 days ago


When will they arrest this abuser? Oksana is a victim who can't get any justice because he is a big Hollywood star. Who wants to be called those names and bullied and screamed at? Apparently those people who agree with Mel!

Posted at 5:11 AM on Jul 24, 2010 by Diandra

Obviously, you either hvn't been following this whole train wreck or you don't understand anything about justice.

there is NO PROOF, NO EVIDENCE, that there was any abuse, the photos ? pleeze, doesn't show anything on either her or the baby's face. the tapes have not yet been verified.


1551 days ago


There are reports that he was frequenting prostitutes while she was pregnant without any regard for the danger of contracting STDs and infecting her and perhaps even the baby yet to be born.

Posted at 4:19 AM on Jul 24, 2010 by anon

Oh really? Where did those "reports" come from...Andrew Breitbart?

1551 days ago
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