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The Day Oksana Taped Mel

7/25/2010 8:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ Oksana Grigorieva began secretly recording Mel Gibson shortly after he accused her of messing around with the "tree man."

Sources intimately familiar with the case tell TMZ ... on February 18, Oksana went to Mel's house and he allegedly flew into a rage. Sources say, according to Oksana, Mel had quit smoking that day and was in a "terrible mood." As TMZ first reported, Mel had also tried to quit smoking the day of their nuclear blowup on January 6.

On February 18, we're told Mel became insanely jealous ... allegedly accusing Oksana of having an affair with her landscaper. According to Oksana, she had to leave because she felt if she didn't Mel would hurt her and the baby. We're told after she left, an enraged Mel began calling ... and she began recording. 

Sources tell TMZ there was no physical violence on February 18 and the only type of violence between the January 6 encounter and the February 18 encounter was verbal ... not physical.

We're told all of the recordings were made on February 18. 


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1560 days ago


There ya go, you'vegottobekidden, more delusions because you're desperate and running on empty.
Maybe TMZ lied?
LOL ... then where is the new (defamation/slander, etc.,) lawsuit filed by Ox's attorney for "lying" about what he (Ox's lawyer) he told TMZ/Harvey Levin?
Sinking quicker in that sandpit you are.
Yes, run out the door ... it's not "safe" for you here (being held accountable to your ridiculous statements and assertions).

1560 days ago


The tapes are a tiny bit of what this man is like. That his ex wife would commit purgery for him for money is shameful, but what do you expect from anyone who's from the land where murderers and rapists were sent in hopes that they'd knock each other's kneecaps in and leave 'em to die in the hot Aussie sun? It's the land o'Crazies, he SHOULD go back!
Keep looking over your shoulder, Harvey. I don't doubt anything this woman is saying about Gibson in the least.

1560 days ago

darcy hill    

What Mel gets when he tries to quit smoking is called Psychotic affective disorder after nicotine withdrawal. It's a legitimate illness that can be quite severe if not treated properly. Mel shouldn't try to quit on his own, it appears that nasty things may happen when he tries.

1560 days ago


Add to this the poparazzi pics during her pregnancy definiltely are inconsistent with her baby bump. Who are you and how do know all of this??? Are you Russian? Do you know friends/family of Oksy or Mel? Can you comment?

Posted at 6:40 AM on Jul 24, 2010 by John

You know, John you might want to answer other people when they ask you where you obtained the information in one of your posts and avoid your "protection of privacy" comments before you ask someone else these types of questions.

1560 days ago


Her sister is the one that is passing the tapes on, their doing their best to plot against Mel all for fiancial gain! Yes, Mel went 'crazy' and is yelling, but noone has any idea what she is truly saying to him to provoke the situations...These tapes have been so altered to make her look as good as possible and him like a rat! Don't you think with as many women as Mel has had in the past if he truly was as bad as what their making him out to be that it would have come out for 'money' or ten mintues of fame before now! This women is a 'fame whore' herself! She didn't like the 10 million settlement after the lawyers got their fees, so they decided to extort and bring out everything, thinking Mel would settle up for whatever amount her whole camp would want to take care of all her family and the leaches! It is sad that she would not thik about her children first! If Mel is the father of this daughter, he has every right to see her! When her daughter gets older she will be able to hear all this craziness towards her father...Don't think this woman is totally innocent, not saying she deserved to hit on, that is wrong, but she obviously knows how to push his bottons, and it is obvious Mel feel hard for her, because she is probably good on her back, or at giving oral sex, this woman pulls the strings, and she knows he is or was head over heals crazy about her! But in truth, she wasn't in love with Mel, she just likes the chase herself, and was using Mel for his money to back her music career, when that failed, she didn't want Mel on a regular basis, she only wanted him around to be seen around town! She needs to go back to Russia or England, and leave Mel alone! But unforunately know you have Mel being head over heels in love with this piece of work, and the mother to one of his children that he has a right to see! He has seven other children and has never been known to be anything but a great and caring father to them, so why shouldn't he have the same rights to this child....If she really was afraid of Mel, she could have requested a meeting in private with a Judge, Prosecurtor and her Attorney's and gave all the evidence, they would have listened to it and sealed it to keep it out of the public and then done a throughly investigation of all alligations! 99.8% of batter people do not want their private lives lived out to the world on a daily basis, they themselves have pride and aren't "golddigging low life's"! Her sister either works for the law office getting this private information from Oksana or she has personal connection with people at all milkly this horrible fight and situaiton between a man and woman, to get the most off of Mel Gibson...If Mel really is going off the deep end, then these people should have had sometime of compassion and got some medical treatement for him, so that he can be the great actor that he is and be a decent father to his children! This eviliness and greed would destroy any of 'us' if we were put in Mel Gibson's shoes, compassion and a kind ear is what is needed to be given to Mel Gibson at this moment, and this Oksana lady needs to grow up and act like a lady and a mother who has her children's best interest at heart, and not so much money hungry greed and fame seeking attention! This woman would drive any sane person to the brink of losing in, then of course she would 'tape' your harsh words to be used against you to see how much public attention and/or money she can line her pockets with, so he can take care of her, her siblings and whoever else is in her camp! I'm not on Mel Gibson side, he lost it, there is no deneying that, but you can bet money she pushed every botton known to man to get him worked up, so why isn't any blame going on to her! This sitution is sickening that people would even care so much! She was totally hurt, she was right back out with him a week later after ther supposed fighting incident cuddling, laughing and having a great time with him, once again leading him on for her own gain! 10 Million Dollars and him getting joint custody of their daughter, wasn't enough money after she pas lawyers fees and she is looking to take care of siblings as well! Put two and two together people, her whole circle is out to extoret Mel Gibson for nothing more than financial gain and noritity in Hollywood! She got the fame she wanted now, every TV Outlet, plus all so called reality programs will be offereing her something, at the expense of totally humiliating a man she once supposedly cared for and a father to one of her children! Boy I hope if any of you are friends of hers, that you keep her as close to you as possible, because at first wrong doing, she would be able to destroy your entire life, if it could benefit her personally!

1560 days ago


To Onan

Reading your posts, one must conclude you know a lot about being uncivilized. What you write, telling Mel to kill himself, etc - how on earth is that any better than what Mel was saying on the tapes.

1560 days ago


This bitch conned him. He is an arrogant idiot and deserves to suffer the consequences. No wonder they found each-other. She is a predator and he is a s***bag. Perfect for each-other.

1560 days ago


LOL wow its funny how she just all the sudden started recording, yet the audio quality is so good on her end forensic audio experts said it needed to be recorded with a condenser mic. This money grabbing whore needs to really be punched in the face.

1560 days ago

Preserve the Tiger    

To #126: A tidbit I read once online ~ on average, the white male is MORE endowed than the black male. I've also heard, "Once you go black, you won't go back." That's because once you've gone black, no white male wants the woman. Just something else I've heard! It's not the size, it's what you do with what you have!

1560 days ago


"As TMZ first reported, Mel had also tried to quit smoking the day of their nuclear blowup on January 6."

Correction --- HIS nuclear blowup.

1560 days ago


Mel's MONEY$$$ will buy him out of this. He will destroy this woman.

1560 days ago


I love this reality show! Every single day there is an interesting new script.

OK. Now there is not physical violence. It was verbal.
So, what about the veneers? what about the dentist? what about the "contusion"? what about that Gibson hit Lucia?

This source is telling us she is a liar and that she recorded the doctored tapes for just one reason: extortion.

1560 days ago


Geting really sick of looking at this crooked faced, spoiled bitch.
Tired of Mel, too.

1560 days ago

StarryStarryNight do you know if someone is here all unless you're here all day as well? it's ok for you but not for someone else?

1560 days ago
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