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Oksana -- More Mel Recordings in Her Library

7/25/2010 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Oksana Grigorieva doesn't just have secretly recorded phone conversations of Mel Gibson ... she has voicemails too.

Sources close to Oksana tell TMZ the recordings that have gone public so far are conversations between Oksana and Mel, but she also has voicemails which Mel left for her that night.

As we first reported, all the Gibson rants that have come out were recorded on February 18 -- after a nuclear meltdown between the two.

We're told the voicemails are nowhere near as incendiary as the taped conversations.


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OMG Best post ever LOL:


It looks like it is only about 5 sane posters against a bunch of Branch Sweetidians.

Posted at 12:58 AM on Jul 25, 2010 by GivinMelTheEyes"


Suck it SWEET-TRUTH/SWEETHEART aka Mel Gibson stalker

1550 days ago


What a surprise - NOT!

1550 days ago


@Arnie - I want to hear that too!!! LOL

1550 days ago


She's a parasite that feeds off a host. No one that secretly records so many personal recordings has moral intentions.

1550 days ago


To Buba!! As I understood the investigation of violence is finished, if court returned the gun to him and their custody is 50/50. Now detectives investigate everything about tapes.How long will it act? I guess technical expertise doesn't take long time?

1550 days ago


Pshhh... so over this chick! She has nothing else to say I want to hear. I am however, very interested to hear Mel's side of this story! Very! I hope the whole truth comes out, so we know what's really been going on! *TEAM TRUTH*

1550 days ago


That's it? We want more... This can't be it for today. Come on TMZ, get a grip! Buy the next batch of 'evidence', please.

Team Mel

1550 days ago


Isn't that something...leaks the tapes where he goes off on a tangent, but doesn't leak the voice mails. Now, why is that?

1550 days ago


OOO, she doesn't have the moral majority which questions the validity of her tapes, now we have text messages, leaked and now VOICEMAIL leaked. Oxymoron, shut the fck up, really.

1550 days ago


I think it will be interesting to see if laws are passed that give people more protection in these matters. It's terrible if a person, especially a celebrity, has to worry now if they are being recorded. I think this may also give some of the techies out there an opportunity to create new technology that will allow people to attach something to their phones (cell or land lines) that will detect a recording of the conversation. This is just terrible that a person can't blow off steam if they need to without fear of being recorded and then having their private conversations blasted all over the media. I hope that Mel sues her for damages and sues for future earnings via books, speaking fees, appearances, etc. because if she goes on to talk about all of this mess, then to me she is making money at his expense. This is not right.

1550 days ago


She had plans to sting Mel from the beginning - that's why she has all this ammunition. Voice mails, tapes, pictures - collaboration from her dentist etc. She engineered this whole mess.
Back in October of 2009 she was saying what a good father Mel was - etc. etc. But she was just playing him.
January 3rd was Mels birthday - on the January 6th they had the big fight - wonder if part of it was over time spent with his "army" as she called his kids - Lots of resentment from her in a statement like that -

1550 days ago


she's running out of ammo

1550 days ago


She tries to stretch investigation time for sale another editted tapes, because probably her money of first sale is finished.Lawyers cost expensive

1550 days ago


@misssahara - Yes it could take a few months before we hear the outcome of the investigations. They will move very slowly to be sure they have been thorough and make no mistakes.

1550 days ago

Why oh Why?    

Just realized in all the photos I´ve seen of the two of them, he looks at her in a very loving way. But she never meets his eyes. Coincidence??

1550 days ago
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