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Oksana -- More Mel Recordings in Her Library

7/25/2010 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Oksana Grigorieva doesn't just have secretly recorded phone conversations of Mel Gibson ... she has voicemails too.

Sources close to Oksana tell TMZ the recordings that have gone public so far are conversations between Oksana and Mel, but she also has voicemails which Mel left for her that night.

As we first reported, all the Gibson rants that have come out were recorded on February 18 -- after a nuclear meltdown between the two.

We're told the voicemails are nowhere near as incendiary as the taped conversations.


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Thank You, Buba!! It's 1pm in St-Petersburg and I finish to print and want to drink coffe! Regards!!

1559 days ago

Maria Lopez    


Are you kidding? The people that need more laws and protection are the women like Oksana who men think they can abuse and threaten. Laws need to make it clear that women have the right to tape men who are threatening them with violence and murder so that they can protect themselves against domestic violence. And Mel was not "blowing off steam"! He was making racist, misogynistic and violent threats, some of which may be criminal. Maybe you consider that "blowing off steam" where you come from, but most people don't have those type of conversations with their spouses. It is not acceptable. What planet are you living on?

1559 days ago

Jackie Moraco    

This is what happens when you lay down in the filth & cheat on your wife. What a disgrace for a human being- either one of them. She had an agenda from day one including getting knocked up.

1559 days ago


I´m not surprised that this woman doesn´t have a job, she´s busy with her secret recording 24/7. Sad if that´s a way to get supported by a wealthy man in L A cause even if Mel has a temper, who really believes he´s violentand and a worse parent than her? Not me anyway. It all looks like a money game on her part to get finacial independent by Mel´s money, tradgic.

1559 days ago

TMZ fan since 2007    

damn for reals Tmz bring Mel down pls

Team Harvey

1559 days ago



TY for answering my questions earlier. so you mean the skank didn't have the baby at a hospital? so she was back home by the time Mel came to her? know, i saw the soap opera a long time ago, The Days of Our Lives, and this woman pretended to be pregnant and stole someone else's baby as hers. of course TV stuffs who would believe it..however, i also know LIFE CAN BE STRANGER THAN FICTION!

that would be so cool if Mel nor the bitch was not the parent... that one should be easy to prove.

Sweet-Truth and JOHN,

ty guys, i want you to know there are prob a lot of us who read and agree with all you say or at least read to hear your insights so please, don't stop your postings. i wish i knew Mel personally but i don't and it's cool to know that his friends and associates are rallying around him.

it would be cooler if his friends or pple in the industry would rally around him on record...but at least, Mel, hopefully doesn't feel blacklisted in the community.


you have decided to spew hatred for a man you never met b/c of some leaked tapes that should never have been in the first would you like your private life played out in public...ONE SIDED, AND NOT YOUR SIDE, WHEN YOU ARE PISSED ABOUT SOMETHING OR DURING A MELT-DOWN!

if a person with resources, contacts somehow want to smear your name, they can easily do so in today's world of technology.

i would bet anything when all the truths are out, all of you spewing hatred on Mel in support of this lying, conniving, money-hungry skank, will be eating your words.

but then again, you may have certain or same traits as this OX ANON skank to manipulate and twist everything to your advantage.


1559 days ago


Mel the baby hitter will be treated to jail house justice.

1559 days ago


some idiots still believe Mel hit the baby with that little drool pimple...moms know that infants get those all the time.

some of you who think the pimple= bruise need to have your head examined.

also, the dentist switching stories, if any of our physicians did that, there is an instant credibility issue. i would like to see this dentist's notes/chart.

if you fear for concussion from being hit, you don't go to a pediatrician, you always go to a specialist...if you want to see someone who knows what they are talking about.

1559 days ago


one more thing,

if you fear the baby has been hit as well, since you are going to a ped anyways, why not have the baby examined. a real loving mother usually don't think of themselves first. they want their children evaluated first to determine if they are well!!!

1559 days ago


She sure had a plan, didn't she? What a despicable woman this is!

1559 days ago

My Little Girls    

Can you say Fraud... Set-up.. Mel, hang in there.

I've been down this road with my own son and the truth will come out in the long run. He was set-up by his ex-wife and her sister but when it came to court the truth was exposed. The mediator told his wife if she didn't stop her actions and lying, she would lose custody of their daughter. She still lies and tries to deceive everyone but they all found out what she truly is.... Dishonest, Greedy and Cheater. It's usually the one that is spreading such hatred is the guilty party.

My ex-daughter-in-law did almost the same scam that Mel is now facing. Her and her sister tried to get any type of information and then tried to blackmail my son. I'm so glad that women like this are exposed for who they really are.... Frauds.

Go after custody of your daughter, if in fact she is your daughter. Knowing what this women is capable of pulling, it wouldn't surprise me one bit that the baby isn't yours. In the eyes of this women, a baby to her is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$. This is her ACE in the hole. Think about it... You be the judge.
My Opinion Only

1559 days ago


I bet she does'nt even swallow????

1559 days ago


Doesn't this chick get it? Everyone is over her and wishes she would go away. I guess since the "voice messages are nowhere near as incendiary" as the taped conversations she probably won't bother leaking those..... She is one of the biggest media whores I can recall. You know she is already hunting down the book deal.

1559 days ago


This little extortionist was very prepared! Clearly, she's done this before. I hope she spends the rest of her life in jail. DALTON, get your kid away from this psycho! Do you not even care about your son? She certainly shouldn't have control of any children.

1559 days ago


unfortunately, there are still some pple like the group against the domestic violence and other sites that are not using their common sense and simply stirring the pot.

as i have stated, all the supposed "evidence" (albeit, not very convincing at that) are one sided. we have not heard a peep from Mel camp except to deny certain allegations but never elaborated b/c of the gag order. they are following the law. just for that i hope ox anon camp gets contempt.

so with these suspicious evidence at hand with no real (no concrete evidence) investigation since its still ongoing, these dumb azz groups and sites are already throwing stones at Mel.

i don't condone racism, my husband was accused once and we had to fight and once the judge heard our side in a civil suit, everything was thrown out of court. so Mel yelling crap is not cool, but i can also see how a man broken down under duress ( the divorce, possibly baby not his, realizing this whore was just after his money all along and he behaved like a fool) all this culminating factor caused him to break down. i think we need to have more compassion for pple like these. all the name calling and ranting and raving are all just a smoke screen. they were the symptoms of his breaking point not that he really believed what he was saying.

while Mel is having his break down, this cold-hearted, conniving, calculating, lying, skank was taping him during a very difficult emotional moment for Mel.

unfortunately, when we are dealing with the public, we are going to get all sorts of pple, compassionate, understanding, empathetic to self serving, intolerant, misunderstanding pple.

the one thing we have to abide by is the court of law. we have to trust in our system to do the right thing. so before everyone start throwing stones understand both sides and hear out all the facts since we have not heard any of Mel's side.

again, our justice system will decide and when they do, i wonder if pple are still willing to live by them. unfortunately, even if Mel is found innocent of all wrong doing, this skank has put doubts in many pple's minds forever. for that, this skank is an evil, evil, vile thing of a sloth...i hope other men take warning from all this when she searches out her next victim!!

1559 days ago
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