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Gabourey Sidibe Storms Through NYC

7/26/2010 8:15 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

"Precious" star Gabourey Sidibe managed to stay dry underneath an umbrella as she walked around SoHo this weekend.


Wearing eyeglasses, a floral top, skinny jeans and white kicks, the 27-year-old flashed a grin on her stroll through Manhattan.



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Gabby....................why is your Mom on America's Got Talent?
Why is she still working on the subway? Shouldn't you GIVE BACK and help your mother?.................or do you need ALL of your money to pay for food!?

1518 days ago


Give this girl a break. She is richer than all of you so why don't you just shut up!

1518 days ago


Wow! Why are ppl so mean to her? Maybe b/c she is confident enough to go out and pursue her dreams despite the fact that she is overweight. We see overweight ppl everyday. Yeah, she needs to lose weight and I'm sure she knows and she'll do it when she's ready. Pls get over it!

1518 days ago


All of you are just sick. If this human being is too not your definition of beauty you can keep it to yourselves. Beauty is not always a size 2, shapely, or whatever definition that has gotten into the kids of America these days. Its because of the media and comments like these that has millions barfing their meals or avoiding food all together.

I think she is beautiful. Its none of our business about her weight. She is happy about herself and that is all that matters. Its a stereotype that has got Hollywood skin and bones. And its not beautiful.

1518 days ago


Just because she was in one movie does not mean she is rich. Look at the kids that got the shaft from Slumdog Millionaire.

Oh, and Sourshoes, Women want to see hot guys, not fat balding slobs like most of you turn out to be.

1518 days ago


5. "Give this girl a break. She is richer than all of you so why don't you just shut up!"

So by your logic,Red-In-Phoenix, that makes her a better person and money is the sole reason why someone should give her a break. You're an idiot...a bigger idiot than those making the fat jokes.

1518 days ago


"skinny jeans"?!

1518 days ago


Wow, a lot of cruelness going on here about this girl. People need to leave her alone. Are you not discriminating against her? Mom probably works because she has to get her healthcare insurance and retirement benefits, non of us know how much money this girl has. Leave her alone please!

1518 days ago


14 minutes and 58 seconds aaaaaand ticking.......

1518 days ago



No crap women want to see good looking men, but sourshoes was pointing out that Stern was correct. He was commenting on this image and saying men dont want to see an morbidly obese person, because we dont think they are hot.

Your comment wasnt even on the right subject because, there is no fat dude standing in that picture.

I would expect the same comments from people is Michael Moore was walking down the street in skinny jeans.

1518 days ago


If she is so rich then why doesn't she help her mom out?
And why is her mom trying to win Americas got talent.
She should help her mom out. I mean come on her mom sacrificed her life to raise this chick and her brother.

1518 days ago


those are not skinny jeans. you have to be skinny to get into skinny jeans. those are just jeans 3 sizes too small for her body.

her mother should be ashame of herself. this girl is going to have all sorts of health problems when she gets older (if she doesn't already). forget about vanity, it just isn't good for her heart and bones to carry around so much weight. she should lose weight, not because it's the in thing for Hollywood but for her own health.

1518 days ago


I almost threw up when I saw her. I don't see why people stand up for this disgusting good for nothing waste of ALOT of space. Her acting was recognized because it fit that role. Fat nasty piece of shi* walking around trying to look cute. She looks like a freakin black rhino. Why is she carrying an unmbrella???? To avoid a tan???? She is already blacker as charcoal. I'm am surprised they even make an umbrella big enough to cover this beast. Howard Stern was 100% right. This whale needs to be harpooned. People say beauty is on the inside. I say her insides are full of clogged arteries and a upcoming heart attack. The sooner the better.

1518 days ago


@bophus: not commenting on right subject? Her character was to be played by an overweight african american girl...not a skinny bimbo with her boobs hanging out. So, how was Howard Stern on the mark about that one? Not every female character played in a movie is based on a thin attractive woman. There is room for everyone in Hollywood.

1518 days ago


#29, morning Jim Carrey :) and Boinggggggg back!

Ok, she is overweight, actually severely obese is the proper term, and she needs to get serious about a diet at her age and take it off. She will die at an early age and she wont get anymore acting jobs, she is too much of an insurance risk also.
She appears to be around 350lbs to me.

1518 days ago
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