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Suge Knight K.O. Kid -- Violently Choked Out

7/26/2010 12:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Greg the Barber -- the guy who famously knocked out Suge Knight -- was choked out in a violent nightclub altercation ... when a bouncer ran up from behind him and put him in a sleeper hold.

** Warning: This footage contains explicit language and violence **

The footage -- first posted on Friday by -- shows Greg conducting an interview for some sort of Internet show in front of Wonderland in Hollywood ... when a bouncer knocks into him from behind.

Clearly upset, Greg aggressively confronts the bouncer -- when ANOTHER bouncer rushes in from behind and puts a death grip around Greg's neck ... until he passes out.

When Greg wakes up, he tries to find the man who attacked him ... even throwing punches at one point.



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It was made illegal in the 1950's. It's not called the "sleeper" hold or "death grip", but rather just a choke hold. Pressure is applied to the sides of the neck where two major arteries move blood back and forth to the brain, thus cutting off the blood. It only takes a few seconds to induce unconsciousness. It is also extremely dangerous. Coagulation and
other conditions can arise causing death. Hence the introduction of pepper spray, tasers, etc. I've seen it used during UFC fights (not to be confused with "rear naked choke" and was somewhat surprised.) So I'm not sure about the legality of it's use now.

1518 days ago


I definitely would be pi$$ed off! he had EVERY RIGHT to start throwing punches to the security that did that to him! He needs to use this tape and prosecute those bouncers! Arrest the one that choked him out FOR NO REASON! and sue the **** out of that bar!!!

1518 days ago


Chokeholds kill people, I would not allow any employee to do that he could have died then they would have had a huge lawsuit. Anyway that guy will eventually be shot if he's going around acting big and bad in L.A., should have just 86'd him.

1518 days ago


What was that Greg dude going to do, after he was supposedly shoved? See my point. Bouncer beat him to it. They kept it under control and put him down for a bit. That's all.

1518 days ago


So.. Sguard get's up in his face and Greg pushes him away (clearly a guard knows not to get up in a mad guys face.) Then another meathead runs in a chokes him until he passes out (I remember my first roid rage.) Then all the meatheads in a 50 yard radius run over to yell a few words while he is out-cold(Because he can hear them...) Press charges on those idiots.

1518 days ago


That skin head bouncer is a bitch... Any mother ****er can choke someone.. that doesn't make you cool or a badass

it makes you a little bitch. To run up on someone thinking your cool.. you lucky you didn't kill him and on top of it bitch you can go to jail for that ****. You can't just ****ing act like that. you know your going to be raped by some black guy in jail right lol.

Stupid bitches like you give people who work the door a bad name..

1518 days ago


Sue the pants off of the club that employs him!

Complain of complicated breathing, and trouble sleeping.

That was a malicious act. Sue the crap out the club, and look towards a settlement into the 10,000.

That was very very illegal.

1518 days ago


you dumb ass's sticking up for the bouncer have no clue. There isn't a state in USA that would make choking someone out ok.

Doesn't matter what the guy does. They are not super heroes and they have less protection than a normal person or even a guard.

You can ONLY use the level of force needed. The guy never hit him or anything. He had no right to use ANY force.

1518 days ago


I wouldnt try to punch the bouncers back! Sue! Sue! And sue some more!!! That choke hold is dangerous and he could have died. That's ridiculous.

1518 days ago


Holy s**t

1518 days ago


these bouncers are pathetic *******. i hope they read this while they're chocking each other's chickens in their after-work circle jerk.
God hates bouncers.

1518 days ago


The sleeper choke hold is both completely LEGAL and also RECOMMENDED for security people. Greg was starting a fight with the bouncer, and he was continuing it. Greg is also a known convicted felon who repeatedly attacks people at clubs. He got what was coming to him.

Here is an article about the sleeper choke hold being legal:

1518 days ago

NEW Mel FAN    

I don't understand what he did to deserve to be choked like that. He was hit with a door and a bouncer got right up in his face and he pushed him away and not hard either. The 1st bouncer push him very hard. then the one put him into a "sleeper hold" or basically strangled him.

It appears he broke his neck and the bouncer is LUCKY he lived but the Greg is the lucky one. The police need to arrest these bouncers and they should be charged. With what, I'm not sure. at least assault. They could have snapped his neck.


It is CLEAR Greg did not deserve this type of treatment. what did he do to deserve having a door slammed into his persons and whats up with choking this man. Was he a reporter?

There bouncers are cruel jerks!

1518 days ago


They're gonna need to call Dalton in as a consultant. He'll put the bouncers in line, "Be Nice"

1518 days ago


It did not at all seem necessary and their might be cause for action.
At least he did not drop him after he did it and put his head down easy.
If not, the man would have probably been taken to the ER with perhaps a concussion getting a nasty cut on his head stapled shut.
Kids see that on UFC and do it on to other kid which is very dangerous and then they let their heads drop to the ground.

It might take a class action law suit for UFC to quit using it.
I can only imagine how many heads have bounced off the pavement causing serious injury since their sport and video game got popular.

1518 days ago
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