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Lady Gaga -- Bikini Fights and Makeout Sessions

7/28/2010 7:00 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Lady Gaga took time out from touring to suck face with her boyfriend Luc Carl, tan her porcelain skin and even indulge in a game of chicken fights while at a hotel pool in Texas on Monday.

Underneath all the hair dye, makeup, vinyl, leather, hoods, capes and masks, Gags is just another tatted up, bikini babe looking for a fun time.


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You people are just jealous of her. She is beautiful and you know it<3

1513 days ago


Wow, some harsh comments. I went to the Monsters Ball Last night in Denver Colorado, one of the best shows I have ever seen. Her voice was great, she played the pianno and sang solos. She looked great. The entertainer stunned Denver colorado for nearly 3 hours. No angry patrons, no fights, just a fantastic show. Take a look at her current world tour, not too many artists could handle a tour like that. The stage show was killer, and the fire coming out of her piano was unbelievable. Before you diss someone, understand who they are.. some cool CHICK, who does not give a care what the dweeby haters think...She is laughing at you all the way to the BANK,,Ga Ga Rocks!

1513 days ago


Somebody cue up the old "Leave Britanny alone!!", cuz we obviously need a new one for the blubbering tranny "Little Monsters" infesting this place. It does occur in an increasingly dumbed-down culture that crap gains cred from dolts, particularly the young ones, and the perpetrators of said crap get rich off the dolts, but it is quite possible to remain crap in spite of ac***ulated wealth and silly idolatry. Fools and their money are soon parted. A consolation "Good on ya" for that, Ms.(Mr.?) GaGa.

On the other hand, please remember to keep the bag on your foul head when out in public dear, lest you are in cahoots with local opthalmologists fixing the damaged retinas of unsuspecting passers-by. Mine eyes doth burn.

1512 days ago


I think they look cute together! :3
Good to see that she takes some time for herself to just have fun.

1512 days ago


you people are such ****in ***s the only reason you make fun of Lady Gaga, the most beautiful girl in the world, is because you know people will call you a friekif you compliment her she is ****in amazing no matter what you haters say

and long hair on guys is HOT

1510 days ago


Everyone needs to shut the **** up. She looks beautiful.

1508 days ago


Shes the tranny that sat in the back of the classroom...hehe. Oh come now we love her cause shes so tragic.

1508 days ago


Oh, we're sorry, we forgot to entertain the indentured with "Lady GaGa is the most beautiful girl in the world". That you may recover from your current ailment is our fondest wish.

1507 days ago


lol ftw you ***king gaga haters ... i don't think you are great beauties .. lady gaga is a natural woman in terms of body not like other celebrities ... so shut the f**k up .... and i hate all that paparazzi ... in future they will take a foto with gaga in which gaga makes sex with her boyfriend ... F**K you GAGA haters...

1477 days ago


Seriously people, get a life.
Gaga is out having a good time and she is a real woman.
You people are so disrepectful.
If you don't have something nice to say that don't say it at all.

1451 days ago


you guys are such mean people! Lady GaGa is beautiful in her own way so stop calling her ugly. and by the way people emphasis on the HER! She is a woman! you can not hid a penis in what she wears. duh.

1434 days ago


haha that's perfect monster paw she's raising!

1344 days ago

Devin Saurusrex.    

Well, I am from Grand Island Nebraska and I am proud that someone from Nebraska can get a life. I think it's cute that they are together and having a fun time. She seems you guy want to ruin that? Yeah, didn't think so.

Anything add me on facebook.

1275 days ago
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