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Jackson House -- Katherine's Little Fixer-Upper

7/29/2010 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained never-before-seen photos of the Jackson house in Encino, CA where Katherine Jackson and her grandchildren live -- and according to our sources, it was personally decorated by Mama Jackson herself.

Katherine definitely has a flair for pretty things -- but we can't help but raise our eyebrows at that creepy toy display case.

Thanks to Michael Jackson's Secret Vault for the pics.


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the pics of this house are the same ones that are on the chris tuckers house story wots goin on look at the pics and see wot im sayin

1461 days ago

deborah mcdermott    

why does tmz always have to add bad comments about the jacksons, they make it sound like they are the weirdest family, so what, there are alot of families out there who do not fit the norm does mean they are bad people. i find that ms. katherine is a fine decorator the house is beautiful and most people collect things that they fancy, what the heck is wrong with it. you go ms. katherine fight the haters.

1461 days ago


Soooooooo like TMZ. Give Kath 'credit' for doing her OWN decorating then slam her for 'that creepy toy display case'. GO STRAIGHT TO HELL TMZ!! LOL! Seriously though, LOTS of particularly elderly women have a 'knick knack corner'. The place where they choose to place dolls, figurines, & such. I don't have one myself.......YET but it probably won't be long as I'm 46 myself-hehe. The elderly like to look at these things because they usually hold very fond memories from years past, we all understand that(if we have any 'heart' that is). Would have been nice if we'd gotten a photo WITHOUT all the damn glare on it so we could admire it for ourselves. Great job photogs! I think it's very 'sweet' & it definitely says something that this woman 'decorated it herself'! It either says MJ wouldn't 'foot the bill' for it or it says that Kath has her OWN taste & style & wanted to make her home PERSONAL.I will choose to believe the 2nd as I think Kath IS the sort of woman who would find an interior decorator 'intrusive' & extremely 'impersonal'.

I LOVE what MJ did with Hayvenhurst when HE redesigned portions of the house after the money from 'Off the Wall' began rolling in. The way he made it into a little 'mini Neverland'. It was merely a glimpse of things to come & what he would eventually incorporate into his Neverland-to-come! I've heard that he did a mini-version of the Disney attraction 'Pirates of the Carribean' there at Hayvenhurst. I would have loved to have seen that! P.O.T.C. was ALWAYS MY FAVORITE ATTRACTION at Disney! What about you guys?! I suppose that is one of the biggest things that has always endeared me to Michael Jackson; he was simply a 'child at heart' like myself:) I've always had such a YOUNG 'mindset'. I 'think, dress, & live'...YOUNG; but sometimes when I choose my cloths I must remind myself that I AM, afterall, 46. My daughter tells me that as long as I've got a woman has the body to pull it off that I should 'Go for it'! I try to be 'reasonable' though cause there is NOTHING WORSE than an 'old lady' who LOOKS old but hasn't yet realized that her mind hasn't actually caught up to the way her body REALLY LOOKS. Eeeeek! It's a 'FINE LINE' gals isn't it?!! Sometimes I really cringe when I look at TMZ's photo section called 'Member them'?? Those photos of people who were most popular in the 80's frightens me sometimes. Those were 'MY' years! How can they look so 'old'?? If 'they're' old then I must ask myself 'well then what about ME'? lol. I can't afford all that plastic surgery either so I guess it's just up to 'me & Oil of Olay'! Saw that pic of 'old Rose' from Titannic on here the other day & I think I would really 'like' that woman! I hope I can live out my years with the grace & beauty that this woman has. Anybody know if SHE has had any plastic surgery? I'm not really too good at recognizing it unless it's grossly obvious. She certainly doesn't look like she has unless it's a bit of a 'nip/tuck' around the eyes. You can certainly tell she thinks 'young' as well. She just RADIATES from the inside:) :)

So yeah, BITE ME TMZ! Leave Kath & her little 'knick knacks' ALONE! Perhaps you buttholes might 'get it' when YOU ALL get 'old'. Harvey you should understand this by now:)

1461 days ago


Luv you MJ!

1461 days ago


Gorgeous, I was a member of a club that got to see the home and
meet the Jacksons and tour the recording studio in July 1972.
Later on some of us had dinner with Michael and his brothers!

1461 days ago


I wonder if they employ white slaves or black slaves or mexican slaves to keep that house so clean...

1461 days ago


i love the photo with the ocean in the background. the house is located in the valley and theres no ocean nearby. i live close to their house.

1461 days ago



1461 days ago


i love the photo with the ocean in the background. the house is located in the valley and theres no ocean nearby. i live close to their house.

Posted at 6:28 AM on Jul 29, 2010 by scooter

No but there IS an 'ocean' in Florida. Your looking at Chris Tuckers house located in Florida. Those are the photos FOLLOWING the ones of Hayvenhurst.

1461 days ago


Who are behind this Michael Jackson secret vault? Anyone who knows? It doesn't say anywhere at the page, as far as I can see.

It looks purely commercial and to be honest, as someone who misses Michael Jackson deeply, it makes me sick. I don't want to see one more thing connected to him sold. I had enough.

1461 days ago


his mother will sell every scrap of his she can lay her hands on..its all about money with that witch

1461 days ago


Oh, stop the silly cheap bashing of Katherine Jackson. She lost her son. Regardless of everything else, she lost her son.

If the Jacksons just wanted to start a community for fans and share some memories and private photos and have a forum, fine with me. But that merchandise stuff - it breaks my heart. I hate it, but I'm not going to stoop to the schoolyard bullying going on here. You who do, go to the mirror and say those nasty little lines to yourself. You deserve to hear them. You're really small people.

1461 days ago


Oh, of course. Joseph!

1461 days ago


I realize that it would make the dining set look 'odd' but seems there should STILL be a chair there for Michael. I'm a sentimental 'old lady' & I'd have one tucked over in the corner next to that china cabinet.

Can't remember where I heard or read it but MJ once took his mom shopping for a new house & she could never find another that she liked as well as the Hayvenhurst house. I bet particularly now, that house must just have memories everywhere Katherine looks. She must see Michael EVERYWHERE:)

1461 days ago


I really like that metal cart on wheels in the formal dinning room! LOL I guess you have to sit your house plants somewhere.

1461 days ago
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