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Mischa Barton's Dress Gets Busted

7/29/2010 7:00 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

With a facial expression appearing like she saw a reflection in the mirror of what she was wearing, former actress Mischa Barton exited a London pub on Wednesday ... in some sorta apron/wrap bikini top cut-out dress thing.


Where are those high-waisted yellow banana pants when you need them?


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The dress is from an extremely popular collection by MiuMiu. You people complaining about her dress sense are probably fat slobs sitting around in your stained sweatpants. You wouldn't know fashion or creativity if it bit you on your huge ass.

1515 days ago

Jo Ann    

There's something wrong with this woman!

1515 days ago


Does anyone else see this girl is self-destructing right before our eyes?

1515 days ago


Looks like Holly Hobby after a bear attack.

1514 days ago


The dress is actually very fashionable. Her hair and make up are not good which disrupts the look entirely. She needs the yellow out of her hair and need to lose the hooker red lips. She is a pretty girl, just needs a good stylist.

1514 days ago

Peter Sc    

Remember when you wash your clothes and start the centrifuge process that the machine can rip your clothes apart.

She simply forgot to read the manual. I have only one thing to say: RYMF (Read your manual first).

1514 days ago

Get back to work!    

TMZ, why are you removing comments other than SPAM?

Don't have a comments section if you don't want to hear them.

1514 days ago


is it me, or does she look like bette davis in hush hush sweet charlotte??

1514 days ago



1514 days ago


ok .. more disturbing than thatdress is her hair color... is orange? ... Well, at least I admire her for having "personality" and wear what she likes...
I dont know if her clothes are going to improve but I hope her career does :)

1514 days ago

frank drebin    

i like mischa. she may be a drunk nutjob but she's not a bitch or whore

1514 days ago

MS MS    

Mischa is a very beautiful young woman. She just needs someone to help her choose clothing that is flattering to her beauty.

Some people do not know what colors and styles look good on them. She needs a good friend to go shopping with her.

1513 days ago


it's miu miu, and it's not that bad...she just looks crazy

1512 days ago


If you had 20 different paps clicking at you persistently all day from every angle, eventually you'd pull a WTF face, it's just a coincidence she's a total crackwhore. In fact her main ambition is to be on the cover of Crackwhore Magazine.

It's so strange that this whatever this article is, it actually seems to be in favour of her or pro-Mischa, the caption doesn't focus on her ****ed up face or stupid as hell dress and just writes "Funky Fashion". But look at the huge picture they show of her messy shocked expression, TWICE, and the normal picture of her looking healthy and hot as hell is un-noticeable and about the size of a stamp. What the **** is that about?

Anyway, I'd rather see pictures of her WTF face then her deteriorating face, she looks a bit healthier then she used to and that's more important. Not that I give a **** about her health it's just the sight of her used to put me off food, never could figure out if she was a subconscious advert for anorexia or just purely ****ing sickening.

1512 days ago


I would not have recognized her. She look 50 years old. What an awful photo. She had let her vices take her down a long, dead end road.

1508 days ago
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