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Chelsea Clinton's Parting Gifts -- A Little Too Baggy

8/1/2010 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chelsea Clinton's wedding guests were left holding the bag at her wedding yesterday -- but at least it was filled with all sorts of cute little goodies.


TMZ has learned Chelsea and the groom sprang for awesome gift bags for their guests -- filled to the brim with things like fancy wine, cookies, peaches, and pretzels.

Problem is you have to be there to get one -- sorry, Obama.


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I do not think that President Obama should have been invited to Chelsea's big beautiful day. Having had one myself and knowing all the tension, turmoil, and tears it caused her family when her mother lost the race to Barack. Her family should not have to endure the obvious loss of attention his attendance would surely cause them. That being said whoever thinks it is a slam in any way needs to experience making a guest list....otherwise on your best day you will never equal the character, education, and strength of your President of the United States. Okay?

1512 days ago


Gift bags at weddings are so low-rent. The bride's gift is the RECEPTION. When this stupid trend actually started, I do not know, but it has gotten so out of hand, it's ridiculous. It's promoted by companies THAT SELL THE ITEMS, and by wedding planners with very little sophistication. Also, all those wedding magazines make up crap, just as page filler. Proper etiquette for weddings: Do not bring gifts to the wedding. Do not cheer when the husband and wife are announced. Stop hitting your @%*# glasses with spoons, expecting the newly married couple to kiss at your whim. Do not take flash pictures, or ANY picture, during the wedding - tacky, and can ruin the PAID PHOTOGRAPHER'S shot. Do not bring children to an expensive wedding, especially when TOLD NOT TO DO SO. Etc. I'm an event organizer, and I cannot believe what have become the recent trends at weddings - trends that are mistakenly thought to be "requirements."

1512 days ago


Ripshin... get over it.

1512 days ago

Whip It    

Old school etiquette..People with whom you work with are invited especially your boss regardless if you favor them are not. These days, the rule of thumb at any wedding -- no matter how high-profile -- is that the bride and groom, not their parents have final say on the guest list.
Regardless, Classless.
BTW excuses, excuses why they didn't have Obama there? Secret service, realize they would have to be present anyway. Presidents have attended wedding's in the past. Sitting President George H.W. Bush also attended the wedding of two White House staffers in 1990. Also when a certain English family member was married the then American President's wife was invited and attended the wedding. Back in day they considered this a part of politics, regardless.
So why didn't they invite Michelle and the girls, what excuse??...Come on all girl's love weddings. :)
et cetera..etcetera!

Other Country's most be laughing at our U.S.A. President, that he doesn't even have enough power to make it on a mere wedding invite! Us as American's understand he could very well have ball busted them, and demanded an invite for appearances sake for the sake of "Politics"
Pres. Obama is a gracious man, Cheer's! =)

p.s. Love the parting gifts, yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
whip it

1512 days ago

Whip It    

Stop hitting your @%*# glasses with spoons, expecting the newly married couple to kiss at your whim. Do not take flash pictures, or ANY picture, during the wedding - tacky, and can ruin the PAID PHOTOGRAPHER'S shot.

LOLZ next they'll come up with it's not etiquette to smile at your own wedding. The funny thing is the sheep that follow the herd will abide....Also sign waiver's, wait that does happen now. ROFL.
GeeZ. Okay everyone is a Vanderbilt and highbrow, so one must just show how classy and sophisticated one is a prince and princess, not. C'mon we live in a society that by making a Poronography Video will make you a Star, it's the generation of facebook were people disgrace themselves for 15 min of fame, but suddenly when it comes to a Wedding they are the Princess Bride. aha ha
~whip it

1512 days ago


The basket should have included junk derivatives from Wall Street and a photo of the groom's father convicted of fraud.

1512 days ago


Wonder if the bags included Bill's favorite cigar.

1512 days ago


I don't know why Obama should have been invited. It is her wedding, and everything would have been much crazier if he had gone. There is no reason for Chelsea to invite him if she doesn't want to. Anyway, like one person mentioned, her mother lost the presidential race to him.

1511 days ago

Debra The "See" is a brochure about the Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site, which is in the area.

1511 days ago


What cheap,crappy gifts. Thanks all.

1510 days ago

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