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Oksana: Mel Is 'Trivializing Domestic Violence'

7/30/2010 2:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva took the opportunity to rip on Mel Gibson again today -- saying his people are "trivializing domestic violence" -- and in doing so, she lost her new PR rep.

As TMZ first reported, famous crisis PR rep Howard Bragman quit working for Oksana even before he signed on officially ... in part because of this interview.

Oksana told photogs she felt she was being "victimized all over again" because of her war of words with Team Gibson.

Now she has one less lieutenant.


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Anyone want to explain why its okay for an older rich man to get involved with a woman for her beauty,but its not okay for a beautiful woman to get involved with a rich man for his money?

So why is Mel acting so shocked when he knows this too?

I mean let's just keep it real. Neither of them would be with each other if they weren't trading money for looks and looks for money. Isn't that right Mel? ( yawn )

1515 days ago


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, ROTFLMAOOOOOO, no dumbass, you lost the new PR guy because no abuse took place and he jumped ship before you take him down with you and all the lies u spewing.

1515 days ago


Mel, next time, just get a Filipina mail order bride chick, dawg. Much nicer and way more demure......

1515 days ago

Yep I said that    

It would be a good idea if you just plain and simply shut YOUR damn mouth! Every day its some new "evidence" you found under the bed you are your own worst enemy

1515 days ago

dwaynes chris    

i think shes just a ****en moron

1515 days ago


I have been intrigue by suad leija the young Mexican girl and her crime family that operates the largest illegal do***ent center in 53, cities, I see she is federal witness against them. Go to and . I would like to see a piece on her in youR neWS.. and more pictures please..i am sure alot of people will agree with me that this is a very interesting cool story and or her double U.S.agent husband and his operations in other countries...i know they live in Atlanta Ga. and her father was recently extradited to the U.S.A and is now awaiting trials in Chicago.....please if you guys know more of her let me know....thank you.

1515 days ago


Hey mspapsmear, what the **** are you talking about? This is about some gold-digging attention whore, who was trying to extort money. Extortion is illegal regardless of gender. Sounds like you have some issues that need to be worked out

1515 days ago


He quit because he knows she will lose. Loose lip sink ship... and he's bailing before this ship sink.

1515 days ago



She has taken lying to new heights.


Deport this crunt back to Ruskie-land.



1515 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

I actually went from hating this this woman to kind of feeling sorry for her. It's getting a little desperate and pathetic... Every time one of her accusations gets shot down because there's either no evidence or she can't find a medical professional willing to lose their license over lying for her, she comes out with something new.

Now she's saying people are "trivializing domestic violence"? That is seriously plain reaching now. She's got nothing left, no money, no PR, no man, soon she's going to have no family or friends because NO ONE is going to want to get involved with her.

But I guess (as history has shown us), if you lie about or embellish any part of a truth, and it's proven false... if it's in public, no one wants to go down like that, so they will dig up EVERY piece of s***my evidence they can. The only problem is, in the end they lose it all.

1515 days ago

goodbar trivializes domestic violence. pretty funny too.

1515 days ago


Oksana is the classic woman scorned, hell bent on revenge to her own detriment. She now blames her mother for all her problems. Go figure. If you screw up blame it on a bad childhood or bad advice from Mom. The woman changes her story so many times, twists it and turns it she can't remember what she said. If you are going to lie you need to have a superior memory. Apparently, she doesn't.
Does anyone notice how crooked her front teeth are in this shot? And the botox is wearing off. She has to borrow money for legal fees, and she is about out of time. Dalton only showed up to protect his son and offered no support. He was there for his son during the interviews. He is not getting involved, because he's already been through that grinder and he has no dog in this fight. He divorced her.

1515 days ago


LOL her mouth has got her in trouble again, when will she learn to shut up?? No one is buying her load of crap, and they can't help her if she won't zip it. Go Mel!!

1515 days ago


Why didn't she take the money and get on with her life?

1515 days ago


I... I don't even know what to say anymore... She just doesn't know when to shut up.

1515 days ago
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