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Mel vs. Oksana -- Where Do You Stand?

8/1/2010 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's gut check time -- you've seen and heard some of the evidence ... so how do you feel about the nine critical questions?

Mel Gibson & Oksana


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Mel doesn´t just have some fans, he still have lots of them. We are many that aren´t that stupid to believe this lying Russian woman. Surprised?

1511 days ago


I am not surprised by the results of the poll. The support for Mel has always been stronger than the support for Oksana and the way she handled this matter. She made a poor decision and now she is paying the public price.

The idea that Mel has a team of paid hacks to post on message boards in his favor is absurd. He doesn't need them. I am sure both Mel and Oksana have a smattering of support/posts from their respective PR teams but overall it is just regular folks sitting in their offices or wherever, offering up an opinion.

It is extremely difficult to defend Oksana given all of the facts. Although she has very little support there seems to be a commonality amoung those who do support her. They have a victim mentality and are offended by racists remarks or misogynistic remarks and care far too much abuot Mel Gibson's opinion. Or,they are victims of abuse themselves.

We've heard the tapes and whether they were altered or not they are ugly. However, it is important to note that all of this taping and recording was done in one day, one incident, not a pattern. Mel may have strong opinions and may have his demons--so welcome to the real world.

The one poll in which people do seem to want to take Mel to task is on the issue of abuse. That tells me that people, even if siding with Mel based on evidence, still think it is important that he be held accountable for his actions. They want the authorities to investigate and decide whether or not to prosecute him based on evidence. So far there has been no credible evidence of physical abuse presented but if it exists it will be important.

The poll results play out exactly as they should. For people saying TMZ is supportive of Mel, think again. Look at other media outlets like ROL who are 100 percent behind Oksana. I don't hear them complaining about that. They want every story to be anti Mel to fit their personal agenda so anything that doesn't completely smear him is seen as too soft on him.

For people like me who can easily see that Oksana is not the victim in this saga, TMZ does not seem biased toward Mel at all.

1511 days ago


Where's the button for I DON'T CARE and IT'S THE JUDGE'S PROBLEM? I am sick to death of hearing about these two.

1511 days ago


@ Michael

Posted at 3:57 AM on Jul 31, 2010 by Michael

Michael, good job on summing up the facts, hitting the highlights and doing so with precision!

1511 days ago


SandraD I totally agree.

I absolutely agree that Mel should not be excused for his racist rants. However, Oksana is totally ignoring the Judges request by holding court daily in the media.

It's all moot point in the end...

If the recordings are edited [and I believe they are] and if Mel's team has proof that she texted and emailed him about the money before the mediation [and I believe they do] not only will Oksana miss out on a really big payday, she is staring hard time in the face.

1511 days ago


Chris Brown is crucified and ostracized for smacking Rihanna...OJ is found not guilty and then hunted down for payback for the rest of his idiotic days as enemy #1...but Mel Gibson, who drunkenly (drunk driving) disparages all Jews, punches the teeth out of Oksana girlfriend for smiling at the gardener AFTER THEIR PLACENTA/TREE CEREMONY for their infant daughter, no less, and then torments her during a series of calls that bear witness to what sounds like a psychotic break full of threats of violence and murder, racism, and outright maniacal rage, is getting the sympathy vote because he's the poor rich white man, former A-list star, and she's a considerably less wealthy, questionably successful singer-turned-baby-mama?!? Come on, does her alleged gold-digging really give psycho Meltdown Mel a pass here, people?!?

1511 days ago


I just love the way when we as the public have taken some time to look at all of the situation and not jump in w/ the lynch mob, people accuse US of being paid! LMAO....

I got fed up with the BLATANT crucifixion, no pun intended, of every single show to the point it made me angry and honestly unnerved, does this mean ANY psycho can make ANY accusations and IT'S TREATED AS FACT before anything reaches a court of law????? I'm flabbergasted at the level of vitriol and foaming at the mouth the media has had on gibson.....I find it personally morally and ethically appalling to rush to condemnation before all the facts have been unbiasedly and honestly evaluated.

I don't condone a rage, but I have seen nothing to prove to me that this man is guilty of anything besides ignorant language and a run off temper which he needs to address.

I find it very George Orwellian that someone can attempt to annihilate a person like this and we haven't seen any proof, on the contrary, her behavior has been the antithesis of a genuine
victim and mother concerned for the welfare of her children....I hope the truth is found and the harm minimized to all the innocent people who have suffered through this.

BTW, I am a 46 yr old woman, feminist, survivor of abuse,in a happy long-term relationship w/ a great man, who has self-supported and put myself through graduate school since 16, and I've overcome chronic illness and homelessness, so I'm not a PR plant, and I have a logical and rational mind and can deduce for myself what seems to be the situation here, time will tell.

1511 days ago


@ lee

Posted at 4:34 AM on Jul 31, 2010 by lee

Go Lee! Tell it! That was awesome! Bravo! Woot ! Hoorah! Etc!


P.S. High five on that one - you knocked it out of the park!

1511 days ago


Just do this....

Google Oksana's history, her track record. Read it for yourself and decide. Oksana has manipulated every man, every relationship she's ever been in since she was 19.

Did you know she's already talking with the people at Dancing with the Stars? It reminds me of a certain young lady accusing Sir Paul McCartney of abuse and neglect a few years ago.

Say what you want about Mel, he has not made one comment about this case or Oksana since day one [as per the same Judges order that Oksana ignores on a daily basis].

1511 days ago


Just the facts

Gee, thanks buddy, I just try to keep up with all of you wonderful posters who also post from the heart and speak with integrity...

1511 days ago


For those of you who think Mel's not speaking or commenting is to his credit, are you insane? His lawyers told hit not to say a word because in the court of REAL public opinion, there's no way he can excuse or defend what he's done--so all they can hope for is that she will make herself look bad, or that she'll be successfully discredited. "Taking the fifth" has traditionally been the refuge of the guilty and deceptive, while sharing ones' opinions, thoughts and ideas, however ill-advised or ineloquent, has traditionally been the forte' of people who are desperate for their truth to be heard. btw, I can't help but point out if this was someone of the wrong color like that dumbazz Kanye West instead of Mel Gibson, there'd be a public outcry, and he'd have been jailed by now!

1511 days ago


One final comment...

Oksana's last actual "job" was as a caretaker in England, back in 1992. That lasted about a month. Since then she has lived off the kindness of an assortment of revolving gentlemen.

1511 days ago


I just want to add, that I was a huge fan of Mel's prior to this. I gave him the benefit of the doubt on the drunken, Jew-rant because he was admirable in so many other ways, and people tend to say stupid things when they're drunk and angry, so most people are guilty of that at one time or another. However William Wallace really let me down with the domestic abuse and hateful racist rants that confirm a pattern of thought and behavior I can't overlook. I think he's genuinely ill and in need of medication and intensive psychotherapy...but that doesn't excuse abuse, I don't care how gold-digging or superficial the woman may or may not be.

1511 days ago


I really don't know what I firmly believe about what happened between them and it's really none of my business. With that said, she OBVIOUSLY tampered with/made those tapes. Mel obviously said those things but I think she MADE THE TAPES AND TOOK THINGS HE SAID AND USED THEM OUT OF THE ORIGINAL CONTEXT. He could have said, "You deserved it." and been talking about a gift he gave her way back when. I know he said horrible things.. but we will never know the TRUE CONTEXT of it. She needs to go to jail.. I think she is a movie star chaser that wants to have babies by rich movie stars. Her son was getting older and child support will end soon... she needed a new baby to make sure she recvd LOTS OF CHILD SUPPORT. She's a money hunger Beeeotch.

1511 days ago


If this gold-digging gig doesn't work out for Oksana she can always sell used cars.

1511 days ago
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