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Mel vs. Oksana -- Where Do You Stand?

8/1/2010 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's gut check time -- you've seen and heard some of the evidence ... so how do you feel about the nine critical questions?

Mel Gibson & Oksana


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Teresa Robinson    

My views on the whole issue are divided. First, it's obvious that Ox is an opportunist. If physical abuse had occurred then all she had to do is call 911 and the authorities would have taken care of the issues right then. It's obvious that the tapes have been altered, no to say that Mel didn't lose control and rant at her, but we all say dumb things in a temper. Second, yes Mel does need anger control therapy. It's obvious from how upset he is on the tape that he needs some help in taking a "time out" before expressing his anger. Mel "put your brain in gear" before opening your mouth. Third, any decent mother who felt her child or children were in danger would put them first, I wonder just what kind of mother Ox will prove to be. Fourth, I do fault Mel for getting involved with her in the first place. Mel you were a married man. That means no "hanky panky." Please note that his ex-wife, Robyn, and none of his other children have ever accused him of physical abuse. I sure he probably yelled alot (that's obvious) and probably said some really dumb and hurtful things (again his history makes that obvious) but no reports of harm. And finally, I think that the whole issue being held against him as a actor is ridiculous. I have watched many of his films, some I liked others I didn't. Big deal, I go to see a move, or I rent a movie because of the film; not necessarily the actor. I liked the Lethal Weapons movies, I didn't like Hamlet. I liked the movie about Christ, I didn't like the Mad Max movies. It wasn't just Mel, there are a whole array of actors and actresses in the films. People grow up, there have always been bad boys in Hollywood, Mel get a grip and get some real help with that mouth, Judge throw the book at Ox and make it harder for her to entice some "dumb man" only thinking with what's between his legs instead of what's between his ears.

1544 days ago


You needed to add a couple of more categories:

Do you really care about either of these two people? Yes or no. NO
Sick of hearing about these two? Yes or no. Yes

1544 days ago


It is strange how someone like Polansky got the support from many of his Hollywood mates when one know he committed rape many years ago with a minor .Now he is even walking around free in Europe. However,one condemms Mel for being a racist when in actuality it is known that so many are deep down thinking it or saying it behind closed doors. Such names as Nazi, white trash,***....mother...f are constantly used. Just watch a few movies and question yourself who are behind the production and count how many times the word F comes up, one cannot be surprised why people imitate and think it is cool !!!So much for control anger... Oksana (?) released tapes which indicate racist rants and fowl language and domestic violence (?),well this should not surprise the American people. No doubt revenge plays a role as well as power play .Did she not say "Boy, one day you will really get it..."
Marln Brando also was branded and boycotted when he said what he thought aloud about some of his colleagues in Hollywood, guess there must be some thruth...An strange...Tiger Woods seems to be less interesting now that the juicy part is known and he is still playing golf, Boris Becker had his scandals and is still around,Clinton also and is still well liked by many and makes headlines, Larry King is still doing his show... . So what is the big deal, Mel will land back on his feet because he is a SURVIVOR!!

1544 days ago


Commenter 1.

Do you really think wife #1 is just sitting around waiting for his sorry ass to come back to her? She has made it clear she wants nothing to do with him romantically any more and is in a serious relationship with someone else who actually treats her well. Mel blew it with her and she has rightfully moved on. I agree that Oksana is bad news, but that doesn't excuse Mel's bad behavior. It's not like this is the first time he's gone off the rails and been a complete ass. He's in this situation because he was thinking with his ****. Sadly, there are consequences for that (and for his out of control temper) and he is just feeling those now. He's an idiot, not a victim. Hopefully, he'll learn from all of this and get some badly needed help.

1544 days ago


I was born in europe and it is very well known throughout europe that women from the east european countries are ALWAYS and ONLY search for partners who are wealthy, famous, prestigious and useful to their own enterprises. It's all business for them. Once they have a fish on their hook they get pregnant REALLY quick and not long after it all goes down the drain. They can only LOVE somebody from their own countries.
In Mel's case? It is a total set up done by her. Alone that she recorded the conversations or made videos. You only do that because you attempt to make money with that. What other reason could you have? For memories? Yeah, right!!! I do believe Mel is not an easy man to be with but he is not a monster. And that is what she is trying to make us believe. OKSANA, GO HOME TO RUSSIA AND STOP TO MAKE MONEY IN THE WESTERN WORLD BY EXPLOITING GOOD PEOPLE. YOU MAKE ME SICK AND WHEN I SEE WHAT YOU ARE DOING I AM ASHAMED THAT I AM A WOMAN, TOO. Luckily I am stronger than you and don't need to be a golddigger. I buy my mercedes with MY money!!!!!!!!!!!!

1544 days ago


where to begin....

First, it is not we posters stating the tapes have been altered, there have been multiple forensic experts (from FBI, etc, not the ROL matchbook experts), who have explicitly pointed out NUMEROUS points on the tapes that were showing clear evidence of alterations, gaps, fades, etc...and that she was speaking into a boom mike....

Furthermore, before you wear your'I'm a victim sign', so are many of us, and THAT is precisely why we can see how clearly disingenuous this woman's every action and word has been...
if anything, SHE has done more harm to the legitimacy of true victims being heard and believed due to her actions and irresponsible selfish behaviour.

But don't you worry, I'm very sure the judges will have true experts and I'm sure it will be shown, not to mention her withholding from the judge that there had been a prior agreement/settlement, and that 'someone' broke the judges ruling by LEAKING ALL THIS GARBAGE TO ROL, who I sincerely hope get the living daylight sued out of them!
Have a lovely day...

1544 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Racist Mel needs to go down in flames but he won't because too many people in Hollywood kiss his ass and his fans are utter idiots. Mel needs to be stop being a p*ssy and speak but he is too much of a whimp who knows he will incriminate himself with his big mouth. DOWN WITH RACIST MEL!!!!

1544 days ago


You needed to add a couple of more categories:

Do you really care about either of these two people? Yes or no. NO
Sick of hearing about these two? Yes or no. Yes

Posted at 6:35 AM on Jul 31, 2010 by Kris


You're here, you're reading, you're posting right with the rest of us.

1544 days ago


To the poster equating the Chris Brown/Rhianna situation to the Mel/Oksana situation, a few points:

1) Rhianna called the police immediately after the incident.

Oksana claims she emailed a lawyer about the alledged incident the next day instead of the police (the lawyer denies ever receiving this email).

2) Rhianna gave the police a detailed written declaration of the incident, including her part in starting the verbal argument that escalated into the beating, immediately the same night while it was fresh in her memory.

Oksana waited 5 months to make a court claim that she felt she was "in immediate danger" & request a TRO and termination of Mel's visitation with their daughter. She did this the day after she had denied Mel his scheduled visitation with the baby on Father's Day.

3) Rhianna sought immediate medical attention from an ER & had her injuries photographed the same night. The photos show she was punched hard enough that both lips were swollen, cut & bleeding (yet no tooth damage), her eyes were blackened & swelling, and she had multiple other bruises.

Oksana went to a dentist (and longtime personal friend) the next day to have her chipped cosmetic veneers replaced, telling him Mel had punched her once in the mouth but swearing him to secrecy. He took a picture of her mouth which was not given to the police at the time but was posted on a gossip website months later to prove the extent of her injuries. This picture shows chipped veneers but no cuts, bruises or swelling of her lips. The dentist also first stated (before changing his story 3 times) that the damage was not consistent with a forceful punch but appeared to be from Oksana clamping her jaw too tight.

Oksana then says she saw a pediatrician 2 days after the incident & he diagnosed her with a concussion that left her incapacitated & bedridden for weeks. She also claims she told this doctor Mel had hit her, this time in the temple, but swore him to secrecy. What pediatrician treats a 40 year old woman & violates his legal obligation to report suspected abuse to police? And how could she have been bedridden for weeks when she was photographed with Mel at the Golden Globes, going out to dinner & attending premieres of his new movie in multiple countries during that time?

4) Rhianna cooperated with the police investigation, readily turned over her phone & any other items the police requested for forensic testing & fully complied with the gag order to not discuss the case while it was being investigated.

Oksana only involved the police after Mel sought a contempt of court order against her for violating their existing custody agreement by denying him access to his daughter as scheduled. Her lawyer did not inform the court Mel & Oksana already had a mediated custody & support agreement that they had been following for at least 2 months prior to her TRO request. She has fought against a police request for access to her computer, neglected to tell them about additional alleged incidents of abuse (some in front of witnesses who have yet to come forward) & has repeatedly violated the gag order on the case by releasing secretly (illegally) taped & highly questionable private conversations and making multiple statements to the press.

5) Rhianna dropped out of the spotlight in the time between the incident and Chris Brown's trial to heal. She sought support of her family & friends, and underwent psychological counseling to cope with the shock & trauma of the event.

Oksana has put herself more in the spotlight since making her allegations against Mel than when they were together & she was attending public events with him. New statements, photos & recordings of additional accusations against Mel are being released daily in the tabloid press & she has repeatedly violated the gag order by making public (videotaped) statements calling Mel "a liar" and is "trivializing domestic abuse."

There has been no sign that she has sought counseling for herself or her children, who she claims were either witnesses to Mel's abuse or direct victims of it (her stories keep changing). Instead, she has openly been lawyer shopping for multiple specialities (family law, employment law, intellectual property rights law) & has retained at least 2 PR experts who have subsequently quit because she would not follow their advice and stop talking to the press.

These two cases are more than apples & oranges different - they are apples and sockeye salmon different. They do not equate on any level except for the term "abuse" in the paperwork.

1544 days ago

Miss Tila Chlamydia OMGPOW!     

Interesting poll results. Everyone is equally divided concerning whether Mel ought to be prosecuted or not but only 9% of the pollsters believe that this case is about custody.


1544 days ago

Miss Tila Chlamydia OMGPOW!     

This time Mel is going down. You can't hide those tapes. And his movie, Vikings, just lost star DeCaprio and is a sunk ship thanks to Mel's anger issues. Who's the "sugar tits" now, huh Mel?

Posted at 1:10 AM on Jul 31, 2010 by Phil


Pfffft. Dude, seriously? Apparently you didn't get the memo. It's 2010. We're no longer living in the dark ages of analog. Most everyone has long since upgraded to digital. So, tapes? Tapes? What tapes?

1544 days ago



You know guys, someone said the other day that b/c this site has not been sympathetic to Okskanka that there seems to be a lot more 'new' posters, eh??
but that's THEIR argument, 'bout us on

Um Yes! I would certainly leave my child in the hands of a man who has raised seven children who by all accounts have turned out well, who has been shown by the DSS worker WHOM HE BROUGHT in as an insurance against yet even more allegations by OKSKANKA that he is bonded and that lucia is comfortable and happy and loving with him,

and that has shown ABSOLUTELY NOT ONE SHRED OF PHYSICAL VIOLENCE TOWARDS A WOMAN NOR MUCH LESS HIS INFANT in 54 years....vs a woman who CLEARLY has her child's interests after her own, who 'may' have been shaking the baby as SHE had a fit herself, and who is clearly lying to police, just ask the sheriff about her 'hit' on Harvey Levin, which she SUPPOSEDLY REPORTED TO

YES, I TRUST MEL INFINITELY MORE WITH MY BABY! vs an unscrupulous liar and grifter...

1544 days ago


@ sobeyondcaring - fantastic post!

1544 days ago


I always enjoyed Mel's movies and I was ready to take off his head when this first broke, until.......the recordings were released. Then I knew there was more to this story.

Not only that she kept it up and kept it up until all credibility fell away and it started looking more and more like a setup. I am among musicians so I know what they can do with recordings and video.

This woman is not honorable at all you know.

1544 days ago

Miss Tila Chlamydia OMGPOW!     

Harvey, who paid you to to take that public opinion poll, and how much? Don't be a douche.

Posted at 1:31 AM on Jul 31, 2010 by agold


Says the douche.

1544 days ago
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