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Lindsay's Lawyer -- She Might Get Out Today

8/1/2010 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There is a "possibility" Lindsay Lohan will be getting out of jail today, this according to her attorney Shawn Chapman Holley.

Holley says she has her fingers crossed that today's the day, joking, "No offense to the city of Lynwood ... but I am really tired of coming here."

Also ... be sure to check out Holley's Amy Winehouse impression. Classic.


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West side    

I think I know where she's going it's a converted warehouse with with a view of the HB Power Plant and fantastic ocean breeze just off the Costa Mesa bario.Yes we have one.

1509 days ago

the truth    

she needs to get the hell out of California and go to a NY rehab!!!! California is nothing but a big joke to me! her getting out so soon is a joke! this girl has it made and she doesn't even know it. i know they will put her on suboxone or methadone and they are the hardest pills to get off. I'm trying to stop suboxone and trust me its hell. if they put her on that i hope its not for long because its very addicting! i been on it for 2 yrs and I'm trying so hard to stop it.the withdrawals are horrible.if anyone has been on it they know what I'm talking about. the doctor never told me they were addicting but i been on them to long and i pray to god that i get off of these soon and i cant wait to feel normal again. i wish i never ever took a pill in my life! LL needs to get out of Cali because like i said California is nothing but a joke. NY would be better for her anyways.shes closer to her real home and she needs to remember where she came from . GET HER OUT OF CALIFORNIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1509 days ago


Anyone who has a problem with Lindsay’s sentence versus the actual time she spent in jail should take their problem up with the judge.

Lindsay was sentenced to 90 days, 3 counts of 30 days each. The sentence order was written so that it read as 1 thirty day sentence with multiple counts.

The sheriff’s spokesperson said that female offenders sent to jail for non violent offenses do approximately 25% of their sentence.

So: 25% of 90 days is 27 days 25% of 30 is 7.5 days 14 days is 15% of 90

Paris did 50% of 45 days Alexis Neiers did 17% of her 180 day sentence and that was a felony Michelle Rodriguez did 10% (18 days) of her 180 day sentence for the same offense as Lindsay, Violation of Parole.

My point is that the judge is absolutely in control of the number of days a female prisoner spends in jail unless they violate the good behavior rules. Paris, Alexis, and Michelle were all released with the permission of their judges after the sheriff decided their time in jail. Paris is the only one who did 50% of her sentence and got NO time for overcrowding.

Lindsay is lucky I was not her judge, I would have ordered the sheriff not to release her until she had done 45 days, that’s 50% of the 90 days she got and I probably would have given her the full 180 days and demanded that she serve 90 days.

1509 days ago


Actually it is up to the discretion of whoever is in charge of the jail on much actual time a person spends behind bars.

1509 days ago


@21 Andrew

Your right but the judge can over rule the sheriff and demand that someone not be released. Paris was made to do 23 days because the judge instructed the jailers not to release her for any reason. He put her back in jail when they did.

1509 days ago


@14 because you are problably the one that stole it victorpark.

1509 days ago


Oh well, didnt think little precious would have to stay in jail!!

1509 days ago


Free Lindsay
Hopefully today

1508 days ago


Boo hoo, having Lindsay in jail is just so inconvenient for them. The judge should call the sheriff and tell him to keep her ass in jail...who gives a sh*t if it's inconvenient for them!!!!

1508 days ago

al baby    

I kinda want to do Shawn Chapman Holley in the boo boo

1508 days ago


i have some work that Lindsey can do around my house. I need a maid and errand girl.

1508 days ago


You knew that something was being cooked up with the courts when she acquiesced to going. Having been a therapist in a prison, I know that there are countless inmates with Latin surnames and inner-names who are appalled to watch this travesty of "justice" go down. It appears that the celebrity justice is acceptable to the voters of Los Angleles. It wouldn't fly in Iowa to LA tolerance of get what you pay for justice, trust me.

I initially HAD a lot respect for the judge in this situation for not folding like similar cases I've noted, but I guess she got the 10 minutes of fame she wanted and proved that she has her price as do the rest.

What this told Lindsey is that she IS above the law, and with the right attorney you can get away with murder. Ask OJ-incidentally, Lindsey's attorney would known something about that too since she assisted in defending OJ... If there's a GOD [and there is], a judgment and afterlife, then a lot judges, attorneys are going to be shocked when they find themselves next to the murders and other nefarious folks the protected or turned a blind eye.

1508 days ago

Good riddance!    

So No, No, No for the methhead to rehab? No wonder why Chapman didn't want this idiot for a client, but now she's lying about it! Loser lawyer, loser client, loser Lowhans!

1508 days ago


she's so hot (and funny). Would love to know more about her is she single?


1508 days ago

Flagrante Delicto    

After 2 weeks in jail, I'll bet she has hairy legs and porcupine in her shorts!!

1508 days ago
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