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Police Video Shows NBA Star in High-Speed Race

8/1/2010 9:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Newly released video from a police plane shows NBA Rookie of the Year Tyreke Evans racing in his purple Mercedes at speeds approaching 130mph.

Evans was busted Memorial Day weekend and eventually pled no contest to reckless driving.

The video shows Evans racing in his Mercedes S550 on Interstate 80 in Sacramento. Evans was reportedly racing a friend, who also pled no contest to reckless driving charges.

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I think they should have pulled a gun on Lindsay....this guy
was at least "respectful" and gave the police no trouble.
Good arrest by all.

1508 days ago


These people are truly worthless.

1508 days ago

Fantastic Four    

What a colossal waste of taxpayer dollars.

1 motorcycle cop at $240 per hour (incl salary and benefits) with vehicle.
1 auto cop at $312 per hour with vehicle.
1 helicopter spotter at $140 per hour
1 helicopter pilot at $6200 per hour with aircraft

Total cost of this arrest will be $20,000.


1507 days ago


He's got the nerve to ask for a supervisor? F that. Shoot that illiterate punk baller in the leg, and throw LiLo into general populace to toss some salad - send these b1tch-@$s D-listers a message that they live the life on our dime, not the other way around.

1507 days ago

big vic    


1507 days ago


I had a gun pointed at me when I was young like Mr. Evans for going 15 mph over the speed limit. These cops love the power trip. Not saying what he did was right, but its a young guy who ran into too much money too quick without understanding that with power, "money", comes great responsibility and he was simply just being immature. First, Why did it take 10 minutes for a cop to ever show up? Second, why was that helicopter doing traffic control with no cops on his tail first? These helicopters don't pay for themselves and for a state in absolute shambles they definately aren't in a postion to be going "high tech" catching folks speeding down the road when there is better ways to spend time and money than this. What a joke.

1507 days ago



1507 days ago

Fantastic Four    

Los Angeles wouldn't dream of using this kind of resource dedication to stop even 100 illegal immigrants.

Complete overkill. How much does that helicopter cost an hour to rent? I called Santa Monica aiport and they quoted $8,000 an hour plus gas.

I really feel safer with a multimillionaire b-baller blowing off steam in his Benz being off the streets.

WTH is LA doing with taxpayer's money?!!!

1507 days ago


It wasnt even racing..120? aint that fast..Tyreke get your **** together tho man.. Kings fan for life..Sac lady always!!

1507 days ago


What a joke this is!

Here's a wild idea. Why do we build cars that can go 130 mph?
Then we allow these "street legal" cars to go on public roads?
All of these speeding tickets and highway enforcement are just a way to tax people. It has nothing to do with safety. It's about money and revenue.

Why not just build engines who's rpm range won't allow them to go over 75mph!!!(or whatever the speed limit is)

If you really wanted to stop excessive speeding and all the unnecessary deaths caused by traveling at such high speeds this is what you would do. Simple. In Germany, by law, all cars must have an electronic speed limiter that stops a vehicle from exceeding 130.

1507 days ago


He was driving slow considering the car.
The bigger issue is why that cop pulled his gun. There was no reason, if the driver had been white he wouldn't have done that.

I got pulled for doing 121mph on the 101 North near King City, the cop that pulled me over was a major Red Neck and he didn't pull his piece.

1506 days ago


First of all.....What time of day can u do 120 on the 80 in sac???? It is always a frickin parking lot when i go thru to reno. Second, DUDE...A PURPLE MERCEDES???? Whats your boyfriends name? Third, Your stupid ass coulda killed someone. If u got pulled out at gun point for 120+....They have no idea if you just robbed, murrdered, raped, stole the car or if u r just plain stupid. Which was what it turned out to be. Get over it people...He messed up and got caught.

1506 days ago


Wow...it never fails to surprise me, the second a young black and rich man is involved all the racist, miserable and jealous idiot come out.

Im sure everyone who has commented here with your negative and racist comments about rappers and sports stars really want to just call this young man a "stupid uppity ni&&er".

Doesnt matter how fast he was going,rather it was 15mph over the speed limit or 40mph...Im sure we have all done the same thing at one point or time.

He's a young kid who was having a good time...was he driving a bit reckless? Yes...does that make him a criminal who deserves prison time? Of course not...if he was a Bon Jovi, Brad Pitt or any other white actor or musician Im sure you all you racist *******s wouldnt havent even wasted your time commenting.

And for the record...Hulk Hogan's son was drunk AND speeding...thats why he was really put in jail.

Gotta love America...home of punk a$$ racist who only talk **** over the internet where they can hide like the punks they are.

1506 days ago


How come the passenger has to get cuffed up? And try proving in court that he was doing 130. His lawyer will eat them up for breakfast.

1506 days ago

Ryan Dungey    

What a waste of helicopter fuel. What a scared cop, he had to pull a gun on a guy for speeding.

1505 days ago
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