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Sinatra Jr.'s Son Hospitalized After 'Suicide Attempt'

8/2/2010 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the reclusive 32-year-old son of Frank Sinatra Jr. is currently hospitalized after authorities responded to a 911 call for a possible suicide attempt this afternoon in Downey, CA.

Frank Sinatra Grandson Suicide Attempt
According to law enforcement sources, the patient -- who is also named Frank and is the son of 66-year old Frank Jr. (above) -- had consumed too many pills, but was conscious when authorities arrived on the scene.

A source close to the family tells TMZ it was indeed a "suicide attempt." We're told the younger Sinatra has always shunned the spotlight that's come with the family name.

Sinatra is currently being treated in the ER at Downey Regional Medical Center.


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"According to law enforcement sources, the patient -- who is also named Frank and is the son of 66-year old Frank Jr. (above)"

A. Frank Jr. is pictured, son of the famous Frank.
2. "The patient", "also named Frank", would be the junkie grandson of the famous Frank.
III. Still confused?

1520 days ago


Mokie STFU ragging on Downey CA, you don't have the faintest clue. Downey is actually a town rich with L.A. history going back to the 20s

1520 days ago


P.S.: I would imagine the "Downey" comment is in reference to
Robert "Downey" Jr. ?

1520 days ago


This is my cousin, please respect their family. Frank is just going through the same rough patch as most Americans in this time are. You do not know him, or what he is going through. So for you posting that he is a drug addict or in need of rehab are simply ignorant and need to find something better to do with their lives then to sit back and speak about those in which they do not know.

1520 days ago


On another note to all you ignorant outspoken strangers. I really feel for you. I pray that in your time of need you don't receive the same respect you give.

1520 days ago


To everyone that has forgotten this is an actual human being that is going through so much pain, that he made an attempt at his own life. I would like to remind you, he did not choose his own name, he did not choose to be burdened by the spotlight of his namesake. This is not about his grandfather or his father. This man is going through an extremely tough time in his personal life, and Hollywood cant just allow him to suffer in peace. Not only that he does have a family that loves and cares for him, that are trying to deal with this and lend him support. Your hateful words are not helping in lifting their spirits. Be kind and say a prayer for his family and his recovery, rather than use his hardship as a platform to degrade. Donna and family, I love you all heart thoughts and prayers are with you all!

1520 days ago


Reply to Maggie, thank you for your kind words. They truly mean allot.

1520 days ago


Frank is my Cousin and he is the most nicest person that you would ever want to meet, always has a smile, would never say a harsh word about anyone, the all American guy, Frank is the biggest sweetheart ever, what he could use is prayers, please keep all the nasty comments to yourself, he is a human being and remember he is stll someone little boy, someone's grandson and someone's cousin and we all hurt when he hurts. Please be kind and keep him in your prayers.

1519 days ago


I had the pleasure of meeting frank he is a wonderful caring person. I am a close friend to one of his parents, who has also chosen to stay away and not take advantage of the name. I wish him and his family the best. Frank, I know what you are going through be strong, Time will heal. To all you writing negative comments, what goes around comes around.

1519 days ago


Okay everyone, slow down, put on your glasses, and read the article. It clearly says that he is the son of the 66 year old man in the picture. Now let me say it one more time....he is the son of the man in the picture who is 66 years old.

Just wanted to clear that up. LOL

1519 days ago


To all of you who have read this story and felt that they needed to make a negative comment, have you never had a loved one a family member or friend or even yourself go through a rough patch? The difference is they get to do it privately and unfortunately he doesnt have that choice because if he did he would rather have this not to be in the public eye. He is a great person and he is very sweet and he has never tried to be in the spotlight not even now it was tmzs choice to make this public. This is a difficult time and for anyone in the public eye celebrities or not they are people just like you and me and need your caring thoughts, not your negative comments. I truly pray for all in this situation and for those who need the lord in your hearts. Love you frank

1519 days ago


I love you man. I want you to know I am always here for you. You are a great guy and know that the Lord loves you so much. I slit my wrist when Christy left me four years ago, but the Lord got me through. If you ever want to hear about, just facebook me or call. Even if you dont want it to be churchy, just call and we'll kick it. I love you man. - Sir

1519 days ago

Richard Anderson    

There is no Frank Sinatra Jr.! Francis Albert Sinatra had a son, Franklin Roosevelt Sinatra who has a 32 year old son who apparently attempted suicide.

1519 days ago

Stacy Harris    

I've never read so much ill-informed speculation.

For those interested in the facts: The late Francis Albert Sinatra's son is Francis Wayne Sinatra. (So- technically there are no Franks Sr. or Jr.)

Michael is Francis Wayne's son via a flight attendant. Michael was raised by his mother as his parents never married.

There are rumors of other "love" children and doubtless other claims, but if Michael now goes by Frank it is news to me.

Stacy Harris
Publisher/Executive Editor/Media Critic
Stacy's Music Row Report

1519 days ago

ryan Walsh    

If this man spent his life shunning the spotlight, maybe you shouldnt broadcast his suicide attempt. TMZ should be ashamed of themselves

1519 days ago
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