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Lindsay Lohan Released from Jail

8/2/2010 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has been released from Lynwood Correctional Facility after serving 14 days behind bars.


A spokesman for the L.A. County Sheriff's Department told photogs gathered outside Lynwood that Lindsay was released at about 1:35 AM. She was taken to UCLA Medical Center to begin her rehab treatment.



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1511 days ago


If it had been anyone else, they would have had to serve the full 90 day sentence. I thought the judge was trying to teach her a valuable lesson that you can't do what you want and get away with it but this just sends her that exact message. So she will go to rehab, do what she's told and the day she gets out immediately go to a celebration with alcohol...because the people she'll be with don't give a damn about the recovery. Best of luck to her. She'll need it.

1511 days ago


unfair...She was so snotty and not remorseful at all.Its back to being up at all hours doing coke,and drinking like they're is no tomorrow.

1511 days ago


Why is this bitch not in jail still. This is why stars get awaywith stuff. If me or anyone of you did this we would still be sitting there.

1511 days ago


Maybe this will help her. We'll just have to wait and see.

1511 days ago


the cal justice system is such a joke, what a haven for celebrities!! although i suppose the cal gov. has to spoon feed hollywood or the state would be completely broke. she didn't even serve the full small-fraction of her original sentence! and marsha revel has been described as more strict than most! reminder everyone, it's not like she was just smoking a joint, minding her own biz and got busted, she hijacked an SUV full of strangers and nearly killed all of them on a booze and cocaine fueled high speed chase, but oh ya, i'm sure 14 days has taught this notoriously entitled diva her lesson. go cali justice system, i can see why your citizens take it so seriously, maybe they'd try harder not to end up in prison if they thought they'd be in there more than a few nights, **** i would do a few nights just for ****s and giggles

1511 days ago


The special treatment these people get is sick, she gets out after a "short" time served but a mom who writes a bad check so she can feed her kids or a father who missed 1 day of signing in with a probation officer has to serve their full time regardless if the jail is full or not. I have heard people say to "normal" situations " Well they deserved it" IMO so does this loser.

1511 days ago

Flagrante Delicto    

After two weeks in jail, I'll be she had hairy legs and a porcupine in her shorts!!

1511 days ago


Peter SC: Maybe keeping her away from her family is the best thing for her... But for you to say it's inhumane ? That's a HUGE reach... Thousands of people with similar situations are hauled off to rehab (even against their will) without second thought to letting them spend some "family time", why should she be different ?

1511 days ago


I'm so glad that the paparazzi missed Lindsay being released!

1511 days ago


So basically she will be back on drugs before we know it. She will eventually kill herself of accidentally kill someone else. Its a shame....And thisis the justice system. Letting people like her out in public where she can hurt another human

1511 days ago


For those that continue the whining about her early release, it's not the judge, it's the sheriff's dept that determines the release of a prisoner. Most jails operate on ways to release prisoners early, if possible. They credit time served (good behavior - they earn credits) and take the crime into consideration. Jails are crowded. It's just a sad fact. Until the system is revamped, it will remain the way it is now. It's not just this jail that does this; and it's not just for celebrities.

The last time she went to rehab, she didn't take it seriously and unfortunately, she still says she doesn't have a problem. Hopefully she will change; but, to do so, she will have to remove all the toxic people in her life, starting with the worst of the worst. Her mother.

I'm a parent, that's hard to say. I just remember when she was so vibrant and healthy looking. She made cute movies and my children enjoyed them. She fell into all the trappings of celebrity and lost all control. If she is, in fact, bipolar, that makes it that much harder.

Instead of tearing her down, consider what she has on her plate. If she opens her eyes, this time, she needs to cut out a lot of people - family included, and really commit to the correct meds and continuing help. "Normal" people struggle with that, much less someone that is always being offered temptations.

I'm not a fan. I'm just someone that sees this as a sad statement of how people turn on each other so easily, and hope for failure.

1511 days ago


Her sister Ali tweeted

On Monday 2nd August 2010, @thealilohan said:

Yes it is true, Linds is out of Jail. No one can describe how Happy i am at this moment right now. Thank you all so so so much for all your supportive tweets through this time. I'm so greatful to have such amazing fans like you all, you guys are the reason why I got through this. I love you all and look forward to getting to know each and ever single one of you through the Twitterverse. Love you guys, AL. xoxo.

1511 days ago


I am inclined to believe that she has a borderline personality disorder rather than being bi-polar disease.

1511 days ago


I'm getting really sick of hearing all the whining about how she is getting special treatment. If your angry don't blame her it isn't her fault!
If The cops Arrested you for the same charge, yes you would have spent alot more time behind bars. That's because the cops wouldn't be so star struck that they decide to play with the evidence and make it inadmissible in court. That is not her fault.. she didn't tell those fools to play with her stuff... I mean that would give anyone the willies.
If you ont he other hand were on probation and you resheduled your rehab it would be no big deal however because the judge and the state would take your word! They wouldn't be following you around 24/7 with a video camera to prove your whereabouts. You could call the judge all the names you wanted, whine and moan and groan and nobody would care!
If you messed up one of of all of your probation requirements and your probation officer recommends you stay out of jail... You would stay out of jail. Your not a celebrity. Nobody makes a name off your hearing so they don't care what you do!
Lastly If the judge wanted to sentence you to rehab for something they would have to prove you were addicted to some sort of stimulant other than you legally obtained prescrition drugs. Oh and you would have to be treated for your mental problems by psychiatric proffessionals not a rehab facility!

1511 days ago
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