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Young Buck's Home

Raided by

Shotgun-Toting Feds

8/3/2010 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Young Buck's Tennessee home was just ransacked by several armed federal agents ... TMZ has learned -- and it was all over $300,000 in allegedly unpaid taxes.

According to Young's rep, IRS agents rolled up to the platinum-selling rapper's house in Nashville this morning to go on a repossession rampage over the alleged tax debt -- seizing assets like recording equipment, jewelry, furniture, his platinum wall plaques ... and even his kids' PlayStation.

The rep tells us, the feds in question were packing heat -- in the form of a shotgun -- and warned Buck not to interfere with the raid.

As for how he fell so far behind in debt, the former G-Unit member tells us, "This IRS situation came about because I trusted accountants, lawyers, and managers to handle my business for me while I focused on making music. From now on, I am going to stay on top of my own business."


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i bet 50 wish he had kept young buck on his label cause he was the only one selling records lol

1539 days ago



1539 days ago

Young gozy    

Young Buck you ain't gotta loss focus because of this problem of IRS issue. Just keep doing ya thang i personally is fully behind ya ma *****. I luv ya and i will always do man

But it hurts when it has to do with a matter like this but is all splendid dawg

1539 days ago


The only part of that IRS that carries guns is Criminal Investigation and their OIG. They were more than likely providing protection for the non gun carry IRS people. The non gun carry IRS folks are the ones who come in and take your stuff for back taxes.


1538 days ago

My New Name    

Actually, his home is not in Nashville. It is in Gallatin, Tennessee about 30 miles north of Nashville. However, it is completely a different city - not a suburb.

1538 days ago


the IRS ids part of the federal goverment collecting money to run the country they can do what ever they want to your bank account, stocks, paychecks, your home and all of your property.they can throw you to the curb with zero dollars in your pockets and none of your property they don't care if you have kids or no place to go. he probably never responded to mail or visits from the IRS .

1538 days ago


It's outrageous that armed IRS agents can seize your property by force. Forget that it happened to a supposed celebrity. Think of it this way, if the IRS does that to someone who can afford to defend himself, how much worse would be for someone LIKE YOU?

1538 days ago


not to all u buck haters: i guarantee not a single one of u have ever counted much less seen 300k so get off my homeboys nuts cause u dont know **** bout da situation

Posted at 9:00 PM on Aug 3, 2010 by titantown615

^ What a stupid f'ng comment. Typical! Face it...he is a low-life THUG and a criminal! Who cares if none of us have seen $300K. Have you? Idiot.

1538 days ago


this goes to u pete or peter or **** is more like it. yea ive seen and counted it a few times hater but thats not my point. my point is ur probly a corny white guy who has no idea who this guy is yet u wanna put ur 2cents in. u should b commenting on sumthin more up ur alley like books n computers u nerd

1538 days ago


You should all try to be more informed about your government. The people you elect, if you vote, are the ones who put all these agencies in place and grant them the powers they use. The IRS has a branch that is made up of law enforcement agents. They LAWFULLY took possession of dude's assets because he refused to settle his tax debt. Before assets are taken, the IRS makes multiple attempts to have the taxpayer repay the debt, correct their calculations, or make an install payment agreement. Dude didn't take advantage of any of the options available to him, but was notified, I'm sure, of the decision by the IRS to take possession of his assets for the purpose of auctioning them off for the money to repay the tax debt. Taxes don't go to pay interest at the Fed Reserve. They fix roads and fund social programs like Welfare. All things the average American should know. Dude has had several opportunities to "have his day in court" before this action was taken. Based on someone's criminal history, the IRS agents may feel it necessary to bring weapons. It's for everyone's safety, not for intimidation. This story has been sensationalized and is not even a little bit objective for the purpose of attracting more readers. Do some research for yourself. The IRS was given law enforcement status just after they busted Capone. This is not a new thing.

1538 days ago


Nothing but haters. He should have paid his taxes but they shouldn't take Everything, not to mention the value they give on seized items is unrealistic compared to it's actual value. Think about the IRS kicking your door in right now and leaving you with nothing. That sucks. Quit hating

1529 days ago

thomas tolbert    

He had it coming, never bite the hand that feeds u. stupid fool, 50 took him from nowhere and brought him to somewhere then he turn around and starting talking ****..

1510 days ago


Ok if your going to have a taxes, (Especially if they were supposed to be temporary) then it should have boundaries. Like when it comes to completly destroying your life and interfering with you accomplishing your dreams and asperations. They treat us like were just a job and nothing else matters. Not our well being, family, or just a simple shred of hope for happiness in a world that is harsh and cold enough. Maybe if there going to take collecting these so call temporarily (imposed) taxes so serious they should spend some time educating people and preventing a situation where a person falls behind so much and doesnt even realize it till its too late, then woops your life ends here do not pass go do not collect two hundred dollars go straight to jail. This isnt a game and it seams like they treat taking them money serious but letting us flop around like a fish out of water when its time to pay up. Educate from early on in schools and reminder stages in college and further. Commerical campaigns and Federally funded Help centers. They gave out incentives ok that got people thinking about doing taxes well what about not getting your wages garnished or losing your belonging thats an incentive as well. They seem to step up in all the wrong places its like they want us to fail so the can tack on interest and penalites till your broke and struggling to make ends meet. Oh yeah and for anyone that says that them spending money on programs that would help assist and educate the public with there taxes doesnt make sense money wise think about all the tax money they spend else where Im sure the can put something together that will be more than just effective. And young buck is one of the sickest rappers that was on G-Unit if not the sickest then 50 then banks then the rest. I already bought both albums just recently on my iphone and already think he needs to release that next album.

1510 days ago

Bo Weezy    

Illuminati Thats All I Got To Say:)

1251 days ago
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