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Anna Nicole's Mom -- I've Never Seen Dannielynn

8/4/2010 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Nicole Smith's mom claims she's never seen her 3-year-old granddaughter Dannielynn -- and claims that every time she tries to send presents ...  Larry Birkhead keeps sending them back.


Virgie Arthur
surfaced at LAX last night -- telling paps she's in town to attend the trial of the people accused of illegally funneling drugs to Anna Nicole.


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To post 47.. Beverly,

Why don't you shut your pie hole! All you do is bash Virgie all day and all night. Jeezus, you wake up and think about this saga. You yell and scream about her like you know her? You need a good antidepressant. You are a nut job. You tell your doctor and lawyers and family about this hatred you have, and I have no clue why they done put you in the nut house!!!!! If I had a crazy ole' battle axe aunt like you, I would lock you up in the best nut house I could find. Leave Virgie alone and get a life.
p.s. I hope a seagull chits on your head.

1538 days ago


Whar is your problem topix,can't take the heat,GET OUT OF THE KITCHEN,I told you before,you bash Howard,I bash Vergie,WHY in all the years did Vergie NOT seek the help of any police department,she was so worried about Anna being drugged.I just read where Katherine Jackson recalled Michael dancing to a wash machine,never in 3 and a half years heard Vergie say one nice thing about her daughter.In fact,Guest of Honor Vergie at a book signing party,also CONTRIBUTER TO THE BOOK calling her daughter a tramp,is that how a mother grives.Party dress and smiling at Rita Cosby book,which settled out of court because Rita witnrsses through her under the bus,

1538 days ago


This Old bag needs to go back under the rock she is sharing with all the other rattlesnakes in her family that live there. There is nothing sweet or kind about this woman and Larry is doing the right thing by staying away from her and her nutty family. She is looking for money and is white trash as all in Texas that lives close by know!!

1538 days ago


Wow, she takes the cake, to think I thought Larry's sister was a sicko for the child to be around, I can't see any difference here in who is worse for this child to be around. Larry exposing his daughter to his awful sister or Virgie for even having the gaul to think she has a right to a child that she would otherwise not be a good Grandmother to had Ann stayed as a girl in a small town who didn't have any infamy.

This child doesn't stand a fair shake at life either way. From what she has already gone through to what life will be like as the infamous Anna Nicole's daughter.

Virgie needs to stay out of this childs life as is wished by the father. Anna Nicole didn't want anything to do w/ her. She needs to back off just as my own son has me out of his life. We don't get to pick our child's wishes but we sure need to follow them!

1538 days ago


Go to court - Grandparents have rights, too, these days.

1538 days ago


Vergie is on TMZ video,whinning she has not seen Dannielynn,well Not only did Vergie try and take underhanded contol of Dannielynn,though her Lawyer,but she is now suing Larry for conspiracy to defame her,she went to the hospital and tryed to put legal papers under Larry;s nose when he had 106 temp,sent PI to get him doing something wrong, and still no answer to why in all the years she said Anna was taking drugs NO CALL TO ANY POLICE DEPARTMENT,EVEN though Vergie was a cop,and knew what to do.

1538 days ago


Is it me...or does she appear to be under the influence of something herself? Also, Anna was obviously a messed up individual. That usually starts with the parents. For the woman to lose two kids to drugs, says more about her than anyone else. I figure there was a good reason for Anna being estranged from her and Birkhead knows that reason, which is why he is sending the presents back.

1538 days ago


Here we go again, to take the heat off of Howard, people start putting down poor Virgie, You go Virgie let them know your there for justice for your family. You have a lot of us behind you.

1538 days ago


“Virgie knows exactly why she can’t see her granddaughter. It’s because she’s waging a custody battle against me in the Bahamas. It’d be a little awkward with her coming over to my house for dinner—’Virgie, pass the peas. By the way, see you in court next week.’”

“She doesn’t want to be a grandmother, she wants to be a money manager. She can continue to play poor-pitiful-me games to anyone who’ll listen, I’m not buying it.”

“Dannielynn has [paternal] grandmothers who are all supportive, you don’t see them dragging me through every courthouse.”

He added that Virgie hasn’t shown much interest in the baby away from the court: “She stood me up for a Sunday visitation. I waited all day, and she didn’t show up or call. Then a few weeks later, I get a note: ‘How’s the baby? Is she getting her first tooth?’”

“She had two teeth when she was sitting in front of her in the lawyer’s office. A good grandmother would remember whether her granddaughter’s got teeth or not. She’d also remember to call and come over for a visitation that she scheduled…She can’t remember to call me for visitation, but she can remember to file papers in the courthouse about me.”

Virgie insists she’s asked for photographs of Dannielynn but Larry denies the claim: “[It’s] not true. The private investigator she hired to follow me around asks for photographs.”

“She hasn’t shown any respect for me, and we keep people like that at bay.”

1538 days ago


The few people who are behind her are her lawyers!!! She is a snake in the grass.

1538 days ago

Throwing lemons at you    

We love you, Virgie! You are doing the right thing and we are behind you 100%

1538 days ago


We can't stand you Virgie so go crawl back under your rock in Texas!!!

1538 days ago


Apparently, those red eye flights can be hell on your appearence!

Mrs. Arthur has seen her granddaughter, but not for some time. It is do***ented.

Post 49 Please leave Beverly alone. She is a terrific lady who posts her opinion, which she has every right to do.

1538 days ago


Virgie you go and get the answers. Stern killed your daughter and grandson. I hope that the law takes that baby away from Larry who is using her for money. I can not imagine a grandmother not being able to see and play with her granddaughter. This is just so unfair. I hope that Larry as well as Stern get what's coming to them real fast. I hope Stern goes to jail for a very long time. I hope that Larry gets jail for perjury. He changes his tune to fit the court room. I will pray for you. Take care.

1538 days ago


Smoke Screen alert, Take the focus off of Howard and put it on Virgie, Sorry folks that wont work with everyone, You go Virgie.

1537 days ago
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