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Lohan Rehab -- No Friends Allowed ... For Now

8/8/2010 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Lindsay Lohan has a very strict guest list at UCLA rehab -- in fact, the only people allowed to visit her while she's inside the facility are blood relatives ... but that all changes in a few weeks.

Multiple sources close to Lindsay tell us the actresses friends have been told that LiLo is on a program which prohibits LiLo from receiving visits from non-relatives ... until she's completed the first 30 days of her 90 day stint.

We're also told Lindsay has to personally approve each visitor before they're allowed inside.

Lindsay's mom Dina and sister Ali have already dropped by multiple times since the actress began treatment.


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Hope she gets the help she needs.

1539 days ago


Lindsay Lohan and I will meet each other on purpose someday after Lindsay Lohan's 90 days of rehab. I am Lindsay Lohan's male slave. Please call New Horizons at 1-(818)-894-9301 to tell Andrea Sandek is not my type,Ana Buesing and her sister are not my type,Maria "Buffalo Butt" Rodriguez is not my type none of New Horizons female clients are not my type. Janet Treto is my type. And please call Janet Treto at 1(818)-894-9301,1(818)-787-2222,1(818)-947-0150 and at 1(818)-904-0543. From Lindsay Lohan's male slave.

1539 days ago


If it looks like a duck, and it quacks like a must be Lipppy Lindsay Lohan - girl what WERE you thinking???

1539 days ago


The discourse amongst Nicole, Delmar and myself began with their assertion that Lindsay does not have a substance abuse problem as evidenced by her admission to a psychiatric hospital. In reality, Lindsay is in a rehab unit that is part of the psychiatric hospital at UCLA. Her admission to this particular unit is not predicated upon the supposition that she has an underlying psychiatric illness. The rehab unit is not part of the psych ward it is merely for substance abuse. She may well suffer from a mental disorder and, if so, she will receive the appropriate care. Without knowledge of Lindsay's case it is impossible to determine whether she was placed at UCLA because she has an underlying mental illness. Lindsay may very well have been placed there because that hospital is best suited to handle the intense media scrutiny surrounding her case.

Under California law, the jail sentence for a second DUI is from 90 days to one year. At their discretion a judge may substitute time in rehab for jail time. Lindsay spent a minimal amount of time in jail, was placed on probation and, among other things,was ordered to attend alcohol education classes. The key word in the previous sentence is probation. Her case was not closed when she walked out of jail---she still had to comply with what the court ordered. Because Lindsay violated the terms of her probation, the judge had the discretionary right to send her to jail/rehab for the amount of time provided for under the applicable statute. There has been a great deal of discussion as to whether Judge Revel was too harsh or too lenient in this case. The sentencing guidelines for this crime are very broad--so from a strictly legal standpoint, Judge Revel did nothing wrong. (By the way, Superior Court judges in LA County are elected. If you really have a problem with Judge Revel--that's your recourse.)

The statement that Shawn Chapman Holley would have been in some sort of legal hot water had Robert Shapiro appealed Lindsay's sentence is also incorrect. First of all, it is up to Lindsay, the client, to determine whether she would like to appeal the sentence that was handed down. The attorney must follow the client's wishes. That said, an attorney may ask to be removed from a case at any time. If Chapman Holley was replaced by Robert Shapiro then she no longer would have had an obligation to act on Lindsay's behalf.

Finally, Lindsay has not been committed to a psych ward against her will and without due process. She is in a rehab program that just happens to be PHYSICALLY ADJACENT to a psych ward. Secondly, she had her day in court and her opportunity to be heard as well as the option of appealing her sentence. California law does not allow anyone to be held in a mental institution without a court hearing. The infamous 5150 hold is only for 72 hours. After that time the person must be reevaluated by a psychiatrist. If they are still deemed to be a danger to themselves or others--they can be held BUT there must be a court hearing within 4 days or a writ of habeus corpus hearing within 2 days to determine the validity of the hold.

As for whether rehab works--I don't know. Hopefully it will do Lindsay some good. And finally, Harbor-UCLA in Torrance is a county hospital with all that implies. The Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital is on the UCLA campus in Westwood.

1539 days ago

Catherine Malllory    

As far as the is she or isn't she s drug addict, it really isn't the issue. The true problem in any "addiction" is the underlying reason why the user feels a need to use. Lindsay has a dependency mentality in using drugs, it is almost irrelevant if she is, or isn't an "offical" "addict." As screwed up as her little head is, it's a minor point at this stage in the game, if she is clincially "addicted" or clincially "mental". Those ropes wrap around each other quite like swirling snakes anyway. Rather impossible to isolate one from the other after a while.
However, since this story is in regards to her visitors, I just would like to comment that her real progress in therapy will probably really begin when this place cuts out her family vistors for a while. Lindsay needs to get mad at mommy. She needs time alone away from Mommy in order to be able to get mad.
Ah, just one girls opinion.
Good luck sweets.

1539 days ago


@Catherine I think the major difference between mental disorder and addiction is that "addiction" feels like a choice. Yes, it becomes an illness that alters brain chemistry but there's a choice to put foreign substances in the body. With mental illness the chemical balance is biological and there's no choice. There's a different attitude people get when dealing with a so-called "Addict" vs. someone with a "mental disorder".

As for Dina, I don't know, you don't know, no one but the Lohans know. I've heard that Dina and Lindsay have some really strong disagreements, some around not only Lindsay but Ali as well. Yes, Lindsay likely needs to do self-work like anyone else but I'll defer to the one's handling Lindsay now what is the best course of action regarding Dina and Ali seeing Lindsay.

@Fat Hand Puppet Please stop putting words in my mouth. I never ever said Lindsay did nothing wrong and don't ever equate my thinking with Lindsay. You really have no clue of what you are talking about and totally misrepresent my point of view. So shut the hell up already and don't address me at all or mention me as I have no interest in debating you.

1539 days ago

Catherine Malllory    

@Delmar, Interesting notes. You said addiction feels like a choice. But my dear, if you speak to people who have bottomed they will tell you they got there because they felt like they HAD NO CHOICE. Addiction IS mental. I don't suppose you have much in the way of personal experiece with this "mentality" youself. I do not say that to be crappy to you, only that once you have been an addict and once you have been mental, you see it is all very much the same. People become ADDICTS because they can't MENTALLY handle.
Been there.
Clean AND sane for years now.
By the Grace, of God.

1539 days ago


The DSM-IV (the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders-volumeIV which is a diagnostic standard utilized by most mental health professionals) lists substance abuse as a mental disorder.

1539 days ago


What the hell happened to her lips?

1539 days ago


@ 70 SaraSue

First, Lindsay is at a Neuropsychiatric Hospital, being evaluated and treated. You can split hairs about what is adjacent to what but the fact is she is at a Neuropsychiatric Hospital, she is there against her will and the only reason she does not walk out is the threat of further jail time. But, she was never told how much time that would be nor was she advised of her options properly. She could in theory be recommended for permanent incarceration in some psychiatric facility without ever having been evaluated to determine if she was a threat to herself or others outside that facility and there is a high probability that she is being treated with psycho active drugs or considered for that therapy. You want to comment on the practice of using jail time as a means to coerce someone into staying in a Neuropsychiatric Hospital rather than an evaluation by doctors outside that facility and with an eye to the fact that it is universally understood that the only valid reason to keep someone in such a place is that they are a threat to themselves or others. Would love to read a Federal Courts decision about that!

You seem to know the law so tell us how this might play out at an appellate level review: a hundred thousand dollar bail then increased to 200 thousand for a misdemeanor offense when California law specifically prohibits revoking bail and incarcerating someone for a misdemeanor charge. My guess is that the appellate court would reprimand the judge for playing fast and loose with someone’s money.

She was sentenced to 90 days in jail total, but the department of corrections read the sentencing order as 30 days thus she did 13 days; more than twice the 25% standard for non violent misdemeanor offenses. But it was 30 days 3 times. Tell me what an appellate court will say about that kind of crap!

Could Shawn Holley Chapman been in trouble if Shapiro took the case and filed an appeal? You say no but in actual fact she would under that cir***stance be questioned about her advice to Lindsay about her options to refuse any Psycho treatment and censured if her advice was not accurate. That also has a very high probability of getting the entire sentence overturned because of ineffective represenatation. She should have, at a minimum, asked the judge to spell it out! You want to comment on that point.

1539 days ago


It's Daffy Duck! Quack Quack... nice lips Linds!

1539 days ago


It's late so I'll try to be brief. The fact that the rehab unit is adjacent to the psych ward is not splitting hairs. There is also an eating disorders program there. Do you honestly believe that people who are having psychotic breakdowns are sitting in group therapy with the eating disorder people?

Lindsay does not have a choice about going to rehab because she broke the law and is being punished. The threat of punishment is supposed to be a deterrent.

Lindsay cannot be forced to take any medicine as she is not incompetent. That is a legal standard and determined via a court hearing.

With respect to the psych hold, you are mixing apples and oranges. Lindsay is in the hospital for rehab. People go to psychiatric hospitals for many reasons most often voluntarily. I'm bipolar and twice checked myself into a partial hospitalization program--I was at the hospital all day and went home at night. I checked myself in because I needed intensive therapy NOT because of any imminent danger.

The laws pertaining to hospitalization are solely the purview of the states--so without a Constitutional issue--no Federal cases.

I'm not a criminal attorney so I'm not familiar with bail statutes. However, the $100,000 bail wasn't for the misdemeanor offense but rather the probation violation.

Don't know about the sentencing--your math doesn't jive with my memory--but I can't say for sure. I can say that the governmental entity that did the number crunching was the LA County Sherrifs Dept. Lindsay was in jail not prison.

Shawn Holley Chapman is a very experienced and highly regarded criminal attorney. I would be very surprised to learn that she did not apprise Lindsay of all her options. In the event that Robert Shapiro took the case there would be no reason to examine Holley Chapman's representation. By the way, the cases that are overturned are the ones that are really egregious such as an attorney that slept through a hearing. Good Night. :-)

1539 days ago


She's a no talent hoe bag.

1539 days ago


People here keep forgetting that it isn't the judge's job to "fix" Lindsay but rather to impose a sentence within the legal guidelines that might possibly deter Lindsay from committing more crimes.

Some folks also have the illusion that "violating probation" is a puny little offense. But probation means "you follow the rules exactly to the letter or else you might very well find yourself serving out the full sentence you would have had in the first place for the original crimes". That's why the consequences for that "puny little probation violation" are not so puny. Ordinary mortals on probation who miss court hearings or whose SCRAM reports alcohol use find themselves in jail right away, not being able to pay the bail to keep them out until their next hearing.

It was a kindness to put Lindsay in court-ordered inpatient rehab instead of a much longer jail sentence (which yes, was quite justified and well within sentencing guidelines). The judge could have taken steps to make sure that Lindsay stayed in jail much longer, but she didn't. Obviously the judge thought that just a relatively short time in jail (but much longer than 84 minutes) would be enough to make the point and make Lindsay grateful for the forced rehab. The rehab sentence was possible because the original crimes involved cocaine and alcohol (she was under the influence of both). The judge has no illusions about the success rate of forced rehab, but she had the option when sentencing and kindly used it as an alternative to more jail time.

So it doesn't matter whether or not Lindsay is a physical addict, an emotional addict, a misdiagnosed victim of pill-pushing doctors, just a heavy drinker/drugger without the sense to stay out of the driver's seat, suffering from a brain disorder, etc. etc. Rehab is just another jail for her, but much more comfy. If she decides to work on her problems while she's there - fine. But if she decides to just sit and do nothing - also fine. It's her life. Yes, it would be nice to keep her away from her toxic mom for the duration - but again, it's not the court's job to fix Lindsay and her dysfunctional family relationships. The judge did her another kindness by actually consulting with professionals first and taking their recommendations. But it's up to Lindsay to fix herself.

But it doesn't matter to the court whether or not she takes those opportunities, as long as she stays where she is supposed to stay for the alloted time. Jail without the orange jump suits, basically. Much needed time-out for Lindsay. Should make her think hard and long before DUI'ing again. Which of course is the whole point of the sentences for such things, which are much tougher most other places in the country for good reason. Too much damage is done by DUI-ers here. Lindsay is so lucky that she's not spending a year in jail somewhere else.

1539 days ago


"She was sentenced to 90 days in jail total, but the department of corrections read the sentencing order as 30 days thus she did 13 days; more than twice the 25% standard for non violent misdemeanor offenses. But it was 30 days 3 times. Tell me what an appellate court will say about that kind of crap! "
That isn't true just due to good behavior her sentence was automatically cut to 51 days so she served around 25% of that due to overcrowding. When her expected release date was first determined the August 1st was based on 1 sentence but then they fixed it and it was changed to the 9th of September.

1539 days ago
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