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Giuliani's Daughter Ticketed for Shoplifting

8/4/2010 5:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Rudy Giuliani's daughter Caroline will be walking away from a shoplifting arrest with nothing more than a ticket.

Giuliani's Daughter Shoplifting

Law enforcement sources tell us that the former mayor's 20-year old daughter is getting a desk appearance ticket for "petit larceny."

Caroline was arrested earlier today at a Manhattan Sephora after she was seen allegedly putting 5 cosmetic items worth more than $100 in her pocket.  We're told store security called cops after seeing her on security cameras.

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Her father doesn't give her money? Isn't she in college? Doesn't she have a job? There is not excuse.

1540 days ago

Osiris Reborn    

But lil Ginger..

The democrats don't claim to be super moral christians, so when they slip up they can just say "human error".

The republicans do claim to be super moral christians, so when they slip up we can say.. "ha ha".

That is why it is best to be honest and just say.. I love me the sin..

1540 days ago


Why didn't they drop the hammer and run her through the system they way he advocated for all blacks and Latinos when he was a prosecutor and mayor. I call bullshnit!!!

1540 days ago


Get a damn job if you need money for items, like the rest of us; ever hear of WORK? Even if she's in college, NO excuse. I worked full-time while taking a full college load each semester for 3 1/2 years, about killed me, but I had NO choice because I had no one to support ME! She must be a brat if it be known; heard her brother is a real piece of work too.

1540 days ago


She's wanting ATTENTION. This is the only reason someone of her parentage would do something so stupid. Maybe her fool brother gets all the attention from the parents and she feels neglected, and thought, THIS will get their attention, OR she's a brat and just thougth she could get away with it because of who daddy is.

1540 days ago

Theresa Le    

She should have tried the beauty products at and perhaps she would not have felt the urge to do what she did. They have affordable, natural beauty products.

1540 days ago


Glenn Beck just announced on FOX News that this was an undercover sting she was involved in and that this store is actually owned by Al Queda attempting to poison facial creams to disfigure women, and force them to wear burkas. That FOX News hits the nail on the head everytime with the facts. Anyone who really thought she was a thief needs to be a little more 'fair and balanced' before jumping to conclusions.

1540 days ago


#31 "Ginger" would like to complain in advance that TMZ won't be running any news stories about Chappaquid**** today.

1539 days ago


What's with that guy's mouth? Fishing accident?

1539 days ago


Probably another spoiled brat who just wanted attention. Wonder why children of democrats never make the news. You know, Gore's daughter and the drug deals, Gore's son and his numerous DUI's, all the Kennedy drunks and best of all, a murderer who worried more about his career than saving a young girls life. Preferential treatment? From the media? Why of course not!!

Posted at 6:58 PM on Aug 4, 2010 by Ginger

Chappaquid**** is a new story? It's almost as old as you are, Ginger

1539 days ago


The little bitch will get off with a slap what else is new this county needs to wake up and let these so called rich know this **** is enough, we are fed up. The rich against the poor needs to start now. REVOLT TAKE DOWN THESE PEOPLE, THE RICH ARE PRYING ON US.

1539 days ago

Ben Gleck    

$100? Rudy couldn't give her the money, or would that be a redistribution of wealth ?

1539 days ago


If anyones shopped at Sephora you know five items are probably much more then $100.00.

1539 days ago

Ben Gleck    

And the republicans like to claim immigrants are committing the crimes.

1539 days ago


She should have just went to my website and she would have gotten natural, vegan products... and no arrest!

1539 days ago
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