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Gary Coleman's Ex -- They Better Not Sell Our House

8/5/2010 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gary Coleman's ex-wife Shannon Price is upset that Gary's estate is trying to sell the house they lived in together -- and according to Price's rep, they'll "do everything possible to fight this in court."

As we first reported, Robert Jeffs -- the Special Administrator of Gary's estate -- filed a motion yesterday asking a judge to allow him to sell Gary's Utah home and an adjacent lot for $324,000.

That's not sitting well with Price's rep, Sheilia Erickson, who tells TMZ that 24 hours before Gary died, he told her he "wanted [Shannon] to be taken care of" and that "everything goes to her."

Erickson says, "Gary would want Shannon in that house. It was their house together."

Shannon did live in the house with Gary, but the estate kicked her out in June. She is not named in Gary's currently recognized will.


No Avatar


What is the story of these dead celeb's ex wives? Why won't they quit sucking blood after the dude dies? Burn the house with her in it!

1541 days ago


If I were this woman, I'd be laying low. I'm hoping someone is looking into why she was able to give permission to disconnect Gary's tubes. I wouldn't blame the hospital but I'd sure want to know more about this situation if I were law enforcement.

1541 days ago

A. Conda    

The problem with "getting everything" is that this also includes getting all the assets and getting all the liabilities.

1541 days ago


It doesn't matter what she claims the victim said 24 hours before she killed him. If it's not do***ented it is not a legal claim. I can claim Gary Coleman wanted me to have all his Diff'rent Strokes memorabelia, but unless I have proof I can sh it in one hand, wish in the other and see which fills up first. =)

1541 days ago


I HATE this firecrotch murderess and her useless rep.

1541 days ago


HAHAHA BALLA! That's sum funny shizz right there!!!

1541 days ago


Um, does she even have a job to pay the bills in that house? Shoot-she can buy it herself if she wants it. I guarantee she already has another dude lined up!

1541 days ago


He and the ho never had sex. Ewww...that makes me feel like spewing just typing it. Anyway...that's what they said on the Insider show.

1541 days ago


This b!tc# killed him. She's lucky she isn't facing a Utah firing squad right now. She should learn to STFU.

1541 days ago

Fred Farkel    

And they say that there are NO cir***stances where a man should beat a woman???


1541 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

She has a rep?????!!!???!!!

1541 days ago

Tammy LM    

Maybe she should have thought about where she'd be living before she killed him.. Too bad. The house is the Eastst's. She's out of the will.

1541 days ago

Star Collector    

I absolutely despise this woman! I'm not a GC fan, but I thought something was "fishy" when I first heard about him falling down the steps into an irreversible coma. I'm surprised she wasn't charged, if it were you or I common folk we would have been put in jail before the guy died. Just goes to show how some people have no ethics, morals or Soul.

1541 days ago


Wow, 24 hours before? Yeah, that doesn't sound fishy or anything. If he wanted you to have everything he a) wouldn't have divorced your ugly butt and b) would have actually included you in his will. Nothing but a gold-digging whore.

1541 days ago


The house was upside down! They are trying to sell it for not quite what is owed on it. Why in the world would someone want to take on that debt? Is she thinking that she can just have the house free and clear and the estate is going to pay off the debt? DUH! There are SO many things not right about this whole situation. I can't believe that the cops didn't look into the cir***stances around his death more. TOTALLY fishy. This girl and Oksana should be roommates. They're both crazier than crazy.

1541 days ago
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