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Tough Guy Robert Conrad

'Memba Him?

8/5/2010 10:35 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

In the '60s and '70s, Robert Conrad became famous for playing tough guys in TV shows like "Hawaiian Eye," "The Wild Wild West" and "Black Sheep Squadron" and for his Eveready battery commercials. Guess what he looks like now!



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your own luck    

He looks damn good for 81.

1541 days ago

my 2 cents    

I bet Mr. Kotter looks better and can still out run him!!

1541 days ago

Ron Golden    

he's a self absorbed jerk

1541 days ago


#1 - you posted the EXACT thought that crossed my mind when I saw his picture.

1541 days ago

Margarida Maria    

Michael Jackson must have very seen this ROBERT CONRAD in the TV, when he was young. It was in the memory of Michael this name, the eyes of ROBERT CONRAD.
It was from the souvenir of this name, that appeared Dr Conrad
Robert Murray, and everything more than we already know.
This has much logic.

1541 days ago


He looks FABULOUS! Are you SURE he's 81?! If so, he's still a hot dude!!! WOW!

1540 days ago


Ron Golden, you are a stupid monkey.

1538 days ago


The above picture is NOT his 81-yr. old picture. You have to click on the "Click to see", in which picture he DEFINITELY looks 81, but still much better than the guy he hit while driving drunk, who died 2 yrs. later due to perforated ulcers from his treatment for injuries from the accident.

1530 days ago

Tony Corbitt    

Ron Golden you are a self absorbed douche mop. **** off

1510 days ago


I grew up on rcs tv hits and movies for tv.YES , HE WAS MY HERO, and now as i see him today, i cant beleive how his poor health due to the accident,has gotten to him.hes less than half the man we all recall back when.Ialso , thnk that a man who loved athletics, and doing all his own stunts would take a chance and subject his body to such great danger....and hurtting others was /is not the r. conrad i recall in interviews on mervs show or, guest host on the mike duglas show in Phillyin the late 1970s....hes human, and thats the reality of it....i wounder how he feels TODAY about that horrible night?....sad! take care Mr. conrad,and my best to u on the radio talk tells me u are making the best of a bad situation(poor spell)....thats the guts i once recall,...never give up!!!!!..Also, all his kids ,many all grown up SHANE ,CHRISTIAN,AND 9 GRAND KIDS I THINK,...THEY ALMOST lost their dad, so they too are most grateful to have their 76 year old dad as he is....i too have lost my dad,and they had alot in em while one can, never know when they will leave us...lost my mom recently too!.... so, im hurting badly as well.Some how life is not much fun without them here,what can i do/......Stay well, and god bless u always, you were one of a kind,,,,and u know it! Respectfull,jeffrey za-ggle (BA)THEATER.SPEECH COMM./TEACHER.5/10/2011.

1262 days ago


I met Robert when I was first 19. It was in 1976 in the small town of Tulsa, Oklahoma. I had a one night stand with him, 2 months later he found me and we spent a weekend together. He wanted me to go to Ft. Lauderdale but I was too scared. After the weekend was over I never heard from him again. But this I will never forget, a memory everlasting but still loving him I married a Robert!

1192 days ago


I want to apologize to Robert about the year I met him, it was in 1975 not 1976

1184 days ago


#5 Margarida Maria must have been sniffin her underware hamper when she so eloquently wrote that comment - JEEZZZZ.
Robert Conrad was originally a Hollywood Stuntman & a real stud who did the majority of the stunts shown on the Wild Wild West. The show went off the air in it's prime because the liberal nutso league complained it was too violent. The Wild Wild West are even now one of the best selling program series on DVD, which includes the tv shows & the 2 made for tv movies that appeared in the 1970's

1037 days ago


He still owes me $3200 for work done in his night club in Bear Valley in the 1970's. He's more than a Jerk he's a total a--ho-e. There's plenty more but I don't have time.

202 days ago

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