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Roger Huerta on Street Fight - 'I Got the Better of Him'

8/5/2010 2:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ just spoke with Roger Huerta -- the former UFC fighter involved in a bloody street fight in Texas this weekend -- who tells us he only got violent ... after the other guy swung at him.

In a phone conversation just moments ago, Huerta told us he tried to remain calm early Saturday morning when he watched some random "huge guy" punch a girl in the head in the middle of the street ... explaining, “I just don’t think that it's right to hit a woman.  Period.”

Huerta tells us, "I approached the man calmly and said, “Do you know what you just did?  You just knocked out this girl."

But Huerta claims the other guy responded, "F*ck you, f*ck these bitches, I'll knock out any f*ckin' bitch that I wanna f*ckin' knock out, I’ll knock your f*cking bitch ass out.”

Huerta added, "... and as he's saying this, he's taking off his shirt ... and at that point I was like, alright.'"

Huerta insists that he didn't throw the first punch -- and only reacted when the other guy "started swinging at me" ... and we all know what happened next.

"I got the better of him and I left," Huerta said. 

The 27-year-old explained, "If that was my mom, if that was my sister, my spouse, anyone … I would’ve wanted someone to step in and do something about it.”


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Great job! I hate violence, but s*** like this needs to be put in their place. Hopefully next time he will think twice about hitting a woman.

1542 days ago


Met Roger at a cowboys game 2 years ago was one of the nicest classiest dudes you will ever meet...good for him for kicking that dudes ass...any guy that is gonna cheap shot a girl deserves it...

1542 days ago


Hmmmm, it sounds like damage control to keep him out of jail or a lawsuit. And how did he know she didn't slash the guy with a knife or something? All girls these days are never innocent. Birds of a feather flock together.

1542 days ago


And I'm so glad that Roger did do something about it but what about all the other men? They should have collectively jumped on that ******* without thinking. They should have been all of their natural reactions.

1542 days ago


No matter what that girl may or may not have done, she had her back turned. And that @$$ suckered her from behind. Not to mention he was 200+ lbs. Im shocked there was not total street justice on the spot. But then again, Roger might as well be a small army.

1542 days ago


He shouldn't be allowed to fight anymore. He (a professional fighter) should know better than to get into street fights. Huerta is no better than the man who hit the woman. YOU DONT FIGHT IN THE STREET LIKE A BUNCH OF PUNKS! NO WONDER WHY YOUR SO CALLED SPORT ISNT TAKEN SERIOUSLY! I HOPE THAT GUY SUES YOU! YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER!

BTW - Women arent 100% in the clear because they are women! If your out in the middle of a street fight acting like a dude....you should be treated like a dude. If she was a WOMAN, she wouldnt be in the middle of a street fight in the wee hours of the morning.

Bottom LINE.....She put herself in that situation.

1542 days ago

Sin D    

Nice shot man!Dude deserved it big time. Cowards hit women, glad you taught him a lesson.

1542 days ago


I wish there were more guys around like this. I was so happy to see this story come to air, people need to stand up for someone who gets suckered in the back of the head. Poor girl. That guy deserved everything he got AND more. Well done.

1542 days ago


Well, there you have it. Roger handled his business...

1542 days ago


8. No matter what that girl may or may not have done, she had her back turned. And that @$$ suckered her from behind.

She was running away. She wasn't just some innocent bystander. Something obviously happened before the shown footage.

1542 days ago


Professional MMA fighter beats up a drunk guy, yay for him!

I hope he gets sued and learns to mind his own business before somebody shoots him.

Guys who hit women are super uncool and professional fighters who beat up people while out drinking are just as uncool.

1542 days ago

Tink Tink    

And I love Roger even more today than yesterday! I would love to curl up in his protective arms anyday. Go Roger!

1542 days ago


I applaud Roger for doing what he did. And as for post #1, yeah, right. He'd beat your ass until you tapped out or begged for mercy.

1542 days ago


TMZ needs to be very careful of how they report on stories like these. There is no question Roger handed out a beating, but I don't think you can say beyond a doubt that he was the one who stomped the guy while he was already out. The guy who delivers that blow actually looks to be wearing a grey t-shirt if you look closely, and Huerta was already shirtless by then. Just because Roger was fighting the guy does not mean he is the once stomping him and it seems as though you have just jumped to that conclusion from a very grainy video.

1542 days ago


RE #5......Exactly!

1542 days ago
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