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Roger Huerta on Street Fight - 'I Got the Better of Him'

8/5/2010 2:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ just spoke with Roger Huerta -- the former UFC fighter involved in a bloody street fight in Texas this weekend -- who tells us he only got violent ... after the other guy swung at him.

In a phone conversation just moments ago, Huerta told us he tried to remain calm early Saturday morning when he watched some random "huge guy" punch a girl in the head in the middle of the street ... explaining, “I just don’t think that it's right to hit a woman.  Period.”

Huerta tells us, "I approached the man calmly and said, “Do you know what you just did?  You just knocked out this girl."

But Huerta claims the other guy responded, "F*ck you, f*ck these bitches, I'll knock out any f*ckin' bitch that I wanna f*ckin' knock out, I’ll knock your f*cking bitch ass out.”

Huerta added, "... and as he's saying this, he's taking off his shirt ... and at that point I was like, alright.'"

Huerta insists that he didn't throw the first punch -- and only reacted when the other guy "started swinging at me" ... and we all know what happened next.

"I got the better of him and I left," Huerta said. 

The 27-year-old explained, "If that was my mom, if that was my sister, my spouse, anyone … I would’ve wanted someone to step in and do something about it.”


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He didn't get arrested, and he won't get arrested. Not too sure what you are looking at. What basis does he have to be arrested?

1509 days ago


This guy is beyond hot! That big bully needed a lesson taught after he attacked that helpless girl! I hope Roger gets much more public recognition and thank you TMZ!

1509 days ago


I live in Austin and could of only wished I could of been there to see some big ass buly get his ass beat....by the cutest MMA fighter I might add. Wow...I just keep watching it over and over again dreaming of him....damn he is friggin cute!!!

1509 days ago


You go Roger!!! Anyone that thinks it's okay to hit women is a thug! I lived it as I was growing up, and find it deplorable

1509 days ago


Anyone on here calling my boy Roger uncool, and wrong for punishing the guy are a bunch of cowards. No matter what a women does you should never lay your hands on them. Period. Roger is my f*cking hero. Those of you who oppose = cowards. So the f*ck what he's a professional. Sh*t like that should be punished.

1509 days ago


A real life batman!

1509 days ago


AWESOME!!!! That fat piece of S*#@ deserved to get, "KNOCKED THE F#@! OUT!!! Doesn't matter what she said or did, real men don't women! Period!

1509 days ago

Please stop it Kooky    

Bravo El Matador, what a Man... I hate violence.. Would never watch a fight on tv.. But if Roger is fighting now I will watch and follow his career.. I will go see any acting or movie that he is in.. I have never been one to follow a athlete or celebrity till now.. I say we all ban together and help make this mans career, he is a true hero.. Against all odds this man has made himself a true man.. God Bless you Roger.. With much Respect.. I wish you well in all that you do.. Thank You

1509 days ago


i think it's good he beat that dudes ass! 1. he hit someone that wasn't even looking in the back of the head 2. that someone was a woman 1/2 his size. and as far as anyone saying because he is a fighter he shouldn't be allowed in street brawls ore had an unfair advantage, fist fights are fist fights you swing until its over not like he got him in some crazy jiu-jitsu move or something he cant defend i would bet money that even if roger didn't have any training what so ever he still would have beat the **** out of that guy because he has a fighters heart!

1509 days ago

nano 1379    

How does this act call for name calling on Roger.Why would you call him taco boy you idiot.
I hope its your mom next time and no body gets invovled (you are wrong and your wrong) the person that posted that comment.:) taco boy will eat you up. roger huerta is a classy dude.your too low of a creep to be a red head.

1509 days ago

Fred Farkel    

All these dumb broads think they are Snookie and can mouth off and crawl up in men's faces with complete immunity.

Personally, I am not willing to go to jail for punching out some loud mouthed wh0re... but I will CHEER when some other man steps up and takes care of business.

As for Mr. UFC - He's acting way too much the hero for me to believe that he wanted anything more than to kick some easy butt himself

1509 days ago


Any negative comments on this and you're a *****. You can see him calmly telling him "WTF?" and why did he have to be the one to confront that guy? You see the other dudes smiling and laughing. In my opinion it should have been about 10 dudes working that 'bitch ass' over not just the one but it looks like he was the only one w/ the nutts to do so. Notice that guy was about twice his size.. 6th street is full of college ***** boys in their designer jeans..

1509 days ago


who cares why that guy hit her! its wrong to do that to anyone. i cant believe some of you are making excuses for the guy. it doesnt matter what she did or said, he had no right to do that.

1509 days ago


Roger is a hunk.

Roger, call me.

1509 days ago


I'm appauled at how many people can justify a women getting sucker punched! No reason. She obviously wasn't pushing old women down or a gun to a child's head. She had her back turned. And if she did something before, the guy clearly had time to call the police and have her arrested. He's just a wimp ass punk who thinks he's the man for sucker punching a girl.
It is no wonder so much domestic violence still happens when jackassses like many of you say she deserved it. No women..no man..no child deserves to be hit unless there is immeninent danger to another's life..period..no questions.
As for the punk that got his ass kicked.good! He proved he was a danger to the others and needed to be subdued before he struck someone else.

only a coward sucker punches someone...only another coward defends him.

1509 days ago
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