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UFC Fighter Chael Sonnen -- I Avoid Street Fights

8/7/2010 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

He's a bona fide bad ass in the ring -- but out on the streets, UFC brawler Chael Sonnen claims he refuses to get it on ... even when some wannabe tough guy tries to provoke him into violence.

Sonnen -- who's fighting Anderson "The Spider" Silva tonight -- tells us people have been "unsuccessful" in baiting him into street fights in the past ... insisting that he "turns the other cheek" ... a different approach than the one recently taken by ex-UFC star Roger Huerta.

We also asked Chael if his hands were registered as lethal weapons ... to which he replied, "No they’re not ... but they probably should be."

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It is a complicated situation...

1537 days ago


antwone or whatever kooky name you have.......Racist is a meaningless word you clown. That black chicken sh*t got his butt kicked because he hit a woman. All blacks are racists because every one of them voter for obummer just because he is black so go take your little cry wolf word and stick it where the sun don't shine. Did you see the way that cs ran?

1537 days ago


Wow, what an angle, what a story. The other guy didn't so much as get into a street fight as he taught someone a lesson. You should have asked this guy if it would bother him if some great big guy punched-sucker punched-some girl in the head. I have to say I like the other guy more because had that UFC fighter not have been there, it didn't look like anyone would have done anything. The other guys on the scene looked mad but because of the size of the bully, they just looked mad as they stared and nothing more. Go Roger! He's a bad ass in my book because he taught that guy a lesson, a good one and one I think he'll heed in the future.

1537 days ago


I wanna see this nobody's ass served to him on a plate tonight~!!!


1537 days ago

J Simp    

Anderson Silva going to beat Sonnen!

1537 days ago


Huerta is a hero. He beat up some dumb black racist bully thug that punched a white woman. Huerta kicked his ass. God bless Huerta!!!!!

1537 days ago


The Spider is going to destroy this guy

1537 days ago


I have met him many times and he's not racist. Get over the race b.s. wrong is wrong Huerta made it right. Also, jw not all black people voted for Obama a lot of people of different races did so grow the hell up and just be ready for 2012. Finally, Go Silva! Kick Sonnen's ass! Even though Sonnen's way hotter than Silva he has talked too much chit on Silva not to get his ass beat by him.

1537 days ago


Oh so someone isn't a racist because you met them? He's a white male , of course he's racist. This is a system of white supremacy , he's supposed to be.

1537 days ago


youre dumb jamizzy.. all white males are racist? thats an excuse black people use.. white people dont have jesse crackson and al shartton crying about everything that doesnt go completely their way. naacp? acorn? you guys have so many oppurtunities just cuz youre black and you still dont do anything with them and then blame white people. get a life.. dumb, lazy, resentful, and drug addicted is why people dont like you.. not skin color..

1537 days ago


My main man, Antwone Fisher! Still sticking up for the black "Goliath" dude that got his ass whipped by Roger "David" Huerta. Good luck with that, bruh.....

1537 days ago


Number 1. The guy that hit the woman wasn't taunting huerta to fight, Huerta asked the guy if he just his a woman and the guy wanted or at least tried to get tough with huerta and got what he asked for, a good ol fashion ass woopin. So this guy would let a female get hit and walk away, good for you. I agree with huerta, if someone was doing this to his mother, sister, he hopes someone would stand up for them.

1537 days ago


#1 my comment wasnt meant for you lol, please carry on

1537 days ago


# 16...I don't remember you being there. Where did you get your info? What do you think Huerta (a man who fights professionally) would respond with? "Yeah officer, I used my fighting skills to punch out his lights....hahahahaha". Also, if you got your info from a tabloid, do you really think it went down the way TMZ said it did? Grow up.

1536 days ago


I saw him Fight today at UFC 117 This guy was a savage he almost beat Silva.

1536 days ago
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