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Oksana's Bodyguards Come to Her Defense

8/6/2010 1:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva's bodyguards -- who are all U.S. military veterans -- are coming to Oksana's aid by taking a stand and making it clear they're with Oksana and against Mel Gibson.

Oksana's bodyguards come from a company called The Bodyguard Group -- a referral service for veterans -- and they've posted a scathing statement on their website that reads like a direct shot at Gibson.

The statement reads: "The Bodyguard Group has reviewed both versions of events and ALL of our members agree that ONLY Oksana is being 100% honest ... We ask that everyone support Oksana and take a stand against all men who abuse women and children."

While it may seem odd for bodyguards to be so vocal, the statement says, "We could not keep silent after the abuse Oksana suffered."


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Am I supposed to substitute the opinions of a bunch of paid thugs for my own?

No thanks.

1539 days ago


They did not work for her when she was being abused, They have only been with her for the last few months and are doing it for free. These are United States Veterans, so we should show them some respect. Most of the time they stay away from the cameras, I live on her street and they are really a bunch of nice guys, they are a group of U.S. Veterans, My family and I saw them on CNN all in Military uniform and also Protecting Celebrities when CNN did a story on them a few years ago.

Posted at 9:46 AM on Aug 6, 2010 by Dr Richard Davis

Sorry, I just don’t believe you are who you say you are. Oksana has been out in public many times over the past few months and these guys haven’t been seen anywhere near her.

You also have no idea as to whether or not they are actually being paid or not.

Make that respectable and respect will follow. Based on this article, it just isn’t there.

1539 days ago


i respect all veterans. I do not respect anyone who libels and slanders another for a profit, which is obviously being done in this case. This is inexcusable and only damages the reputation and character of other veterans.

Posted at 10:07 AM on Aug 6, 2010 by Genna


I agree......

1539 days ago


Not a smart move for the Bodyguard group, if they want business, no PRO is gonna hire amateurs like these guys.

You want silent, strong, keep your mouth shut type, not psycho bodyguards that are vocal, what is wrong with these amateurs. Oh, I forgot, they believe everything this LADY says.

They will be a laughing stock when it comes out she is LYING and they were fooled.

The Body Guards company will be nicknamed the "psycho-vets not taking their meds" group.

Can you list other Body Guard companies doing this stunt, NO, because they are PRO'S , and it's just business and not personal.

Now that these "psycho-vets" are with her, of course they will be posting on this site. Go psycho-vets.

Real Vets will wait to hear both sides , and even then do their job of body guarding and not getting into PR.

1539 days ago


wait a minute. It is fine that they support her. No problem with that.

What do they mean they looked over everything and she is the only one 100% honest. There was a gag order on this, did she give them all the evidence? Are they basing on what the tabloids are saying? Even they don't have all the evidence.

Ms. flapping lips went and talked again didn't she?

1539 days ago


U.S. Veterans should be respected, either you support the troops or you don't.

Posted at 10:18 AM on Aug 6, 2010 by Dr Richard Davis

You are not who you say you are. And these men aren't "troops." How repulsive of you to try to use that as some kind of PR tactic.

1539 days ago


Mel Gibson is a bigoted liar who does not live as he preaches. He is not even Australian. Look his past up, his parents moved there when he was young and then back to USA. He has a Holocaust denying father he has refused to ever denounce, he has a "Church" and professes to be super religious then has affairs, is a vehement racist, anti-semite, and violent to boot. I have NO sympathy for him and I know what it is like from my own battles with the bottle and I never called people things that I did not deep down feel inside nor get violent without hatred in me. It is time the Hollywood community stop coddling this monster and he be sent to prison and his fortune be awarded in TRUS to his children equally with alimony to his ex and reasonable punitive and supportive damages to Oksana (even if she is a gold-digger). There is a saying, there is no fool like an old fool, and Mel fits that bill! He really thought she loved him? He is a hateful bastard and deserves what he gets and then some.

1539 days ago


Okay drama for DoxyOxy issues --

Abused woman scenario didn't work.

Children at risk scenario didn't work.

Now try US Veterans?

How naive do you think we can we be?

'Ha ha ha, Ho ho ho (double entendre intended), and a couple of Tra la las, that's how we pass the day away in the merry old land of Ox.'

1539 days ago


So ok wait... you the bodygaurd... your client got beat up.... and now you are coming out and saying true that the client you are the body guard for got beat up....I just read mcdonalds website, it says our food causes cancer.

1539 days ago


Azzlee #85

you make a good point! Isn't there a gag order on the case? why is she talking?

I dont like Mel Gibson, but this peace of caca (Ho-ksana)makes me get on the MG bandwagon.

1539 days ago


oh, I respect US Troops. My nephew just finished a tour in Iraq and soon will be going to Afghanistan....but these bodyguards..please....they won't get any respect representing this stink weed oxy...

now mr doctor...aren't you missing your tee times?

1539 days ago


Oksana definitely need bodyguards to protect her from people who blindly support Mel Gibson before finding out what really was said or not said.

I know this is true because a man on TMZ who calls himself MEL threatened me with bodily harm because I didn't agree with his opinion that "Mel" is innocent. In this threat, the TMZ "MEL," used the "F" word a lot just like MEL GIBSON....Hmmmmmm

Needless to say, I let TMZ MEL know this is a free speech country and millions of people agree with my position as well.
Also let him know the FBI would be knocking at his door.

I've read more posts defending Mel Gibson, and would like to know if anyone of has a copy of any do***ents that show what Mel Gibson did or did not say, and show what was edited on the audio tapes?

Also, I've heard Oksana speak out in her defense, and I'd like to know if Mel Gibson himself has spoke out in his defense?

1539 days ago


"ONLY Oksana is being 100% honest" statement by the group, if made, is
very very wrong !


The comment regarding Oksana should be immediately retracted,
otherwise the Veterans will be seen as Tabloid Groupies with a disregard for
the American legal system.

I looked all over their website but could not find this statement.
I certainly hope it's a false quote.

1539 days ago


Especially when there's something in it for them...

1539 days ago


FINALLY! A respected group of veterans that have actually looked at the FACTS and determined the truth as I have. It's very clear Mel is spending millions on SPIN. And then there are these housewife posters here that in-between dishes are just making decisions off of emotion with no real look at facts in evidence. Or the similarly violent men that think this kind of stuff is just okay. Sick of all of them. I hope none ever serve on a jury and are required to acknowledge actual evidence. Mel should be jailed and kept from this baby.

1539 days ago
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