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Mel Gibson's Alleged Mistress

Joins Team Allred

8/7/2010 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson's alleged mistress Violet Kowal is now in the big leagues of the mistress game -- retaining coach attorney Gloria Allred ... TMZ has learned.

Gibson Mistress

Sources tell us Allred is now representing the Polish fitness model who reportedly claimed she had an affair with Gibson while Oksana Grigorieva was pregnant.

Kowal seems to be following the mistress handbook to the letter. She now has the same attorney as Rachel Uchitel ... and, we've learned, she has the same manager as Michelle "Bombshell" McGee.

It's unclear why Kowal needs legal representation at this point.

Then again, it all worked out for Uchitel.


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Once upon a time, Gloria Allred was a well respected lawyer who used to represent women who were in real need of legal help. Now it just seems that she is interested in the fame rather than helping women who truly need it. What a shame, that is all she is doing is help mistresses get money they do not deserve.

1535 days ago


Gloria is a pathetic bottomless feeder, slimier than a hooker and will represent anyone that is trash. Gloria the "Queen of Trash"

1535 days ago


What's going on? Can't a man have a girlfriend anymore?

1535 days ago


I'm just waiting for this newest ho to accuse MG of violence next. Wonder what her fake pics look like.

1535 days ago


Well now it's confirmed, she's a sleeze bag. She's hired the lawyer of sleezie whores. Isn't that special.

1535 days ago


Strange to say the least. WOW. Every man in California is at risk if they enter into a relationship with a woman. Women have gotten to be piranhas. Honestly. Its good to see the woman in Tennessee convicted of extortion regarding demanding millions from Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino. Women have gone to the dogs.

Gold Diggers!

1535 days ago


What's going on? Can't a man have a girlfriend anymore?

Posted at 8:14 AM on Aug 7, 2010 by robg

#53 I agree...!! Wow I'm speechless.

1535 days ago


What have we evolved to as a society when women choosing to get it on with a man suddenly require a lawyer? Where is the morality? Men and women have always gotten together, but never has there been such attention given to whores. Sorry, but if you have a secret liaison with someone, that is what you are. If you are looking for a payout because the man has deep pockets, then you are a prostitute.

1535 days ago


#46 The mine makes Hiroshima look like Disneyland.

Posted at 7:59 AM on Aug 7, 2010 by javaflash

I agree again!

This is flippin' crazy. Sue Happy!

1535 days ago


If they aren't married there shouldn't be a case period! Team up with Springer Gloria then you might get a few cases that matter!! Never mind...........not enough money for her greedy law firm and her purse!! She is no better than these women whores and earns NO respect from most women out there. Actually working whores are a better class of people than these trashy women and Gloria.

1535 days ago


I wonder what the judge that has a case involving Allred thinks when he/she looks up from the bench and sees her standing there? I'll bet a few 4 letter words come to mind and "darn" isn't one of them.

1535 days ago


Every man or woman that has ever had sex or dated anyone ought to clog up the court system, this BS would come to a screeching halt then leeches like Bombshell, Rachel Hooker, Kowal, Gloria Alred would get theirs. Alred wouldn't give a victim needing help where there is no money to be bled, the time of day. Looking at the pic of Alred, looks like she has upped her fancy wining and dining from her take of leeching off rich men.

1535 days ago


I worked in the movie industry for more than a decade. Gloria used to (maybe still does) advertise in the trade paper classifieds for clients who had been sexually harrassed. A good friend was a legitimate victim of harrassment by a studio exec (with eyewitnesses willing to testify) so she contacted Gloria's office. Their first question was "How soon can you be available for a press conference?" before they even knew the content of her claim. When she said she didn't want publicity, only justice, they told her Gloria wasn't interested unless she could take it to the press and "In Hollywood, if you don't take it public, you weren't really harrassed."

My friend subsequently got a $300k settlement being repped by a real lawyer that requested her desire for anonymity.

1535 days ago


Sorry - a real lawyer that RESPECTED her desire for anonymity.

1535 days ago

Vegas Wrestling    

When did being a homewrecker become an occupation? Ashley Dupre looks saintly compared to these real whores. Hey, with so many real problems faced by women today and so many women in abusive relationships and trying to protect their children from abusive Fathers, Allred chooses to "represent" women who made the decision as adults to sleep with a married celebrity. One day, one of these men are going to go "Say whatever you want, you'll look like the whore, not me." and Allred won't know what to do. Oh, isn't it ironic that Uchitel can't find anyone now? Maybe these women need to realize men see you burn another guy and the "Bros before ho's" rule is applied.

1535 days ago
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