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Mel Gibson's Alleged Mistress

Joins Team Allred

8/7/2010 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson's alleged mistress Violet Kowal is now in the big leagues of the mistress game -- retaining coach attorney Gloria Allred ... TMZ has learned.

Gibson Mistress

Sources tell us Allred is now representing the Polish fitness model who reportedly claimed she had an affair with Gibson while Oksana Grigorieva was pregnant.

Kowal seems to be following the mistress handbook to the letter. She now has the same attorney as Rachel Uchitel ... and, we've learned, she has the same manager as Michelle "Bombshell" McGee.

It's unclear why Kowal needs legal representation at this point.

Then again, it all worked out for Uchitel.


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So, they're making this a family affair. Gloria's daughter, Lisa Bloom is an attorney for Oksana. These two are disgusting.

1502 days ago


Business is slow, huh, Gloria? Too many underwater houses to unload?

What's that perfect title she settled 20 grand for?

"Slick Butch Lawyeres" Man, if the dude fought on, he deserved a nobel peace prize.

1502 days ago


Morning All!

My, my, interesting stories braking today, no? Sort of backing and filling on yesterday's little snafu.

I'm wondering if Miss Violet has had any past connection with the likes of Listermann, Radovsky and Kuzman. At this point, I would be surprised if she didn't.

1502 days ago


Trash, meet Trash.

1502 days ago


Erm, I meant "breaking". Right, need more coffee.

1502 days ago


What on earth are these whores deserving of?
Respect and money? -IXNAY.
Isn't adultery a crime in most states?
Extortion too?
All-red needs to be (and should be) brought before the bar for unethical, if not, illegal, practices.
Here's a shiny example, product & consequence of this new age of extorting money, acceptance and "respect" for being a no-good slutting piece of talentless trash ...-Montana "Chippy D" Fishburne.
"No shame to the game" anymore.

Just spread'm and Allred'm.

This isn't about Mel anymore, it's not even about men or women ... it's about the kids.
What kind of message our we giving kids these days?
Montana Fishburne is not an isolated example, she just has a famous Dad.
This new f'ked up culture is a cancer.

1502 days ago


Mel you should have never left your wife.

1502 days ago


Gloria, if you feed any deeper, you're really digging deeper into your next after-life- home.

1502 days ago


How many girlfriends does this idiot have?

1502 days ago


Just maybe. . . . .IF many of these women would show more class, and be more choosy with whom they slept with, they wouldn't need any attorney. But then. . . . .that would defeat their WHOLE purpose-sleeping around so they can sue (get as much money as they can)and/or become a 15 minute television personality (for lack using the appropriate term!).
It's a sad day in this world when a woman prospers from her bedroom activities with famous and/or married men instead of being ashamed. But unfortunately this is the world we now live in-anything goes for the highest price. Common class, decency, respect and morals are becoming more and more a thing of the past. And it's viewed by many as normal. Very sad!

1502 days ago


I have no respect for
You lay down with dogs
you get up with fleas.
She comes across as much
of a media whore as her

1502 days ago


Just another wh@re looking for quick cash. Who really cares if Mel had an affair, what difference could it possibly make at this point. Mel and Oksana weren't even married. All these women making money off of having affairs with celebrities need to be charged with solicitation of prostitution, cause that is exactly what they are doing.

1502 days ago


This woman is a slut. Her chosen career, admits as much. she is in line to get money? OMG....and her lawyer, also a slut for defending these kind of women. A percentage or contingency fee agreement to rush a known and wealthy celeb....and any celeb, and certainly to keep the "whatever" issue whether it is sex or a whatver silent....they pay. This has to stop. Honestly, we should be enraged that out American talent gets raped in this fashion, but these kind of women who sell themselves for profit, hire opportunistic attorneys to defend them. I can promise you that if the client wasn't wealthy, NO ATTORNEY would even touch this case. attention; Be angry. If you own county government wants to damage your rights, them do for political reasons....and for those same political reasons, you cannot obtain representation on those things that affect lives, children, homes and etc. BUT, if you have money, watch out because you will be sued for where you place your ****...and sorry folks but that is exactly what Gloria is who wants to defend this whore is doing. Suing Mel Gibson, for their liason....and prove it, will you please! Unless, you saw the act, it simply and legally DID NOT happen. Pathetic.

1502 days ago

Maria Ashot    

Gentlemen, consider yourselves warned:

Nowadays, more than ever before, Sluts Come With Strings Attached... The more you possess, the more they will cost you, in the end.

(puns intended)

1502 days ago

Maria Ashot    

Translation: First you screw them, then they screw you.

Clear enough, already?

Why do you think it has been known since time immemorial that Thieves and Harlots are like conjoined twins?

1502 days ago
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