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Mel Gibson --

Gone Fishin'

8/7/2010 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If you're looking for Mel Gibson, we've learned he's on a family fishing trip -- and Oksana Grigorieva and her attorneys are none too happy.

Sources tell us Mel has been out of the country all week fishing with 2 of his sons. We've learned Oksana's laywers tried to schedule Gibson's deposition -- for the ongoing child custody battle -- right smack in the middle of his trip. The depo's been delayed since Mel is unavailable.

According to sources, Oksana's people think the delay is evidence that Mel is not committed to Lucia -- but we're told Oksana's lawyers knew Mel was away when they set the date.

Sources say Mel will be front and center for his deposition in short order.


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Hmmm....the lawyers knew the dates he was unavailable and scheduled him anyway. Somebody made an error.

Oksana isn't happy? Too bad.

Taking two sons on a fishing trip somehow shows he is not committed to his daughter? Talk about damned if you do and damned if you don't. Following this logic it would seem he is not committed to his other children also.

Much ado about nothing indeed.

1545 days ago


A Fish caled Oksana, I bet she when opens her legs it smells like a old fish factory...

Team Mel

The money quote;

"According to sources, Oksana's people think the delay is evidence that Mel is not committed to Lucia -- but we're told Oksana's lawyers knew Mel was away when they set the date.

Sources say Mel will be front and center for his deposition in short order."

1545 days ago

South Beach    

This chick needs to figure out she has played her highest card and MG is stilling alive and well, damaged rep not withstanding, people have short memories and she's almost ancient history.

MG has 7 kids other than the poor kid she's trying to use as an ATM, and his being off with them isn't going to do a thing to his rep.The leverage is gone and MG knows it. Expect crumbs when this is said an done.

1545 days ago


oiy, this gold digger is something else. I have yet to see her do anything in the best interest of her child. I do not believe she had any reason to fear for her life, but for ****s and giggles lets say she did. To stay in his home and continue to walk the red carpet with him certainly doesn't seem like she had her childs best interest at heart. Her interests are strictly the almighty dollar. She will use whatever pawn she can to try to score herself a windfall.

I will dance in the streets when she is found guilty on extortion and sent to a wonderful prison where she will become someones biotch.


1545 days ago


Oksana is really a piece of work. Gibson paid 250k for her lawyers, she is living in his house for free and probally sponging off the kids child support. Mel enjoy you trip.

1545 days ago

Oil Man    

How is it that TMZ finds the ugliest pictures as possible of Mel Gibson? Has he really let himself go, or is this the work of overzealous photogs?

1545 days ago


What has happened to Mel he made that wonderful picture of CHRIST and has his own church!!!! Where has he placed JESUS in his life it seems he is letting the devil take him over and he is destroying his soul????? I am praying for him.
still love him celeste

1545 days ago


Is the world weird cos we are or are we weird cos the world is

weird is something that is peculiar, strange, odd, bizarre, supernatural

what the fock is God HE cant be weird cos hes infallible something that is always certain than why does he work in mysterious ways?

1545 days ago


The funny thing is, they/she is probably really pissed because he went with the two sons who "supposedly" saw this abuse!!

That would be the real kicker!!

Also, depending on their ages, they won't have to testify. And Robyn and Mel have to sign off on them doing so. So why Oksana would chose to use them as an excuse/witness is beyond me!!


As for the court being pissed, the judge probably won't be. They are super oblivious usually to the rest of the world. I think Judge Revel was the only one who wasn't.

1545 days ago


Oh no, he's off with the Generals of his ARMY!! Oksana, be damned!

1545 days ago

Bobo Frog    

He's Satan.

1545 days ago


Does Satan fish?

1545 days ago


Story's crap. If you set a deposition within 30 days, you are required to contact opposing counsel to check on the date(local rules may be different in SoCal, but not by much, I bet). If you set the depo within 60 days you don't have to contact because it's assumed that the deponent will have enough time to arrange his or her schedule to appear at the depo. Then you just issue the notice. So Oksana's attorneys would have of course contacted Mel's attorneys to inquire since it's less than 30 days and c'monnnnn, this stuff happens all the time with depo scheduling.

1545 days ago


If he did take the kids Oksana named off fishing, it is because he feared that b!tch, Ox-ma, would give the paps/gossip shows/tabloids the boys' addresses so they could harass them. After all, Oksana doesn't have a problem exploiting her children or having her kid appear on pap's cameras, now does she? Good for Mel Gibson.

1545 days ago


Does Satan fish?

Posted at 6:28 AM on Aug 7, 2010 by kickaboo

yes, she fishes for those with big bank accounts...

1545 days ago
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