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VH1 Star -- An Insect Laid Eggs Inside My Leg!

8/10/2010 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One of the most stomach-turning urban legends of all time just came true for a VH1 reality show winner ... when she discovered that an insect had laid a giant sac of eggs INSIDE of her leg!!!!!!!

24-year-old Kerry Schwartz -- who won VH1's "Frank the Entertainer in a Basement Affair" -- claims she decided to head to the ER on Sunday after noticing a bump resembling a bug bite on her leg ... that had grown to the size of a handball.

Schwartz tells TMZ, doctors quickly determined it wasn't a bite ... and sliced into the bump to get a better look ... revealing a nest of "insect eggs" buried deep inside of Kerry's flesh.

Doctors performed a two-hour surgery -- during which they scooped the eggs out of a gaping hole in her thigh ... leaving Kerry with a pretty nasty wound.

Kerry tells us she has another doctor's appointment tomorrow -- you know, to make sure there aren't any leftovers. As for the burning question -- what kind of bug was it? -- Kerry tells us the doctors weren't sure.

Sleep tight.


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this is very common in South America. it calls "bicho Geografico" or Geographic bug. this name it is because gets inside the skin and slowlly walk inside the body. it is possible to see the path on the skin. it does not need surgery. only a lotion called "FONDAN"

1446 days ago


Why are people writing mean comments? this obviously isnt a joke and it could have been deadly or she could have lost her leg.I have heard stories like this before and its very scary. I think everyone should be saying a prayer for her instead of making fun of it. Get better Kerry!

1446 days ago


This is crazy. She was in the last music video that I directed for JT Maple's "Chance I'm Looking For". I hope she feels better soon. Check out the video here:

1445 days ago


this is very common in South America. it calls "bicho Geografico" or Geographic bug. this name it is because gets inside the skin and slowlly walk inside the body. it is possible to see the path on the skin. it does not need surgery. only a lotion called "FONDAN"

Posted at 10:34 AM on Aug 10, 2010 by glaucia
Finally! You are the one that I feel like agreeing with. This is the reason that anyone who applies to LEGALLY immigrate to the USA is required Medical Clearance. Yes, the doctors on the approved-list and the tests cost money. Illegal immigrants do not submit to Medical Clearance. Our children and their children work and play side-by-side at school, and, we hire illegals to do the work that USA citizens won't do. Foreigners need to be examined as a precaution that they aren't bringing diseases to our country.

Also, bare legs and sandals show off your haute pedicure, however, you are at risk of attracting parasites and other filth on the pavement and ground. Wear socks with your sandals or closed-toe shoes.

1445 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

DIS.GUST.ING!!! How long did she have the sore before she went to the doctor? Ewwww!!!!!!!

1445 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

Bathing on a regular basis has its advantages.

1445 days ago


Wow, thats really scary!!!!!

1445 days ago


Looks like a Brown Recluse spider bite.. I've had that before.. Crucial..

1445 days ago


she should ve her bath regularly and pls cover up some more flesh so insects or bug or watever does not crrip to her watever and lay eggs

1445 days ago


There are I know of two flies that lay eggs in himans. The Botfly and the screw fly. It's rare but it happens. I saw once where some guy kept hearing things and it was a sac of eggs one of the flies left in his head. How creepy is that?

1445 days ago


Just to clear things up re: one of the first comments - Morgellons does not involve eggs. It is strongly believed to be a bacterial infection, as Lyme Disease is found in over 50% of Morgellons patients - a good indication that it is likely spread by ticks along with Lyme.

To me, it sounds like she had some sort of parasite infection - but of course I'm not a doctor. I hope that she's better since her surgery.

1445 days ago

Rachel Rothechild    

Okay, it sounds so disgusting. I did expect that. Thanks for CDC explanation. And I am sorry that happened to her and I truly empathise. That how an occupation feels America we need to be scooped out of present wars. (Kerry body is where the wars are guess who the occupying force was trying to bring democracy to her body).

1445 days ago


Many people mistakenly believe the former and now very dead Shah of Iran died of cancer. However, I have it on very very very good authority that he actually died of a parasitic infestation inside his body which he received in the tropics and it proved to be inoperable (infected his pancreas) and therefore, he died eventually. A noted heart surgeon tried to do the procedure but his team could not get all of it. So, yes, this is probably a true story. Take care of yourselves folks and make sure to get any infected insect bite looked at. Seriously.

1445 days ago


They're called botflies. It's nasty!

1445 days ago


Gross. Reminds me of the first season of Survivor when Colleen had bugs living in her legs and she said the doctors told her it would be three years before they were fully healed.

1445 days ago
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