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Mel's Lawyers

Went Nuclear Over Chernobyl

8/9/2010 9:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva is upset that Mel Gibson's lawyers insinuated she pocketed money during a trip she took to Moscow to help victims of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

As TMZ first reported ... Oksana was grilled during her deposition last week about her finances.  We're told Mel's lawyers spent time asking her about the trip she took in April, where she performed at a charity concert to help Chernobyl victims. 

Our sources say Oksana felt "harassed" by the line of questioning and felt Mel's lawyers were harsh.

We're told Oksana insisted she didn't make a penny off the two concerts -- sponsored by the Chernobyl's Children's Project International and the Grant A Life Foundation -- which raised money for 50 kids in need of heart surgery.


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Really? She felt harassed and thought Mel's lawyers were nasty? Hello...McFly...It's a deposition, not a ****tail party.

1538 days ago


When are people gonna learn that mail order brides are not the best way to start/have a relationship?

1538 days ago

Tired of toxomom    

If she didn't feel harassed, then the lawyers didn't do their job.

Want some cheese with that WHINE?

1538 days ago


If anyone needs "heart" surgery it's the wench that sold her children's souls to ROL. She looks like she may have gotten too close to the fall out of Chernobyl given the looks of her face. It's melting...

1538 days ago


Oksana felt "harassed"

excuse me just a moment...ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!

1538 days ago


Playing the universe's smallest violin for Oksana and lmao!

yay! Harvey is back

1538 days ago


Harvey must be back. I see this story and the Hutton Gibson story. I wonder how that Hutton Gibson story has affected the poling data on this story.

Real nice Harvey.

Funny how Roman Polanski can anally rape a 14 yr old and you say nothing, but dare anyone go up against the Jewish Media Machine.

I am beginning to think that Mel's anti-Semitic rants were right on point.

Harvey, that you had to stoop so low, as to feature a Hutton Gibson story on this very day when the sheriffs dept spoke up, tells me Mel is not guilty, and that you are pulling everything you can our your ass to make him appear so.

...and to think I actually liked you Harvey.*shakes head*

♥♥♥TEAM MEL!!♥♥♥

1538 days ago


@barnswella - double standard in Hollyweird is amazing. Drug and sodomize a minor and you become Patron Saint of Film. Call a c.unt that sells her children to tabloids a c.unt and you are Satan incarnate.

1538 days ago


"She performed a charity concert..." She is one big fat ugly charity.

The only thing she could perform that might bring in some cash, would be sexual favors. That's about it.

1538 days ago


"she performed at a charity concert"

hey y'all...what does that mean? she gave blow jobs for free?

1538 days ago


If Oksana performed a charity concert - the only charity that was shown was by the audience that had to endure her performance and managed not to walking out.

1538 days ago


Tell me this is a joke! :))))))))

1538 days ago

say what?    

I saw her performance on GMA for about 5 seconds..My ears needed charity work after that!!

1538 days ago


You know she pocketed most of the cash that he sent for helping the people in Moscow. But why should we send money there? Russians hate Americans and are the worse in cyber crime especially to the USA not to mention the computer viruses coming out of by their hackers.You can bet on that one!

1538 days ago


Okay - so who is - "We're told"? Is the fly on the wall in this deposition whispering in the ear of TMZ? So who paid for Oksana's trip? Just how much money was raised for the charity? How much was spent on her family while she was there? Did she volunteer to do this or was she actually asked to perform?
Ah well......she felt harassed???? Lawyers are supposed to ask questions in a deposition - you ditz!

1538 days ago
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