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Mayor of Wasilla to Levi

'Keep Your Clothes On'

8/10/2010 4:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If Levi Johnston really plans on running for Mayor of Wasilla, he needs to do two things first -- get a high school education and stop dropping his pants for nudie magazines ... this according to the current Mayor of Wasilla.

Levi Johnston
TMZ just spoke with Mayor Verne Rupright, who's offering sound political advice to Levi -- after the 20-year-old announced he'll be running for Mayor of Wasilla next year as part of his new reality show.

Rupright tells TMZ his advice for Levi is, "Get your high school diploma and keep your clothes on"-- because, according to Rupright, "voters like it that way."

When it comes to the Levi's ability to run the city, Rupright -- a Vietnam war veteran -- tells TMZ, "I don't know if I could handle those responsibilities when I was Levi's age. I was still trying to figure out how to put on my uniform."


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FIRST! I don't like it that some of you are calling Bristol Palin trashy and saying unkind things about her innocent little baby. So what if she isn't married to this douche? This young woman was simply trying to work things out with the father of her child. What is wrong with that? So, now she knows, beyond a shadow of doubt, that he is never going to be the husband and father that she and her baby deserve - and she has moved on. But she is raisning her child and I for one respect that. Let her be....

1533 days ago


So how come the US doesn't call Levi up for service to his country, slap him in a uniform, and show him what the real world looks like?
He seriously needs enlightening and a massive attitude adjustment. He thinks it's a big joke, from making babies, nude photos, to running a town, even a small one. This guy is a menace to society because other teens will look at him and say... all right! I want to be just like Levi.
Think about that.

1533 days ago


Reality TV just keeps getting worse! Who wants to watch this loser and his loser family in a reality show? Aren't his 15 minutes of fame up yet? If he wants to do something, how about finish high school, get a respectable job, and become a parent that his son can one day be proud of.

1533 days ago

Sin D    

So in other words...he has the same qualifications as George W. Bush...what the Hey...go for it snapperhead !

1533 days ago


Reality tv has sunk to a new low if you ask me,only thing lower are the people who watch it

1533 days ago


If people will watch Real Housewives of DC, then there are people out there who will watch Levi. Not everyone in Alaska is an idiot. Hopefully the people of Wasilla won't vote for this clown. The good thing is that he has a job/paycheck so he can pay child support - we can hope the paycheck isn't dependent on high TV ratings!

1533 days ago


If I lived in Wasilla, I'd vote for Levi in a heartbeat.

What would want that fat f**k Verne to run their city. He makes me want to puke just lookin' at him.


1533 days ago


Ha ha. Love Verne Uptight's quote:

"I don't know if I could handle those responsibilities when I was Levi's age. I was still trying to figure out how to put on my uniform."

I'll bet that slow-witted porkpie still has to make a couple of tries before he can put on his pants. Ha ha ha


1533 days ago


It's a stunt to promote his stupid reality show.....who watches that crap anyway?

1533 days ago


Please!!! I'm begging.No more stories about this guy.Call me cynical but I think the whole "engagement" story was a load of crap.I don't think there was ever a chance in hell these two would've gotten married.It was a publicity stunt from the get go.And now the media is falling all over themselves about the break-up,the new "girlfriend",Bristol's reaction,etc.Enough already.

1533 days ago

Loving Levi    

That guy looks like he'd rape Levi if he does take off his clothes.

1533 days ago


And thank you Slutty Whores Rock.You said it much better than I did.Agree 100%.Cheers.

1533 days ago



1533 days ago


This kid can't even run his own life, how is he going to run an entire city?

1533 days ago


Lets see. . . no job, no high school drop out, no military service, unwed father. . . let me guess, he is running as a Democrat?

1533 days ago
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