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Flight Attendants: Steven Slater Is Our Frickin' Hero!

8/10/2010 1:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Flight attendants from airlines everywhere are rallying around JetBlue's most famous employee Steven Slater -- praising him for fighting "flight attendant abuse" and even building him a shrine ... on Facebook.

Steve Slater Facebook
TMZ has learned someone created an FB fan page for Slater less than a day ago -- which already has more than 15,000 followers ... and continues to grow by the minute.

But the most interesting part is the comment section, which has been taken over by flight attendants across the country who wish they had the cojones to do what Slater did.

One user wrote, "We (flight attendants) secretly have thought about doing are my hero for taking a stand on flight attendant abuse!!!!"

And another -- "Kudos to you, I am a former flight attendant and only wish I had the nerve to do what you did!!!!!!" And yet another -- "As a former F/A, you made my fantasy come true--you just did what we have all thought about doing a thousand times! Good Luck to you! :)"

As we previously reported, Slater -- who told off a passenger on a JetBlue flight yesterday and then abandoned ship on the emergency chute -- is charged with two counts of reckless endangerment, two counts of criminal mischief and one count of criminal trespass. His bail is set at $2,500.


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Harvey Levin,is a good person and his private life has nothing to do with this matter.Do not interfere with other people's personal life.Get out and deal with current issues,spreading LOVE and not Hatred.Flight attendants are mentally and physically abuse by unruly,disgusting passengers,and they know this.The customer is not correct all the time.Three sides to a story not two...........thanks

1498 days ago


Flight attendants take an enormous amount of CRAP from passengers. I stand right behind this man. I am tired of the public and their lack of respect for those working to serve them. The public is becoming more and more abusive. GOOD FOR HIM!

1498 days ago


Considering how crappy the service on airlines has become, the real hero is the passenger who told him to F off and then bopped him with a bag.

1498 days ago


Nearing 34,000 fans right now.

1498 days ago


Oh get a life! We all have bad days. This F/A is no better than the passanger. Both are probably snobs who think they have more rights than others- I've come accorss rude F/As and terrible passagers... so whatever- why is this such big news anyway- Instead of donating a dollar to this ugly, why don't everyone donate that dollar to help a child or a person in need-

1498 days ago

Classy Lady    

Every flight I've been on they always request that we remain seated until the aircraft comes to a complete stop. Simple Request!! This person probably wanted to be the first one out the door. It's a mad rush on airplanes to grab the bags from the overhead storage and run to the door. If people just be patient and let the plane clear things like this wouldn't happen. The passenger should have remined seated and the attendant would not have been injured and there wouldn't be a story. But to tell someone to F-off is totally uncalled for in this situation. I can't imagine the rudeness flight attendents are subjected to but he had reached the tip of tolerance and snapped. Whether he is gay or not is irrelevant and shouldn't be included in the comments. The solution is simple, people, for the sake of safety for yourself and fellow passengers, please follow directions!!

1498 days ago


All you haters.....Not all airlines have unions. We are not the
golden geese we should be. We are actually there for your safety, all else is secondary, but it's the most remembered. The job of flying is not what it use to be. Many, many of us love our jobs, it has gotten somewhat tedious, with less crew, more service, or galley demands, setting and pre-preparing your inflight service meals. Short layovers, harder working flights, we are tired. Everyone's trying to make money, we can understand that, there's a lot to factor in, daily stresses, crew, responsibilities to your flight, commute to work, etc. The economy, and how we use to live and how we have to live, rides one. There's always an obligation to uphold. How many of us just wish the world would stop so we could just jump off? Regroup and return. I wish Steven the best. My heart goes out to his Mom. Quite your job is not always the answer. Companies would love for the senior folks to leave so they can hire the new employees for less, and after awhile you might see their attitude change up, and not for the better. Let's just be kind to each other.

1498 days ago


I actually left University in my 3rd year x many years ago to become a Flight Attendant with Wardair.. I got called into the office for an official smack down called a #1659 ie your in Big Shi!!! A coyuple of old ladies on a flight landing in Heatherow did NOT want to give me thier tea cups before we actaually hit the ground. I did argue with them and try to get their tea cups as we were told we absolutley must do before descending.. Those old bags were not worth the crap I went through trying to keep them safe less they be decapitated or something as wewere told could happen. We also had to carry 20 pound trays of real china with food blah blah blah A Fricken NIGHTMARE. I quit within the first year as I was probably going to be fired. I started a recruiting company and never looked back for obvious reason. You Rock Steven!!!!

Tracey Lupton

1498 days ago


This story is really awesome. He has support from so many people and for what? He had the opportunity to act like and adult and set a good example and that's what he did.....he deserves to be removed from society for 7 years. People like this should not be face to face reps for ANY company.

1498 days ago

Taylor Dadson    

Flight attendants are arrogant, snooty and condescending. There should be no praise or respect for them until they improve their attitudes.

1498 days ago


Awesome! I can picture the beer on the way down the slide...South Park school bus driver..."Sit Down!" "Shut Up!" says Hi!

1498 days ago

Bill C.    

I wouldn't give one red cent for this clown. When the airlines charge $50 for every checked bad, the flight attendants deserve every bit of abuse people can dish out. Regardless if it's not their decision to charge the fee. They are the closest airline representative. So screw them.

1498 days ago


I do not know what happened in this incident -- the reports I have been able to find are very sketchy.

But I will say that every single flight I take, I thank the flight attendants afterward, because they get so much abuse.

They are getting more scheduled, crazy shifts, less sleep; and the airlines routinely oversell and understock planes so that there is no food left on dinner flights for example. This is not the flight attendants' fault and they should not have to get crap from people about it; they are just caught in the middle. I try to be as helpful (and quiet) as I can.

1498 days ago


I love this guy! Go Steven!

1498 days ago


He is a hero to the gay community..."they" believe he is a hero. And them-only, alone (period).

1498 days ago
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