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Flight Attendants: Steven Slater Is Our Frickin' Hero!

8/10/2010 1:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Flight attendants from airlines everywhere are rallying around JetBlue's most famous employee Steven Slater -- praising him for fighting "flight attendant abuse" and even building him a shrine ... on Facebook.

Steve Slater Facebook
TMZ has learned someone created an FB fan page for Slater less than a day ago -- which already has more than 15,000 followers ... and continues to grow by the minute.

But the most interesting part is the comment section, which has been taken over by flight attendants across the country who wish they had the cojones to do what Slater did.

One user wrote, "We (flight attendants) secretly have thought about doing are my hero for taking a stand on flight attendant abuse!!!!"

And another -- "Kudos to you, I am a former flight attendant and only wish I had the nerve to do what you did!!!!!!" And yet another -- "As a former F/A, you made my fantasy come true--you just did what we have all thought about doing a thousand times! Good Luck to you! :)"

As we previously reported, Slater -- who told off a passenger on a JetBlue flight yesterday and then abandoned ship on the emergency chute -- is charged with two counts of reckless endangerment, two counts of criminal mischief and one count of criminal trespass. His bail is set at $2,500.


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To all the a**holes who can't seem to understand the dilemma of increasingly underpaid flight attendent who is literally belittled, sworn at, and injured at the hands of a rude and rule breaking passenger. **ck you! **ck all you a**holes! I've had it your snide little homophobic putdowns. **ck you all! I'm outa here

1537 days ago


Both parties said and did unprofessional, regretable things.
BTW, RyanAir in Europe is starting 'standing room only',yes,stand up flights!
Think about it!

1537 days ago

danielle aleshire    

bravo to this guy i have seen many flight attendents be abused by passengers on a plane and it drives me crazy i myself have gotten into it with another passenger for being rude to an attendent!!! thier just there lk everyone else tryn to get a paycheck!!

1537 days ago


@"lat" who thinks that flight attendants are just over-paid waiters and waitreses with cranky attitudes: Maybe you don't travel alot, or maybe you don't know that flight attendants at pretty much every airline have taken 40% paycuts in recent years, and don't make nearly as much money as some people would like to believe. Some flight attendants have lost their homes due to pay cuts and some almost qualify for food stamps. Not only do flight attendants have the pleasure of working longer hours for less money, they also have the pleasure of being yelled at and harrassed by cranky passengers for simply DOING THEIR JOB!!!! Telling someone to sit down or keep a bag stowed is part of the flight attendant's job....not because they care about the rude prick violating FAA regulations, but rather they don't want the rude prick to hurt an innocent passenger when he drops his heavy bag on them. Their job is also to help save YOUR life if necessary. Lets see how quickly you turn to a flight attendant for help in an aircraft emergency!

Most flight attendants stay at the job because they truly enjoy their job and like helping people. It's just the few ignorant people that make a flight attendant want to blow a slide and get the hell out of there!

1537 days ago

Beautiful Brown Eye Girl    

This guy is a HERO..... everyday I put my self in that same posistion every day of my life....befor each plan is going to land your are told: PLEASE STAY IN YOUR SEATS TELL THE AIR CRAFT HAS COME TO A FULL AND COMPLETE STOP FOR YOUR SAFTEY AND OTHERS....THANK YOU... and he stands up? and grabs his bags befor it stops....and smashes it on the Stewards head.....and he is at fault.... so typle of ALL you ASS holes that fly and think you are to speacial to follow the rules.....and OH yeah just because you ASS holes of the world that fly think we are people in these posistions to be used and walk all over...... WHY do you think they have safty rules to keep you safe.....well that was brain surgery...... GOOD FOR HIM.....I hope they find this guy so US flight people can line him up..... and kick his self absorb putts ASS.......just a thought....

1537 days ago

big D f/a    

why in the hell is his sexual orientation being brought up so much? who cares?? it's not even remotely relevant to to what happened. To all the homophobes out there: bravery and heterosexuality are not mutually exclusive.

1537 days ago


Steven should get a promotion to V.P of Jet Blue customer relations and the idiot passenger should be fined and jailed.
Everyone knows that a Queen trumps a Princess. I hope Jet Blue makes a commercial before S.N.L. steals the spotlight. Better yet, lets get Stevie to host S.N.L. in a "Bye Bye sit your Ass Down Lets get Drunk!" comedy skit with Mel Gibson as the abusive, dumb-ass passenger!

1537 days ago


The stupid passenger got up as the plane was on the ground but was still moving, to dock and let everyone off. Everyone knows that you remain in your seat and buckled until the plane stops moving, the seatbelt sign goes and off and you hear the announcement.

the idiotic passenger gets up and tries to get his carry on, When He Is Not Supposed To, and the Steward gets whacked in the head, and wants an apology but the ******* wont give him one? Stewards and Stewardess get abused all the time. I don't blame him at all, so I think while what he did was kind of stupid, if the ****ing passenger just listened and not had gotten up, this would not have happened.

1537 days ago


I don't really agree with this guy's actions and the response he is receiving from the public... I have to point out one thing. If this was a muslim man or woman that done this it would be an all out racial war slandering us. I don't want to turn this into a racial debate but I don't believe that just because a customer was irate and rude that it justified his actions at no point is that ok! I am in customer service and part of our job is to deal with good and bad customers that's it!

1536 days ago


In America we are missing the plot. No one including Airline flight attendants like their jobs. People who used to like it, now all have a chip on their shoulders and feel like their jobs are beneath them.

Perhaps we should hire mexicans to be flight attendants so these snobs can move up to bigger and more American jobs. I mean, let's be honest, white people don't like to serve other people anything. Peanuts, coffee, beer, attitude what would you like?

Asian airlines have it all figured out. You could yell and scream at a flight attendant and they would simply apologise and ask for your forgiveness and try and solve the problem.

They are there to serve you, not to baby sit you and talk down to you, threaten you and or give you attitude. Flight attendants are there for one reason only, to count the number of passengers, serve those passengers, thank them for flying, and make sure everyone has a nice flight. They are not there to baby sit.

Only in America

1536 days ago



1536 days ago


Oh my god I hate all of you people. The amount of common sense from the supporters of this guyregarding this situation is deplorable. You people are nutjobs. The only difference between this guy and anyone else that lost control at work and is being reported on in the news is that he got lucky enough not to hurt anyone.

The way these comments sound I wouldn't be surprised if most of you thought it would have been funny if that slide landed on someone's head.

1536 days ago


This whole situation makes me lose faith in humanity. Nothing this guy did is worthy of praise. The only thing this incident does is help you identify people in your life that are truly idiots.

1536 days ago


Has the passenger been arrested?
If the passenger goes free, so does Slater.
Hope to hear more stories like this--as*hole customers beware--you deserve to get treated, ROUGHLY, for being the brats you are.

1536 days ago


Thw real question is why the varied reactions - which say so much more about the responders than the two characters in the Jet Blue incident.
Obviously there are many folks unhappy with their jobs and - if it were not for the economy - might be out the door as well.
Then there are those who have been able to learn to deal with what life has given them. Destructive and rude behavior can be found everywhere - even in marriages. How one responds to this is really the measure of success.
We play the victim card in this culture and we play it hard. The real problem of this altercation is that by his behavior he came just like the b.....h. Her behavior was atrocious and all too familiar these days when people are feeling entitled but his response places him in a category that is hardly different. All of us have experienced such classic disrespect and there were sanctions against doing what we REALLY would have liked to do in response. Sadly, Steve did a stupid by grabbing and beer and opening the exit door. He becomes for many the hero!
I worked for an airline for nine years - a manager - and when the bottom company line is profit from paying customers - you practically have to sell your soul to the company to put up with this crap. Luckily I got out while I still loved my job.
And that is when flying was still glamorous and delightful!

1536 days ago
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