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Jessica Alba Smiles -- Gets Out of a Ticket

8/11/2010 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica Alba doesn't smile for just anyone -- but this morning the actress brushed the dust off her pearly whites during a traffic stop in L.A. ... and was not-so-shockingly let go with just a warning.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Alba was pulled over for speeding this AM in Beverly Hills -- and during the stop, we're told Alba blamed her lead foot on the nearby paparazzi.

We're told Alba -- who was extremely cooperative and smiley during the stop -- was eventually let go with only a warning ... but was told that pap-avoiding is no reason to break the law.


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I'm so disappointed in the law officer and in jessica. she thinks she can just get away with this because she's a "star." yes she's pretty but she hasn't had a movie hit in i don't know how long. pathetic, especially for someone who is all about loving animals and protecting such and such laws when she herself can't even follow normal traffic rules and tries to get out of them when she's caught.

1469 days ago


Why does her head fit perfectly with his body's reflection on her car?? LMAO......I H8 her BTW!!!

1469 days ago


Officer, I have a bunch of people with cameras chasing me some of which do not know what SEX they want to be when the grow up.

That is why I was speeding.

1469 days ago

J Simp    

I'd probably let Jessica off with a warning too.

1469 days ago


This is the 2nd time i believe she has been pulled over and let go. Last time was when she was going the WRONG way on a one way street.
She's driving around with a kid-she SHOULD get a ticket.
She's a jackass-what talent??? She looks good in swimsuits and lingerie?

1469 days ago


Gotta love the cops! When it comes to sleaze and corruption they are second only to Catholic priests.

1469 days ago

Lets Be Honest    

I suppose the illegaly tinted windows were also caused by the allegedly pursuing paps.

You and I would not have gotten off with a warning. Besides NOT doing his job this cop just inflated this womans ego even further. This cop just spent our tax dollars giving her more of an entitlement complex.

And of course she has the typical Hollywood mentality, do what I say but don't ever question what I do. I need a 5,000+ pound SUV to speed around the streets of Beverly Hills. Perhaps she needs this oversized TRUCK to carry all her graffiti supplies so she can do more damage to public property.

1469 days ago


I'd love to deport the Mexican b**ch.

1469 days ago

Some random guy    

'I'd love to deport the Mexican b**ch." - M

First off, she's only half-Mexican and she's a US citizen . I think her dad is even Mexican American and not actually from Mexico as well as his parents (they're both from California according to Wikipedia). And the way you say you want to "deport the Mexican b**tch" it looks to me like you just want to deport all Mexicans regardless of their immigration status. You xenophobic prick.

Hell I've even heard she doesn't like to acknowledge her Mexican err Mexican American side.

1469 days ago


It looks like she's wearing the police uniform. That's funny.

1469 days ago

Lets Be Honest    

You know this pic is making the rounds throughout BHPD. Lets hope someone from internal affairs starts a report on this cop.

And if we're lucky this cop is being grilled by his wife on why he's leaning against this womans car door. Any legitimate cop knows that once a female driver starts flirting with you the best recourse is to keep distance between you and the driver and to converse with the driver completely by the book. This avoids any and all accusations being brought against the cop. Obviously this cop was quite excited about this stop and is hoping for the favor to be returned.

1469 days ago


girls always get out of everything.

1469 days ago


In another incident with the Beverly Hills cops again, a friend of mine, who is a well known celebrity, was at a traffic light with another friend and blew smoke from a joint out the window. Well, there happened to have been a motorcycle cop right behind them. They get pulled over of course. The cop comes over to the car and asks to hand over all of the marijuana in the car. They happened to have just bought a quarter ounce of weed which is in the dashboard compartment. They hand it to the cop knowing he was going to check the car anyway. The cop recognizes my friend, who was on a TV show at the time. He tells my friend that if he books him on this charge it would probably ruin his career and that he was a fan of his show. My friend thanks him and begs him to just let them slide. The cop not only lets them slide, but hands them back the quarter ounce of weed and tells them to not smoke it until they got home and to only smoke it at home. 100% TRUE STORY!

I got pulled over in Beverly Hills about 4 months ago for making a right turn on a red light when it was clearly allowed. When the cop pulled me over he said I failed to come to a complete stop first, which was totally inaccurate! I came to a COMPLETE stop in fact. I begged the cop not to give me a ticket and that I have an impeccable driving record in my 24 years of driving. I've gotten one other ticket my whole life! Without hesitation the cop issued me a ticket and says that he wouldn't be doing his job if he didn't. The ticket was a moving violation and cost me $260... and a full day of traffic school.

Oh, it must be so nice to have celebrity status in this messed up town. It's really unreal what those that are "famous" get away with. Unreal!

1469 days ago


haha, it looks like a cop suit on due to the reflection in her truck! Thats awesome..

1468 days ago

Get back to work!    

That poor cop needs to put out an APB for his butt.

1468 days ago
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