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Dina Lohan to Break Silence on Lindsay's Jail Stint

8/12/2010 12:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dina Lohan is finally going to spill the beans about her daughter's trouble with the law -- and it's all going down tomorrow morning in New York City.

Dina Lohan On Today Show With Matt Lauer
Dina is heading to the "Today Show" to give an exclusive interview with Matt Lauer -- and she's expected to dish on everything from Lindsay's jail time to the young actress' current rehab treatment.


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Austin Rob    

I will definitely be skipping that. TMZ this "woman" is not worth the time you give her. This is my last commment on this nothing & the last story I will read with her name attached to it.

1495 days ago


That's one interview I will not watch. To publically speak on national TV about Lilo while she is in rehab is disgusting. Both parents have done it and both deserve to be totally dismissed by the public. They seem like a couple of self-serving jerks who might actually enjoy beating a dead horse.

1495 days ago


It's unfortunate that she needs to go spill the beans on her own daughter to make a dollar. Here's a thought...... just spitballing here, maybe she should go out and get a job. You know, one that doesn't include or require her to ride on her children's coat tails to make money. I'm not saying that Lindsey's father is the best example, but her mother surely isn't the best person to be guiding her through after rehab. What kind of mother sells out her own kid?!

1495 days ago


how much money and free "things" will "TODAY" be giving her...can;t believe they are having this famewhore on their show..i guess they are losing in the ratings so they must start with tmz news stories, hope matt laurer starts reviewing the national enquire stories in the morning too..wonder if he will leave out the ones with him and his girlfriends out of have stooped to a new low in orofessional journalism..

1495 days ago

Bill F. Murray    

I can just see the day LL gets sprung from rehab...whole family in tears, waiting w/open arms, putting on a good show for the paps...what we won't see is after they drive away:

Dina: "Oh, I'm SO glad you're out of that stupid rehab, I don't know who that judge thought she was, you don't have a problem! Here, Linds, take some of these pills, they'll help you relax. A nice man named Larry Flynt called me and said he could get you 'back on top' again making really good money, isn't that wonderful? Well yes, I do have some blow, but you have to promise to only do a little at a time, but Mr. Flynt says they'll be plenty at the photo shoot too. Want me to stop at the liquor store on the corner?"

1495 days ago


Of COURSE she is! Did anyone *not* see this coming a mile away?
And you already know it's going to be all about how Judge Revel is no longer on the case and that it clearly proves Lindsay was treated unfairly.
I sure hope Matt has the balls to tell her "your daughter was caught with cocaine" and doesn't pansy out.

1495 days ago


This interview will be a waste of time. Nothing new. Nothing ever learned by the Lohans. Go away Lohans. We don't care. We only care enough to tell you to go away.

1495 days ago


I'm sure this will be such an insightful interview. (not.) We can hear repeats about how Lindsey is such a victim. Dina is lame.

1495 days ago


Wow. I would absolutely disown my parent if he/she told all about me while I was in rehab. At least give me the decency to tell my own story when I get out.

However, I am not naive. We all known Lindsay in behind this with big $$ signs behind her eyes. Still, it is all so very sad that the entire family is such a pathetic sell out.

Absolutely nothing is sacred.

1495 days ago


this trash needs a time out

1495 days ago


"She broke her silence" just means she found the right-sized paycheck.

1495 days ago


Why bother watching,as soon as dina opens her mouth it will ALL be LIE after LIE,and how its not fair,it wasnt her fault ect ect.
Dina is so broke and needs money really bad,Lindsay owes back rent and dina owes Love My Shoe,the town back taxes and alot more.Theres a ton of law suits filed against lindsay as well.

Hope Matt sheards her to pieces with all her LIES

1495 days ago


The Today show thinks this is newsworthy?

1495 days ago

Amy Atteberry    

What a crappy mom, to talk about her daughters personal stuff on the air to make a dime!!!!! No wonder she is messed up with parents like that!!!!!

1495 days ago


Worst mother ever"." Yeah go on tv to talk about your daughters f ups. The funny thing is though. The Lohan family value is money money money. Even if you have to throw a family member under a bus for it.

1495 days ago
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