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Dina Lohan to Break Silence on Lindsay's Jail Stint

8/12/2010 12:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dina Lohan is finally going to spill the beans about her daughter's trouble with the law -- and it's all going down tomorrow morning in New York City.

Dina Lohan On Today Show With Matt Lauer
Dina is heading to the "Today Show" to give an exclusive interview with Matt Lauer -- and she's expected to dish on everything from Lindsay's jail time to the young actress' current rehab treatment.


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Yeah, don't forget to tell us how much money you are making off of your daughter. Are you still losing money on Lindsay?

1472 days ago

LA Native    

We've heard enough of this so-called mother and I will not watch anything with her in it, she is the source of this poor girls issues and will always continue to be. She has no chance if this family BS continues and it is a waste of all of our time to continue commenting on it. I'm done with it, I have better things to do with my time. Shame on NBC for allowing this. Enough is enough. The whole family needs a good set of muzzles. It is absolutely horrendous to continue to talk to the press over a very private matter.

1472 days ago


just found out matt is getting FREE movie tickets to the linda lovelace movie and they are all going together to EXPLOIT linsdey just alittle more while they still can while shes in THERAPY...THEN the famewhore mother will do the friday concert.its a song about taking advantage of your child and keeping them stoned for years while you take more advantage of them and then at the end it says HOW STUPID and DISSAPOINTING MATT LAURER IS TO THE TRUE PUBLIC...gonna pass on this show..

1472 days ago


just heard Matt Laurer is getting FREE passes to the linda lovelace movie, and they will all go together and watch and exploit lindsey while she's in THERAPY....classy move TODAY...if i wanted to see or hear famewhores, slutty mothers and freaks i would tune into cable.....

1472 days ago


Ok so far i have 12 women boycotting matt laurer and TODAY for tomorrows show...PLEASE ANN CUREY, do not go anywhere near this women, you are the only one with any resepct left...I CANNOT BELEIVE they are having this women on with perks...any one else enabling their child like this for years would be in jail...

1472 days ago


Keep in mind people. Matt Lauer is not a journalist, not a reporter. Lauer does not do his own research. Everything is done for him, Lauer is just a guy who looks good in front of cameras and can read a teleprompter and what camera to look at and when to make it look real.

Lauer to do this Today Show with Dina Lohan "Exclusive" Entertainment is a joke.

People...Today Show grabs some possible ratings, Lauer gets paid either way.

1472 days ago


Oh please, she might as well give the interview from the river denial. This so called mother denied blohan ever had a problem. spin, spin, spin... give it up orange oprah, no one believes you.

1472 days ago

rex kramer    

Ever since they got cut off from the free ice cream cakes, the Lohans have gone off the rails!

1472 days ago


Lets see, NBC is probably paying this dumb bitch. The said dumb bitch will then take that money, run down teh street and buy some ****. That will help NYC economy, the she will back to see her skank daughter in rehap and give her the drugs. Everybody wins!!!!

Shoot the bitch!!!!!!!

1472 days ago


Because that is what Lindsay needs... her stupid mother on television airing her problems. What is wrong with this woman? As a mother her focus should be her daughter, not going on national television trying to get press that should be the last thing on her mind! Who wouldn't be screwed up with a mother like this! God lady stop trying to get famous and help your mentally ill, drug addicted daughter regain some semblance of a normal life!

1472 days ago


I think this is just horrible behavior coming from her Mother.
Like mother like daughter, screaming for attention.

1472 days ago


But Michael Lohan is the famewh*re??

1472 days ago



1472 days ago

Pretty LL    

It won't even be worth watching because Lohans can't tell the truth. Dina will perform her usual lie, deny and pass the blame tapdance just like her her daughter always does. "it was a setup!"

1472 days ago


I love how Dina uses her daughter, and all her daughter's problems for publicity.....Now we know why lindsay is a mess. Child star's have the worst parents.

1472 days ago
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