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Fantasia May Be Sued for 'Stealing Husband'

8/12/2010 2:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Fantasia Barrino is preparing for a possible legal war with the scorned wife of her married lover ... because Fantasia's attorney tells us under North Carolina's "archaic" domestic laws, "women can sue women for stealing husbands."

Fantasia Barrino Affair With Married Man

As we previously reported, the "American Idol" champ had been in a relationship with a man named Antwaun Cook -- who is still married to Paula Cook. Paula recently filed for divorce ... and in the legal papers, cited an "adulterous affair" between Fantasia and Antwaun.

Cook has not taken any legal action against Fantasia yet -- but Barrino's lawyer, Gena Graham Morris, tells us it very well COULD happen ... because in NC there are certain "heartbalm torts ... where a wife can sue a third party for having a relationship with her husband" -- it's called alienation of affection.

Morris adds, "The heartbalm torts arise out of the notion that women were once property that could be stolen like televisions. It is a comical irony that in 2010 women can sue women for stealing husbands."

Morris says she "hopes" Paula Cook will choose not to sue -- but in case she does, Morris vows to "vigorously defend" Fantasia.


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She did all this so shows would book her to talk about her "suicide attempt", after which she will casually plug her album, coming out August 24th. Wait and watch, people. Mark my words!

1500 days ago


Sue her and make her own words vibrate in her ears like the sound of her irritating voice does to mine. She (allegedly) told that (pink sweater wearing) mans wife "He don't want you no more..., well sue her fugly ass and tell her, "You don't have no money no more. Maybe next time you see a married man, you'll know what NOT to do with him".

Initially, I was a fan of hers but even prior to this stupid drama, she'd become a major annoyance. Uggggg!

1500 days ago


Ok maybe she didn't know at first that he was married, however we all know at some point she found out & chose to keep seeing him & even went so far as to gloat and/or taunt his wife on the phone. His sorry 'ass' was probably right there as she did it. At this point it's no longer that 'mistake' that so many of you are saying. I don't blame Paula, she should sue her & get everything she can from him. And when she wins she better not take that loser back.

1500 days ago


FANTASIA ruined the another womans life, then takes the easy road and tries the end hers!!!

1500 days ago


I love that law!

1500 days ago


# 5 & 6 I AGREE

# 9 what if the woman cheats on her husband does the law apply still

1500 days ago


To #57:

One cannot "sue" their husband for "alienation of effection" in civil court. That is what divorce court is for you Moron. Antwuan will get his share of the wrath when it comes time for equitable distribution.

1500 days ago


Who is this ignorant lawyer anyway? Let someone get involve and have an affair with your spouse too and I wish you're living in one of the 7 states. Then you'd be able to see what it feels like on the other side especially if children are involved.

Fantasia had 11 months to no what's going on for herself. She's sharp on her mouth and have enough people around her that they can investigate "cook". She has "No EXCUSE". Why have a conforntatin with the wife...confront him and do your own research before he plants a sucker on ya. STUPID!!

1500 days ago


The writing was on the wall for you! What do you expect dating a married man? I think you are a victim of your "life experience" but hope this is a learning at least had some hint of this is wrong. Hope you get the help you need, and I love your vocal talent. Do not under estimate your talent and self worth.

1500 days ago


Alicia Keys dated her current husband while he was still legally married and on top of it got pregnant with his child. The only reason the mainstreet media didn't put her on front street is because Moshanda, swizz beats ex wife, didn't try to sue her divorce decree. If NY had the same law as NC, maybe she would have sued her. But, ALicia is a homewrecker too.

1500 days ago


Why give her the idea to sue? Seems like really reckless and stupid lawyering to me.

1500 days ago



1500 days ago

roseia mcbride    

hi fantasia, i heard about your troubles, i am so sorry for you and your little girl. Without knowing any of the details, I hope you put your faith in god, hold your head up high and keep on hitting those high notes!! I love, love your new cd; I am also sorry for the other woman, having said that,in the future, make sure everything has been finalized before you make any moves, you are a star; there are people waiting to see you crumble, don't give them the satisfaction!!! You are my young friend in my head and a devoted fan, so, heads up and look to the future.

1500 days ago


wow, i keep reading and all i can see is how selfish she was to attempt suicide 2 days AFTER her daughters 9th bday!! How could you leave a child scarred for life with the memory of a mothers death. Happy bday Zion...remember your mom died close to your bday-- live w/ that forever, b/c im sure it would not have affected Zion in the least(sarcasm). Luckily Zion still has a mother figure at this point and hope Fantasia keeps that in mind no matter how tough things get, you have someone else you are responsible for... stop being selfish!!

1500 days ago


Sue her for what. Fantasia you are a big girl grow up and fight this lady back where is Antwaun now he is the joke he was looking for a ride on your fame he was just a gold digger. You have a daughter please consider putting all that energy into your child. Remember D-Wadeswife is trying to do the same thing to Gabrielle Union & Swiss Beats wife want to Alicia Keys broke them up. Please Ladies if the man don't want you-you can't make him have you move on its over. Fantasia be a strong woman and fight back with everything and keep your eye on you & daughter & your career. I'm pulling for you. and Mr. Cook be a real man and do whats right become single even if you are separated. Fantasia I'm praying for your recovery much Love.

1500 days ago
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