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Lindsay Lohan -- UCLA in 45 Days?

8/12/2010 7:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan could have an early graduation from UCLA ... TMZ has learned ... but don't count on it.


Although the judge ordered Lindsay to spend 90 days in lockdown at UCLA for psychiatric and drug treatment, we've learned the inpatient program she's in typically lasts only 45 days.

When the program ends, the new judge -- Elden Fox -- could be asked to make a decision on what to do with Lindsay for the remaining 45 days.  Judge Fox could release Lindsay from UCLA and place her in outpatient care.  But we're told that's not a likely scenario.

A medical professional connected with the case tells TMZ it's "not uncommon" for a patient to repeat a program.  In other words, after 45 days, Lindsay would get the same treatment the second time around.  The medical professional adds the treatment is not redundant because patients often absorb a lot more the second time.

The medical professional tells us it's also very possible UCLA would stylize treatment for the remaining 45 days based on unresolved issues.

A source tells TMZ the doctors have not decided exactly how long the inpatient phase of Lindsay's treatment should last.

Ultimately, Judge Fox would listen and almost certainly follow the doctors' recommendations.

Lindsay has been at UCLA for 11 days. 

UPDATEShawn Chapman Holley tells TMZ, "We are waiting to hear the assessment of doctors and other treatment professionals concerning the appropriate length of Ms. Lohan's rehabilitation.  We will defer to their expertise and to the wisdom and authority of Judge Fox in that regard."


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Keep her in a dozen times, over and over again until she gets it right!

1535 days ago


Wow, did someone at TMZ do math for once? Earlier you were trying to claim she'd already been there 28 days!

1535 days ago


45 days is not enough for her to get sober. i can guarantee you that she will be back to doing drugs again. her enablers keep her drugged up until she is dead.

1535 days ago


Whatever the Doctors recommend should be carried out, not gossip blogs or the media. The DA Danette Meyers has already stated the medical people at UCLA will be releasing Lindsay early. Take THAT haters! Just because TMZ didn't get the scoop from the DA they are now inventing their own pathetic story. Let the Doctors do their job and STOP talking BS!

1535 days ago


Just don't let her go to Morningside...their facility in Newport is a duplex with a summer rental below that parties until all I guess you can get sent for "treatment" AND get your drink on with the partiers below ALL IN THE SAME 30 DAY STAY!

How convenient.

1535 days ago

Veda McLean    

Absorb, should it not be absorbs. I am available for proof-reading. My resume is available upon request. Thanks. Ms. McLean, MA

1535 days ago


Since she only had to do 1/6th of her jail time - how about the full term for something she needs..she can comeback - or go right down the drain..let her get the help she needs..90 days should be required..

1535 days ago


I'd still bend her over and throw a good hard pounding on her. I'd probably even lick her butthole.

1535 days ago


When they already are talking about letting her out early after ONLY 11 days in rehab, then this whole sh*t is just a farce!!!!!

1535 days ago


to #6 - I'm not sure where morningside operates from - but when I was on 51st Street - we became surrounded by re-hab homes in the middle of much partying from locals and inland goofballs..I always worried about break-ins and getting ripped off from the junkies they brought in...It is a party world in the "warzone" as it's known..why the hell the State approves anyone in the vicinty there to have a rehab/sober home is beyond me..The State has proven they don't care and pay for this **** too.actually we do.

1535 days ago


Are you kidding me! 45 days and send her through again! Why not just send her to Dr. Drew afterwards so she gets camera time.

Send her to Project Turnabout in MN. NO visitation except 3 hrs. on Sunday, lots of intense journaling and group.

You can only get calls on certain days and have to request permission from your counselor to make calls out.

Have to do your own laundry and keep your room clean.3 times a week EVERYONE does heavy duty cleaning in the unit.

You get to leave the building a couple times a week to go to outside AA,NA meetings,church or go to the public swimming pool.

I was court ordered for 30 and they kept me there for 85 cause they said "I wasn't getting it".

1535 days ago


Would Judge Revel have approved if she stayed on?

1535 days ago


gotta laugh at a bunch of gossip site posters thinking they know better than her own doctors. lol

1535 days ago


Just get it over with and let the girl drink and do blow

1535 days ago


She's probably freaking out because she can't have an
Oh-So-Needed "Lohan breath mint" while in rehab!

1535 days ago
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