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Lindsay Lohan -- UCLA in 45 Days?

8/12/2010 7:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan could have an early graduation from UCLA ... TMZ has learned ... but don't count on it.


Although the judge ordered Lindsay to spend 90 days in lockdown at UCLA for psychiatric and drug treatment, we've learned the inpatient program she's in typically lasts only 45 days.

When the program ends, the new judge -- Elden Fox -- could be asked to make a decision on what to do with Lindsay for the remaining 45 days.  Judge Fox could release Lindsay from UCLA and place her in outpatient care.  But we're told that's not a likely scenario.

A medical professional connected with the case tells TMZ it's "not uncommon" for a patient to repeat a program.  In other words, after 45 days, Lindsay would get the same treatment the second time around.  The medical professional adds the treatment is not redundant because patients often absorb a lot more the second time.

The medical professional tells us it's also very possible UCLA would stylize treatment for the remaining 45 days based on unresolved issues.

A source tells TMZ the doctors have not decided exactly how long the inpatient phase of Lindsay's treatment should last.

Ultimately, Judge Fox would listen and almost certainly follow the doctors' recommendations.

Lindsay has been at UCLA for 11 days. 

UPDATEShawn Chapman Holley tells TMZ, "We are waiting to hear the assessment of doctors and other treatment professionals concerning the appropriate length of Ms. Lohan's rehabilitation.  We will defer to their expertise and to the wisdom and authority of Judge Fox in that regard."


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I bet she's freaking out because she can't have an
oh-so-needed "Lohan breath mint" while in rehab!

1534 days ago


I hope that she stays in there for as long as her doctors think that she needs to be in there. I am pulling for her! Why would anyone want bad things to come to this girl? I hope she gets whatever she needs to live a happy and healthy life!

1534 days ago

Pretty LL    

Jeez, yeah shorten her stay, because all the rest of her rehab stints worked so well!

1534 days ago


@Amy your post is boring and ignorant beyond reason

1534 days ago


This such BS if she has to complete the same program twice.

Its a lockdown facility and if this inpatient program is 45 days she shouldn't have to repeat it. It isn't like normal rehabs were you get freedom after so many days she will be stuck there for either the 45 or 90 days. 45 days then outpatient treatment is the best option because no matter how long she is there she will have to leave eventually. If she does the 45 days then she will be more open and to the outpatient treatment rather than repeating the 45 days twice and not wanting to do the outpatient.
The judge had no right to say she needed to do 90 days inpatient when most programs start off at 30 or 45 and then the rehab decides how well the individual's recovery is going.

1534 days ago

Alan Carver    

45 days of inpatient treatment is not uncommon. Simply they have people waiting to get into these places for help. In Lohan's case she is just wasting space unless she really shows her therapist she is getting it. And if she is not then they might keep her longer. Buy typically 45 days is the norm. She should have been required to 6 months because that usually is the normal for a good-program to work on a person with serious issues such as addiction. The state does not pay for this, Lohan will have to cover some of the costs, and maybe that is why DINA-LING is going on the Today Show and doing an interview so that they can pay for what treatment Lohan has received to date. I do not think that Lohan will make it in 45 days, Judge Fox will be the ultimate authority based on what the recommendation is from this treatment facility. Unfortunately, this is far from over for Lohan. She has major issues with a co-dependent family depending on her to keep them accustom to a lifestyle she is providing and that is why is an addict. If it weren't for DINA-LING (stage mother from HELL!) Lohan wouldn't as screwed up as she is and addicted as she is . . . I am interested in seeing what DINA-A-LING as to say about Lohan possibly getting released early from treatment, and if she will MOCK Judge Revel for recusing herself from Lohan's case. And let's face it DINA-LING is as screwed up as her daughter and the rest of this so-called family. Whatever they are. Really carni-folk comes to mind! It is fortunate for Lohan that she might just might be able to get her life back and AWAY from DINA-LING if she is paying attention to her therapist in treatment. To have her face the reality that one of the reasons why Lohan is addicted is because of the pressure from DINA-LING~! She needs to cut DINA-LING off and out of her life for a time and get a new manager - obviously this one isn't working out!

1534 days ago


People stop your foolishness. You don't know Lindsay's condition, whatever it is. No doctor has officially ever made a statement on Lindsay's condition that I know of. Listen to Shawn Chapman Holly here. The experts will advise Shawn and she'll pass the message on to the public of when Lindsay gets out according to their professional assessment. People here are foolish, idiotic, childish. You go on and on about how serious her "addictions" are and know absolutely NOTHING about her mental or physical health whatsover and some of you harp on events of 2007 when its 2010. Stop being so foolish, be quiet, and let's see what develops.

1534 days ago

for now    

Brain damaged weho not only hates superstar Lindsay,
he hates intelligent people who can write thoughtful comments.

1534 days ago


I knew this would happen if Redmond O'neal can do a year in rehab by a court appointed facility why cant this skank.

1534 days ago

Eileen Gatti    

I really hurt for this kid. She has the worst family in history. They are bloodsuckers with no talent who use her for their fame. She should recognize them for what they are and get the help SHE needs and cut their apron strings. They are evil and will use her celebrity even after she dies. She needs to take care of herself, move on and cut them all off.

1534 days ago


I don't know Lindsay Lohan. But I understand what she is. I hope in this this rehab she has a lucid moment. And realizes there are options in life. For her own sake and the potential victims in her path should she choose to continue down the self distructive path she is on. I am wishing her the very best. Addiction is an ugly beast and a tough kick.

1534 days ago


This b1tch will be out on PCH causing harm to innocents soon.

When she's finally done (no question of that; she's definitely going to kill herself one way or the other before age 30), she is the first "celebrity" I won't feel any sympathy for.

1534 days ago


90 days without seeing her or a twit or a awards show or her crying, or hearing about her clubbing. Man she has got to be in irrelevant hell. I wonder what her "friends" are doing without her.

1534 days ago

JungleTails com    

Can she spell UCLA?

1534 days ago


She should serve her damn 90 days, send her through it twice... to the person who said the doctors should decide, BS..doctors can be influenced just look at the scripts they write for these celebs.. the court "ordered" 90 days and that's what she should serve. Probably why the judge didn't pick this place in the beginning, they didn't have 90 day programs.

1534 days ago
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