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Lindsay Lohan -- UCLA in 45 Days?

8/12/2010 7:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan could have an early graduation from UCLA ... TMZ has learned ... but don't count on it.


Although the judge ordered Lindsay to spend 90 days in lockdown at UCLA for psychiatric and drug treatment, we've learned the inpatient program she's in typically lasts only 45 days.

When the program ends, the new judge -- Elden Fox -- could be asked to make a decision on what to do with Lindsay for the remaining 45 days.  Judge Fox could release Lindsay from UCLA and place her in outpatient care.  But we're told that's not a likely scenario.

A medical professional connected with the case tells TMZ it's "not uncommon" for a patient to repeat a program.  In other words, after 45 days, Lindsay would get the same treatment the second time around.  The medical professional adds the treatment is not redundant because patients often absorb a lot more the second time.

The medical professional tells us it's also very possible UCLA would stylize treatment for the remaining 45 days based on unresolved issues.

A source tells TMZ the doctors have not decided exactly how long the inpatient phase of Lindsay's treatment should last.

Ultimately, Judge Fox would listen and almost certainly follow the doctors' recommendations.

Lindsay has been at UCLA for 11 days. 

UPDATEShawn Chapman Holley tells TMZ, "We are waiting to hear the assessment of doctors and other treatment professionals concerning the appropriate length of Ms. Lohan's rehabilitation.  We will defer to their expertise and to the wisdom and authority of Judge Fox in that regard."


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I hope Miss Lohan gets the help she needs. At times admittedly I have chuckled at her exploits, but it is also quite obvious she is a young woman who has lost her way and needs 2 get back on the right path. If that means keeping her in 4 90 days (should be more 2 make up 4 her lac of jail time) til shes detoxed then so be it.

1541 days ago


hopefully the new judge will do the right thing her family is the problem so theresa not much hope she will get out amd do it again so sad but true

1541 days ago


@talla what does Lindsay need to detox from? Keep in mind, she's passed every drug test she's had since May 24, was never found to be at the legal limit for alcohol, and her prescripts never showed anything above the ordinary and only adderall consistently throughout her testing.

@sandypeterson who is her family and how are they the problem? do you mean Michael Jr? Michael Sr.? Dina? Ali? Cody? Nana? various aunts and uncles that may be in her life or cousins? do you have knowledge of people who know them personally that you base this on and have they spoken with you? and do you think that how people present publicly and in interviews is how they relate privately where it really matters?

cliches abound here with no specifics. The doctors and psychiatrists that examined Lindsay are unlikely to reveal anything about her. Speculation runs rampant and people believe their own stories. Lindsay Lohan truly is a media creation to a large degree, what Dina tries to get across but doesn't have the verbal skills or intellect to succeed at.

1541 days ago


LL's biggest problems stem from the people she's surrounded by, and that includes her mother. Just look at the smug look on her moms face during that interview with Matt Lauer. She totally victimizes Lindsay and wants to apear that her lawyers are more powerful than a judge. It's no wonder this girl doesn't know what 90 days means, nor every week, she's never been made to do what she was supposed to do. Her mother is killing her.

1541 days ago


Doesn't matter.
LoHo is a relapse waiting to happen.
If she cries over getting sent to jail for 12 days, wait until she eventually gets 12 months.

1541 days ago

Stupid People Hater    

@ Post 15.

You mean the Doctors who over-prescribe powerful painkillers to her for no reason?

1541 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Let her go now so she can go back to her usual ways and OD Dead and get out of the media spotlight already.

1541 days ago


Does tmz deliberately look for pictures of celebrities with their mouths open?

1541 days ago


i've never heard of a 45 day program, dual-diagnosis or otherwise (and i've been through more then young hollywood combined.) they are usually 28 days, ninety days, or open-ended.

1540 days ago

Michael Martin    

I have authored a book called "Suicide Strap" and would like Lindsay to read it. Question is, how do I send it to her?

1539 days ago


Her mom is trying to spring her instead of seeing supporting her recovery. When they let Lindsey out put her mom in.

1535 days ago


It is too bad she could not of stayed in jail for full sentence. Apparently this punishment put the most fear in her. Rehab? That's nothing....little inconvenient, but I suppose great place for new contacts. Her jail sentenece reaction showed what she does fear, rightfully so....and if that is what it takes, so be it. The upswing is a potpourri of rugmunching for her in all shapes, colors and sizes. She needs save her life. Hard to understand someone that has been semi successful which one interview and she'll earn more than I in 5 years of daily grind. Hard to imagine just what kind of problems she must have but I suppose that too is all relative. Robert Downey Jr. spent time in prison....and look at him now. A changed man for the better.

#8 Has the right idea too.

1534 days ago

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1212 days ago

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1211 days ago
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